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I've been busy
My family has told me that my blog has not been updated in quite a long time. So I went back and had my girl human look up the last time I wrote something... Wow. Almost a month! Oops... Sorry about that. Well lets see..... where shall I begin? Well.... I'l...

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Weekend Adventures
Hello there everyone! I wanted to tell you guys how much FUN I had the other day!!!!! My humans took Lexi and I to an outdoor adventure! I don't look happy in this picture because I didn't know where we were going.... probably to a place that was scary, and...

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I'm 42 Lbs!
Today was Eeyores 48 day weigh in! He's going to start back up on vitamin paste and I needed to see what his weight was to make sure he received the correct dosage. So I called my little shadow into the bathroom to be weighed on the scale... I WISH I had on...

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Places to go! People to see!
Hey there everyone! Eeyore here! I wanted to write this entry today because I am so proud of what I did I, personally, had to tell you. My foster mom could tell it, but I wanted to have it come straight from the dogs mouth. I took a ride in the big truck, w...

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LOTS of new Happenings!
My deepest apologies for not writing lately about Eeyore. He is becoming quite active lately and we have been having fun playing and exploring.... playing mostly. Eeyore says he likes to "peek". Both his foster mama & daddy work from home and one day... out...

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Big accomplishments for a little pup
This entry will be short and sweet tonight as there is SO much to write about and SO many photos and video from the past 2 days. Eeyore has really started to come out of his shell and show that he's all puppy. I put him on a vitamin paste that he gets every...

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Hello there! I'm feeling much better now and I asked my human if she would allow me to write something today. I've never written anything so I really don't know what to say, but my human says that she has been telling my story to you for some time now. She ...

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Obedience training begins
Every dog needs to have manners. EVERY DOG. The ones that don't have a very hard time with life. Always struggling with themselves whether to obey the human or be the humans leader... and humans don't like being led by the dog. Because of this power struggl...

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Socializing party!
Today was a huge day for Eeyore. A Chinook breeder friend of mine had a litter recently and had a socializing party tonight where she asked her guests to come meet the puppies in crazy costumes so the puppies can be exposed to people looking differently. GR...
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