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Perfecto Ali Salaam El
.:. Love • Truth • Peace • Freedom • Justice .:.
.:. Love • Truth • Peace • Freedom • Justice .:.
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Taj Tarik Bey's words are dangerous and not what the Prophet Noble Drew Ali so divinely gave us, lost in the wilderness of North America.

#Moors #Moorish #MSTA #Amexem #NobleDrewAli #Islamism #CMBey

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Laker Fans Tripping Off 4 Preseason Games Thus Far... Yiiikes (#DannyMyers voice).

#Lakers #NBA #BrandonIngram #BballIsLife

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Prolly My Great Great Great Great Mighty Uncle or Somethin. #Moorish #Regal 

--> BURGER KING INC: Corporation <--
--> SAVE THE CHILDREN: Corporation <--
--> CITY OF ATLANTA: Corporation <--
--> STATE OF NEVADA: Corporation <--
--> UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Corporation <--
--> YOUR NAME IN ALL CAPS: Corporation <--

Legalize Polygamy.
Two Men can Get Married... yet a man still can't have two wives. . smh

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Watch this and feel like a man again. We used to master our environment. Have week long expeditions. Domesticate wild animals. Before processed food, we ate without butter knives..

#Netflix #NetflixAndChill #MovieRecommendation

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Daylyt x Perfecto
@Bubbles8406 @LABATTLEGROUNDZ @DAYLYT2k @itsPERFECTO @FLYKINGi #NewRelease #BattleRap

My Google+ feed is a collection of memes

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Waka Flaka Farrakhan... #Gems We Are Witnessing The Evolution of a Man 
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