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artist / writer / mover /shaker

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Do you know who this is? 
Our house was robbed today - no one was hurt!

For those who live in the Knoxville / Loudon, TN area:  Today @ 11:30AM, the guy pictured below broke into our home, tossed the place around, & robbed us.  This is actually the 2nd time our home has been robbed.  The good news is that, this time, we had added security cameras.  :)

The police have been super helpful in working with us and making sure that we are secure.  However, I would like to help them find out who broke into the house.  Have you seen this guy before?  Do you know his name?  If so, send me an email at  

If you live in the area, please help me spread the word & share this post!  I want to have my peace of mind back (in some portion, at least).    Thanks! #Knoxville   #LenoirCity   #Tennessee  
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My exhibition "Moderna Blondin" with Liz Layton is coming down on Monday morning, so you have a couple days to see it if you haven't had a chance yet or just want to see it again. 

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Recent work/processes/thoughts

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New blog post. (Mira, let me know if you want to change anything regarding your images.)

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New blog post --

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New-ish blog post:

"In a murderous time / the heart breaks and breaks / and lives by breaking." - Stanley Kunitz

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Happy Holidays, everyone!
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