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Did somebody say reduce turnover cost dramatically?

By James Ordonez Victoria

Hi, my name is Jaime I'm in a make this real quick you guys...

Now you will cut through the top and bottom of resume piles, re-organize, balance and diversify synergistic and happy productive teams all with the patent algorithmic for minute test.

This diversety compliant innovation, together with our secret sauce—our algebraic vector-based algorithmically four minute test—create a brand-new paradigm for a employers to reduce turnover by organizing balanced teams.

Our employment platform features tools that offer free multi format resumes with anonymity, to place personal work style preferences, skills and experience front and center in the resume selection process.

And you're probably wondering why the name. So... Téchne is the ancient Greek mythological name for the Spirit of Skill within.

To find out more download or white paper and sign up for our 90 day free trial for employers at

Jobseekers join free!

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–By James (Jaime) Ordonez Victoria.

Sure, I will give you all the reasons in detailed granularity, and the short version ...but the one-word version? 'Hybrid!' Here's the deal; technology, applications, algorithms and web bots have done away with conventional skill set specificity. Hybridity is the New Media, in all sectors—not just in digital media. And, digital media is now in everything.

For instance, back in 2001 we began coining the term 'SEO-Copywriter' because search engine bots had begun dictating what we wrote—and so it began—to write effectively we also had to know SEO and write SEO for robots in all our content across the various media of all our presentations, all our branding and all our sales content.

Like a soccer or baseball team, now all your players need to have varying degrees of the same skills, in order to support and carry each other. An art director, for example, who cannot write copy or code CSS/HTML, or a writer who cannot conceptualize and design an animated advertising banner or a UX prototype, can neither manage or support your digital media team as efficiently. That's the short version.

Yes, I will break it down with a detail example later but in brief, instead of simply diversifying demographically for outperformance at the workplace—which few do to begin with—I also recommend that both Hiring Managers and Department Heads employ hybridity as the cohesive essential media skill in each player. Simon Sinek tells us, "don't hire skills. You can teach skills. Hire attitude!" What better attitude can we find in a candidate than the attitude that has driven s/he to become a hybrid?

So now we know,, hire hybrids only. As a hybrid in media, marketing and art direction, I might be available, if your timing is right, or maybe help you find and build that digital hybrid team. In any case do your company a favor and go hybrid. It may cost a little bit more up front but the end result will be exponentially richer—I promise—after all, it's only common sense. But let's take this a few steps higher to the executive team level.

I have found myself at a number of a Fortune 500 consulting contracts where there were no checks and balances, SOPs (standard operating procedures), naming conventions, protocols or contingency plans—sorry, no names. Apparently this was the culture of the companies, to fly by the proverbial seat of their pants. The level of waste has been visible to me up to a third or more in mistakes and disorganization and a sense of alienation from the employees. What's more, each individual worked in a vacuum without a back up in case they went on vacation, got ill, or left the company. I once overheard a mid level employee complaining that he was going to have to take work with him on vacation, "because I have no back up," he said.

Moreover, an overwhelming percentage of the employees were not on salary but rather contractors through expensive hourly recruiting companies who in turn do not offer the employees proper benefits or the sense of belonging. Does this sound like an imbalance problem?

This seems to be a modern trend among large conglomerates who, due to the lack of cohesion with their human capital, actually believe that they are saving money when in fact sources like Gartner, 'WhatIsHumanResource,' McKinsey and others continue to show statistically that the cost of turnover, unbalanced teams and unhappy employees are astronomical losses. Clearly, the inadvertent knuckleheads making these executive decisions for companies are out of touch with reality and have even forgotten to look at trending numbers and statistics. Could this be too many 'fearless leaders' trying to outdo each other to show their prowess? Is there balance at the top of your organization?? [ see the video, see the video :-) ] One has to wonder how they stay employed with such gargantuan waste. However, there is a chance for them (or you) to shine, get a promotion, maybe even a bonus.

This imbalance existing all the way up to the top speaks loudly of the lack of focus, attention and 'team balance' in today's workplace. That is to say, 'workplace' and 'teams' are not limited to the rank-and-file employee in the cubicle world. The teams at the top are in fact the major players. If those teams are out of balance, imagine the cost and the imbalance trickling down below them. Losses in performance and turnover are statistics by the above mentioned sources that amount to an average of a third of an employees salary when imbalance in human capital goes unaddressed.

There is a solution! (

A Silicon Valley start up company, TechneHire, patented a unique psychometric algorithm that addresses precisely this imbalance all the way to the top from a number of angles. How do I know this and why am I plugging the company? Because I was directly involved in developing the toolbox, the branding and the writing of the White Paper around the secret sauce at TechneHire.

