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❤️Take a look at this subtle improvement of nose to mouth line after 1ml of filler on my lovely client!
👩🏻‍⚕️Although it’s my job to keep my clients looking young and youthful. It is not my job to eliminate every nook and cranny on your face. If I were to fill every line and folds and Botox every wrinkle, the word “natural”would no longer exist in my mission statement. We are all perfect just the way we are. If I can take the edge off a few lines and folds,and plump a few cheeks or lips, that’s amazing!
So if you want an honest, realistic and free clinical consultation,DM here or call 0161 4838883/07425604864 to start the journey of better version of yourself😊@revitalisedaesthetics #dermalfiller #safetyinbeauty #aestheticclinic #stockport #nosetomouthlines #nasallabialfolds #filorga #registerednurse #fullyinsured #natualresults #betterversionofyourself #fresherlooking #antiaging #botoxstockport #fillerstockport #dermalfillermanchester
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🙋🏻‍♀️Girls! Take a look at Madonna’s miraculously rejuvenated hands! She revealed her secret is Filorga Mesotherapy. A filler injection which has 59 boosting ingredients to improve the skin tone and texture.💗If Madonna can use it on her hands surely we can use it on our face! @revitalisedaesthetics we offer this wonderful rejuvenation treatment. 🤳🏻Please DM or call clinic on 0161 4838883/07425604864
#handrejuvenation #skinbooster #filorga #mesotherapy #dermalfiller #antiaging #skingoals #lookgoodfeelgood #aestheticclinic #stockport #manchester #registerednurse #safetyinbeauty #skintreatment #水光针 #菲洛嘉
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💝Jawline/Chin filler💝
👩🏻‍⚕️Jawline/chin filler is the new craze of 2018! And we can clearly see why when results like this happen.
❤️Who needs makeup to contour when Jawline Filler can do it for you?
🤳🏻Book an appointment today to get your perfect jawline!!
Clinic phone number: 0161 4838883/07425604864
#jawlinefiller #chinfiller #perfectjawline #aestheticclinic #stockport #registerednurse #amazingresults #slimmerface #contouredface #chiziledjaw #definedjawline #instantresults #angelinajoliejaws #kyliejennerjawline #perfectselfies @revitalisedaesthetics @ Revitalised Aesthetics Ltd
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❤️Aqua peel❤️(also referred to as blackheads vaccum) is a cleansing bath of hydration and skin-enhancing treatment for enlarged pores, using AHA- and BHA-infused solutions and a suction nozzle to sweep away blackheads and residue.
💕The serum exfoliates and clears away debris, priming the skin so the vacuum-like device is able to exorcise the gunk out of your pores.
💖Say goodbye to annoying whiteheads, blackheads, excess sebum, and reveal the natural glow of your skin!
😍This amazing treatment is now only £40!!
🤳🏻 Call the clinic on 0161 4838883 to start your journey to flawless skin!
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💝Cheek filler💝
Cheek filler treatment is one of the most powerful non-surgical treatment available.
👩🏻‍⚕️ As we age, the youthful fullness on our cheek diminishes which leads to the appearance of deflation or “saggy” face.
💉 A thicker dermal filler that can enhance the cheek to give a more contoured look.
💕 Replace lost volume after weight loss or due to the ageing process.
💕 Lifting the line around the mouth. Can help the face look fresher and rejuvenated.
🎁 Special offer for summer
2ml £300
🤳🏻Call the clinic on 0161 4838883/ 07425604864 to book your FREE consultation with experienced nurse practitioner today!!
Or email to :
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