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Haven't been on here for a very long time, will have to re-aquatint myself! :)

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If I am going over the River Styx I am going in style!

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This is awesome. Any Christian that is doubting what to believe regarding Evolution or Creation needs to look at this very short, but well presented 'scratching of the surface' presentation.

Any and every Evolutionist should watch this but be warned, you may be shocked at what you see and hear because this stuff cannot be taught in schools and universities, even though the information was collected mainly via Evolutionist documents. It will really get you thinking and I encourage you to actually search the CMI database for the actual referenced data documents. 

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This is a great cornerstone document for those who are searching for the truth regarding Evolution and Creation Science. It gets down to the basics of what science is and what it is not.

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I love science and it's good to know it actually validates the biblical account of the earth only being several thousand years old. Evolution and old earth dogma is 'science fiction'. :)

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Russell Falls and Horseshoe Falls on Mt Field. A wonderful place
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