So, give us a gander. Call me to discuss how I or TechneHire may help recover the 30% your company has been losing in unbalanced human capital for years.

Let me know if I can be of help as a team member, consultant or by helping you forge a relationship with TecheneHire.
Hybridity is the New Media

#Hybrid #Hybridity #Workplace #TeamBalance #HybridMedia #DigitalMedia #ArtDirector
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OM4 Predicted to Take Silicon Valley 2012 by Storm

By James (Jaime) Ordonez Victoria

At applicably double the bandwidth and distance from the OM3 Multi-mode Fiber Optic cabling, its immediate descendant, the OM4 cable, has remained mostly dormant since its inception in 2005—until now. The lack of demand and needed clarity with standards and pricing-ambiguities had, for the most part, held the OM4 Fiber idle, waiting for the market and demand to catch up.

In the early 2000's, the OM3 Multi-mode technology offered a 10GB/s throughput, up from the 1GB/s of its ancestor, the OM2 cable of the nineties. Such significant upgrade of ten times (10X) faster on the OM3 maintained and held the standard for the last decade.

However, in the last five or six years, with 'IP traffic increasing 34%+ annually and mobile traffic doubling every two years,[ 2 ] ' it was only a matter of time before the 40GB and 100GB OM4 technology finally came into market demand. Additionally, with the business requirements to connect Cell Towers, Distributed Antenna Systems for cellphone coverage within buildings and cities, as well as streaming services like Netflix, Verizon Fios, Comcast and IP TV providers and systems... that time is now!

And then of course, there is still the Broadband Initiatives in the works, to 'get fiber to as many people as possible.'

According to Gary Bernstein, of Leviton Network Solutions, "Brocade does already have a 100GB/s Switch on the client side that is on the market today. [ 3 ] " This is similarly true of Extreme Networks who also runs a 40GB/s architecture. Cisco recently introduced the 40GB/s Nexus 3064 TOR 40GB/s Switch. Also running 40GB/s networks are enterprises like Force 10, Arista, and Hitachi, to name only a few.

According to Gary Bernstein, "The need is clear : a 40/100GB/s Ethernet migration plan is quickly becoming a matter of survival."

Always a step ahead, at Wave2Wave Solution Corporation, we are driven by our existing enterprise customers' needs and their ever exponentially growing need for bandwidth, distance and signal integrity. We have therefore been functionally prepared and are already providing solutions to these enterprises on the OM3 and OM4 platforms for 40GB/s and 100GB/s cabling and applications.

Why OM4 now instead of OM3? OM4 fiber has been around for seven years. It has been traditionally sold as "premium OM3" or "OM3+ fiber." The OM4 label basically standardizes the terminology across different manufacturers, since it also wears the same aqua branded jacket. This way the customer knows the accurate distinction of the product they are purchasing. The OM4 fiber is totally backwards compatible with OM3 fiber. However, OM4 was developed specially for the VSCEL laser transmission protocol, yet still allows 10 GB/s link distances, but up to 550 Meters, compared to 300 Meters with the OM3 Fiber. The "effective modal bandwidth" for OM4 is more than 2.3 times that of the OM3, at 4700 for OM4 versus 2000 for OM3).

Additionally, the value of OM4 fiber is 'increased-higher-network-dependability' and increased design flexibility, which allows links with a reach of an extra 250 meters. OM4 optical fiber enables 40/100GB/s Ethernet to reach an additional 60% of the links in the core-to-distribution as well as in the access-to-distribution channels when compared to OM3. This will lead to earlier market acceptance of 40G/100GB/s Ethernet and OM4 fiber in the coming months, when, as warned by Gary Bernstein above, “a 40/100GB/s Ethernet migration plan is quickly becoming a matter of survival."

"MPO/MTP (Multiple-Fibre Push-On/Pull-off ) is the designated interface for multimode 40/100GB/s, and it's backward compatible with legacy 1G/10GB/s applications as well. Its small, high-density form factor is ideal with higher-speed Ethernet equipment." – Cabling Install & Maintenance

In the end, the OM3 fiber may continue to be of use in popular environments, still through-putting speeds of 10GB/s up to 100GB/s. However, OM4 fiber offers users much longer length distances and reliability, at similar costs.

Wave2Wave Solution Corporation has been at the forefront of state of the art connectivity and Data Center technologies for the last seven years offering Silicon Valley enterprises the latest solutions. This experience, along with long-term relations to these enterprise customers, gives Wave2Wave the edge and proficiency in providing next generation service and products. As a Data Center technology infrastructure company, Wave2Wave has been deploying these latest technologies across Silicon Valley and the Nation. We are prepared to upgrade your data center connectivity to the next level for 2012, in a partnership relationship at sustainable costs.

