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dreams come true Is there an end to the technological development?
You don’t need to look back 20 years to realize the
tremendous developments in science and technology , and how these advances are
changing the lifestyles of people all over the world although the television
and video were there in those days , no one had h...

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Sports, technology and daily life of human
Sports, technology and daily life of human Entertainment Television tools from tablet to have made people lazy to Aimarsson Sports As watching a television programme will not need more effort on the part of the viewer than pressing a button and doing some a...

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STORMS CAUSE DAMAGE AND DEATHS ALL OVER THE world, but some times people make
the consequences worse . for example   ,
too many people living in dangerous areas can turn a storm into a disaster . when
summer brings very hot weather , many people suf...

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Egypt as it should be
Egypt is a country with an area of about one million square kilometres. Most of the land is desert. The amount of rain each year is very small. Only 3% of Egypt . the land watered by the river nile . can be used for farming. Over 90%of the Egyptians live an...

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where is egypt from cotton now ? from number one to zero !!!!!
Cotton has been one of Egypt’s major industries since the beginning of the nineteenth century . it is very succesful as an export. The reason for its value is the excellent quality of Egyptian cotton . it is very strong and the plants live longer than other...

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Tuk Tuk function for those who do not post it
A tuk-tuk   is a type
of taxi with three wheels . the driver sits at the front .and behind him is a
seat for three passengers. Sometimes four passengers can fit into the tuk-tuk ,
but it is very uncomfortable ! they are called tuk-tuk   because of the funny...

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the bicycle from generation to generation will continue to be environmentally friendly
Many things we use every day to go from place to place move on wheels , for example . the bus . the motor bike . the car and many others move on wheels , One of the things that move on wheels is the bicycle . bicycles are important for both young people and...

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From food to sport
Hunting was originall a means of providing food , but it has now become a sport , though in some parts of the world there are still people who hunt wild animals to provide themselves with food in england , hunting is as much a social activity as anything el...
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