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New Year's Eve Traditions Around the World
The clock is running out on another year and billions around the world will be celebrating with friends and family. While festivities around the world may share a lot of similarities, many areas celebrate their own unique traditions. While we're familiar wi...

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Heidelberg. A Fairy Tale Christmas.
Our final full day on the Viking River Cruise Njord found us docked in the city of Frankfurt. Most Americans know Frankfurt only for its enormous airport, one of the busiest in the world. Frankfurt, though, also is a huge financial hub in Europe and a thoro...

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Wertheim: Day 6 of our Christmas Markets Cruise
More than a half-century ago, the glass industry of Germany was centered in the town of Thuringen.  The best glass artisans passed down the craft of glass making through generations in businesses they had spent years to build.  World War II, however, change...

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Rothenberg: Day 4 of Our Viking River Cruises Christmas Markets Tour
For as long as I can remember, my parents had an original framed etching hung in the house. The piece looked old and old-worldly.  Today, I found the very scene depicted in that piece of art in the incredibly picturesque town of Rothenberg.  A town that Ric...

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Nuremberg at Christmas
As a wrote my last post, we were en route from Prague to Nuremberg. We arrived to the pier where our ship - the Viking Njord - to be docked. We found a cornucopia of river cruise ships, at least a dozen, docked along the river banks. Sadly and surprisingly,...

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Day 3 on Our Christmas Markets Travels Through Prague and Germany
Greetings from the Czech Republic. As I write this, I am aboard a comfortable 19 passenger mini bus transferring me and my 8 fellow travelers from Prague to Nuremberg. The trek will take us about 3 hours.  There is something to be said for private transfers...

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Prague at Christmas Time.
Days 1 and 2 of Our Christmas Markets Trip.  Skirting up against Lufthansa pilot strikes, luckily for our group our Lufthansa flights departed without incident. En route, though, I was reminded how much I dislike Frankfurt airport. From a ridiculously long ...

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Cruise Holidays of Alexandria is now Seven Lands and Seas Travel.  Read all that that means to you!

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Now Seven Lands and Seas Travel. Our Name Has Changed….And a Whole Lot More…For the Better.
It's an
exciting time for us. As many of you may have noticed, we have changed our
name. No longer Cruise Holidays of Alexandria, our new name is Seven Lands and
Seas Travel. What's in a name change? In our case, a lot! Our name
change marks our transition ...
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