Please contact Wave2Wave Solution Corporation (408-586-8800) for a free assessment of your network and Data Center IT rooms.

[1] Tony Irujo, of OFS, a Furukawa Company
[2] Cisco
[3] Gary Bernstein, of Leviton Network Solutions
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Roll With the Waves2
(a Sustainability Solution)

By James (Jaime) Ordonez Victoria

Pssst…, You want get a promotion? Learn to surf! That should give you a rise—most likely a raise as well.

It's no secret among IT professionals that the waves of future capacity and demand are ever-increasing. Information overload often distracts you, at times procrastination sets in, and as that moment passes, the incoming wave of solutions rises to a crest ahead of you and rolls to a wash in the distance. …Next!

That's not always a bad thing, though. Waves come in sets. The trick is to pick the right set and within that set, the right wave. Brad Blake, director of IT at Boston Medical Center remarks, "This is IT. Every 12 to 16 months there's something new out there and we have to react." [ 1 ] As static-storage and Cloud virtualization demands exponentially increase, so do the cost of infrastructure, efficiency and energy. Careful and collaborative focus is necessary in selecting the waves of future sustainability. Your role as an IT professional depends on it.

IT and Data Center research analyst Jay Pultz, of Gartner Research concluded, "The number of terabytes used is growing by about 50 per cent per year – certainly an exponential rate." [ 2 ] Alright, so exponential growth is inevitable. So what does the current climate and environment for 2012 openly predict?

One does not need to be clairvoyant to get this vision: 'Cost efficiency, energy efficiency, disaster recovery, virtual & physical security, mobility, modularity, scalability, remote wireless monitoring, extreme-environment protection, waterproofing, fireproofing, crush-proofing, internal dedicated power supplies and internal efficient air-tight loop cooling—all in one Data Center In-a-Box solution.' Did I miss anything? Oh, yes, 'a dedicated partner & team that will support all these features and be there to ride the next wave of solutions alongside.' …and, of course, at sustainable costs.

How? A partnership is required. Wave2Wave Solution Corporation invites you to ride with us.

Together we will roll with the future challenges of this ever-dramatic seascape. Wave2Wave Solution Corporation remains at the forefront of next generation technology. The exponential growth of demand and capacity can only be perplexing or intimidating if one is floating alone without strategic, future planning and support.

Success doesn't have to be laborious; it should be a sport. Let's ride the future together. Call us now at 408-586-8800 for a free IT Lab or Data Center assessment.

2012 should be a snap.

[1] Brad Blake, Director of IT at Boston Medical Center. Source: Jon Brodkin, Network World

[2] Jay Pultz, Analyst and VP Gartner Research
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Under the Brooklyn Bridge at the Ice Cream Factory drinking a beer after work
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Make Sure You Hire a Balanced Workplace and/or Balance an Existing Team.
– By James Ordonez Victoria

I have worked in Corporate America for decades at half a dozen full time salaried positions and several dozen freelance contracts at Fortune 500 companies. These included high tech Silicon Valley startups, as well as established hundred+ year old legacy enterprise corporations. I have held positions as director, direct report and contract consultant—in the end, lifestyle trumps. Interestingly enough though, the one common thread I have found consistently with little exception is an unruly imbalance of team personalities in the workplace and the concomitant disorganization that follows such social disarray in a company. Worse yet is the enormous cost associated with a disorganized "organization." And then—as if that weren't enough—there is the statistically documented cost of turnover, which soars to an average of "one third of an employee's yearly salary to replace them." (Source: www.whatishumanresource.com

Even now as contract consultant, within a number of digital media art director and digital producer roles, I still have deal with the tumult of imbalance of personalities at the workplace. This constantly requires having to work around such chaos through costly creative management solutions. So what is the answer?

Inspired by Professor David McLleland of Harvard University's Department of Social Sciences, a Silicon Valley staffing specialist, Carol Thomas, developed and patented a next generation algorithm solution.

After a couple of decades staffing in Silicon Valley, Carol realized the deficits of the workplace and the enormous cost of imbalance and turnover. A number of factors including 'Unconscious Bias,' as well as life skills vs skill sets, soft skills vs hard skills, gender and ethnic demographics, and the overall team balancing of personality with work ethics, altogether defined both the diversity conundrum and the solution. Carol named her innovative HR hiring platform 'TechneHire,' after Techne the Greek mythological 'spirit of skill.' The company's tag line, "Where Spirit Meets Skill," embraces diversity as a team balancing motto.

Recent research by McKinsey Insights shows that diversity equals outperformance. In a 2015 study of 366 public companies across a range of industries, McKinsey found that companies in the top quartile for gender or ethnic diversity are more likely to have financial returns above their national industry medians, while companies in the bottom quartile in these dimensions are statistically less likely to achieve above-average returns. The findings are especially impressive regarding ethnic diversity, largely because gender diversity has already been implemented by many companies. McKinsey sees a striking “competitive advantage for companies that can attract and retain diverse talent”:

“More diverse companies...are better able to win top talent and improve their customer orientation, employee satisfaction, and decision making, and all that leads to a virtuous cycle of increasing returns.” – Source: McKinsey Insights, January 2015.

But the importance of diversified teams extends beyond gender, race, ethnicity, and age. The TéchneHire research team has also found that a strong team is one in which team members exhibit a diversity of work styles and workplace preferences that enables them to function as a synergistic whole. TechneHire calls these Personal Workplace Preferences.

TéchneHire’s essential behavioral formula and toolbox are based on the work of Harvard University’s Dr. David C. McClelland.
Initially interested in how the instincts for achievement, power and affiliation manifested in ancient cultures, McClelland later shifted his research to the modern workplace, becoming one of the first psychologists to examine entrepreneurial behavior. In addition to funding McClelland’s book, The Achieving Society, the Ford Foundation founded Harvard’s Behavioral Sciences Division, where McClelland studied human behavior as it relates to the workplace.

In seeking to assess job candidates using McClelland’s brilliant social motivation paradigm, the TéchneHire team made some surprising discoveries.

McClelland argued that individuals are driven by three primary social motivations power, achievement and affiliation. Depending on an individual’s degree and level of motivation for power, achievement, and affiliation, s/he will perform differently in different environments and situations.

Based on McClelland’s path breaking behavioral science, the TéchneHire recruiting platform developed three socially innovative apps—TéchneTeam, EqualHire, and TéchneRes.

At the heart of the platform is TéchneTeam, which enables employers to achieve dynamic team integration by focusing on Personal Workplace Preferences (work styles) as well as hard skills.

Originally designed to support recruiting, TéchneTeam can be effectively applied to a variety of niches, including work team composition and workforce analytics.

Read more about tomorrow's hiring platform inspired at Harvard University, get documented statistics and discover the exclusive, patented, innovative, psychometric algorithm that is reinventing the workplace on the TechneHire White Paper and website at /

#employment #hiring #turnover #turnovercosts #resumes #jobboard #elsevier #nokia #hbo
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My Upcoming book, "The Magic of Karma – The ancient Quantum Science of Consciousness" will be progressively reviewed to and from manuscript on my new Googel+ Community, 'The Ancient Quantum Science of Consciousness." Look us up, join and join the discussion.

#spiritual #yoga #quantum

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Introducing my upcoming book, "The Magic of Karma — an Ancient Quantum Physics of Consciousness" – by Jaime Ordonez Victoria

Ancient texts called "Puranas"† unveil a celestial journey—a primordial relationship of consciousnesses—described as "the most secret of all secrets," yet, it is hidden in plain sight, rarely to be found. † (the word Purana means 'ancient' in Sanskrit)

After a lifetime of studying and practicing this ancient Sanskrit knowledge, one day it literally dawned on me that the simplicity and crystal clarity of this secret journey is actually inherently available to anyone and everyone—one need merely look, listen and remember—awaken the consciousness.

Many seeking this virtue join monasteries, organized religions and dangerous cults, only to be cheated by the degradation that transforms good spiritual intentions into political power-struggles and avarice—a natural flaw of the human condition when 'organized.' I call this paradox "the Tower of Babel syndrome."

I have created this Google+ community in order to share with like minded folk that any one person can attain the highest simplicity and goals unsuccessfully sought after by all religions and spiritual groups, simply by staying away from them. The very nature of organizing spirituality is the very antithesis that changes the vibration of the spiritual intent into shallow, material and even corrupt manifestations of evil. History agrees!

In the pages that follow I will discuss the Science of Consciousness as descried in the Ancient Puranas, and the journey of the living being—what some call the soul. This is not only the ancient quantum science of all existence emerging from infinite drops Consciousnesses—from within an ocean of Consciousness—but all also a science of ultimate relationship between all things, ever intertwined through transformations of consciousness—thoughts, desires and intentions binding together all existence. Although apparently infinitely complex our journey from the Puranas will show with crystal clarity the simplicity being hidden in plain sight.

To drive this effort I will introduce excerpts from my book (a work in progress), "The Magic of Karma — an Ancient Quantum Physics of Consciousness," for discussions and contemplation.

I welcome the like minded to join me in this exploration as we travel through the universal microcosm, beneath the subatomic, across the universe(s), to and from our original resting place and destination—as described in the Ancient Puranas—yet free from the contamination of organized religious cults and material institutions.

Please join me, I hope to see you there.

Jaime Ordonez Victoria

PS. Please answer the poll below, which one of these mostly resonate with you?
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