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Update 03/08/2013
EDIT on 03/14/2013:

I would like to start with an update on GV Extensions. My apologies to my loyal users for not being able to deliver a timely compatibility update for iOS 6 -- a preliminary research showed it would take quite some effort in order to do so because of the underlying changes brought by Apple, and I unfortunately have never managed to invest such an amount of effort. This has been one of the motivations that eventually drive me to make the following decision: I will make GV Extensions open-source very soon, in a trouble-free manner, i.e. most likely under a BSD-like license, so that others can keep improving the project, and thus JB lovers can still enjoy a seamless experience of Google Voice on iOS ecosystem.

Other reasons for me to decide in making such move are fairly personal. First, I will be leaving the tech world for at least the near future and concentrating on another realm, and I really want to have myself totally focused on that new, challenging role, so the prospect that I can still invest much time and effort in improving the project myself is fairly low. Second, I have been feeling extremely grateful recently on many things that I experienced, though I am not going to elaborate too much on them here, I inherently consider it one of my obligations to return to the community, and  my decision could be thought of as one of the consequences based on that consideration.

Alright, more details will be disclosed in the next week, mainly on the license type, location of the code repository, and a document on how to compile and/or further develop. I will also write up the findings I have had on what have broken the extensions on iOS 6 and the potential solutions.

Finally, thank you as always for your constant support to my project.
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Your message is much appreciated to those of us to utilized your work on a daily basis. While many of us will be sad to see you leave the JB community, we understand that your current priorities do not allow for much time for iOS tweak development.

All I can really say is that I wish you great luck in your future endeavors. I'm sure there will be a few developers that will be able to pick up this project and carry it onward.

Thanks for all your hard work!
Thanks so much for this update! While somewhat disappointing that you're no longer working on this project, I'm super pleased that you're going to release the source. Thanks for you work and awesome contribution to the community! 
I'm an android fan, GV Extensions is a great tool for iOS. :D
Zhi, thank you very much for the update and for all of your hard work developing these extensions.  I am also sad that you will not be developing these extensions.  You have created a really great product duo in these extensions.  It is very commendable of you that you are opening the source rather than selling it to another developer,  because I'm certain that you could find a developer that would purchase the code.  Good luck in your future endeavors.
Hopefully we can continue to be delightfully surprised @ the charity of others. I wish you success.
Zhi, thanks for all the work you have done. The SMS and GV dialer have always been my two most favorite jb tweaks. Good luck with your future ventures! 
Thanks for all the hard work! Looking forward to eating the fruits of your labor! :)
Great to see an update. I think the future of the extensions is going to be good. 
I'm willing to help out with development of the SMS extension. I don't really mind who does what share of the work. I just want to see this tweak updated to iOS 6 asap.
Thank you for updating us on the status of this project and for allowing development of your amazing jailbreak extensions to continue by giving your hard work to the community.  GV SMS Extension is my favorite JB tweak, and I can't wait until it's ready for my iPhone 5.
Thanks for the update. While I am sad that your not continuing development of these apps, I  can understand things in life happen.
I really miss having GV texts integrated with my messages and one of the reasons I was looking forward to a JB on the iPhone 5.
Hopefully somebody else can pick this up and fix it.
Best of luck in your future endeavors and thank you in advance for giving back to the community with your source!
Thanks for all the work you've put in Zhi! I appreciate that you decided to Open Source the project. I hope all goes well with your future projects! You've been invaluable to the community and you deserve our support going forward.
+King Gaav With the extensions, one chooses which number they would like to use, GV or the Carrier.  One would dial 911 and then choose Carrier.  I believe that one could also set up rules for different numbers, but I didn't use this functionality.
Thanks for the update and good luck in your future endeavors.  
Best of luck Zhi! And best of luck to the future dev's of the extensions!
I really respect people who are intentional about personal growth. Really happy for you. Thank you for gifting your hard work to the community. I've used your extensions for years. Thank you.
Many thanks Zhi! It's been an essential tool for me.

Request for future developers/contributers: any chance the Pfone Extension could be made to work with bluetooth-dialed calls as well? Thx
ok we all congratulated him now what about the tweak???!!!!
Get to work on it when he makes it open source.
This is great to hear! Much thanks!
Will the update come out through cydia when someone finishes it for iOS 6
Thanks man! Sounds like its going in the right direction. Glad your able to put the final touches on your product and giving it to the community. Great work.
If would be great if you could keep us informed when a developer does release an iOS6 version of this. Great work and Thank you!!!!!!
i doubt anyone is working on it
Got an e-mail from someone who successfully compiled Phone GV Extension on iOS 6.1 several days ago; however there're still technical obstacles that stop it from fully working, as expected.
Thanks for keeping us posted!!
is the tweak aviliable??
This is probably the most useful jailbreak tweak IMO. Can't wait for the update !
^^^^ how did you get it to work on ios 6??
I added the tweak and it bricked my phone and I used I file and deleted the "dy.lib" files and the other ones but it dosent seem to work ?! How did you get it to work?
the current phone gv extension (not sms extension) works on my iphone4 running ios 6.1 too. it doesn't work perfectly, but still works. i've been using it ever since the latest jailbreak. i installed the extension from big boss in cydia, entered my credentials for tweak and that's it.
mine is 6.1.2 and it dosent work on mine .. its a iphone 4 and whenever i call or use it nothing happens :/
this is what i did i downloaded from big boss .. NOW do i respring when it asks (when i do it bricks) or just hit the home button? and then i put my phone # the username and pass and i try to call and dosent work .. now.. help? :(
these are my setting from the top down: iphone number
google username
google password
mode: ask before dialing
customize menu: gv direct dial on, carrier on
gv number: my google voice number
pin code: my google pin
show real id: on
refresh cache: on
enable logging: on
check license: on

ok so im using i phone 4 ios 6,1,2 you sure it should work?
well i deleted all the tweaks and downloaded it and it bricked my phone so ill just restore and wait for the ios6 version of it
Zhi, I must add my gratitude for these two extensions also. They made my phone more enjoyable to use. You are/were one fantastic developer. I mean this from experience in contacting you. Congrats on following your heart! Enjoy the remainder of your life. 
What do you plan on doing?
Be careful you guys. Apple pushed out 6.1.3 yesterday which means they are no longer signing 6.1.2. Evasi0n will not work on .3 so if you have to restore you will lose your jailbreak. I would be very cautious installing anything that could brick your phone. 
+Jason Doan the sms extension doesn't work at all for ios6. i'm only talking about the phone extension. when i say it doesn't work perfectly, i mean that i can make outbound calls using my gv number, but it shows a random number in my call history instead of showing the number that i actually called. there may be more issues but this is the only one i've come across.
so when will SMS GV be updated have been waiting for a long time can't wait anymore longer
Thank you Dr. Zheng; Good luck with your new project.
Is anyone in the forum playing with the files ?? Anyone cam give a ray of hope ??
For the SMS part of the tweak ??
Reinstalled the Phone GV extension on a 4S running 6.1.2 and it seems to work. No luck with the SMS extension though. 
Would love to see this tweak (sms) on ios 6.x.x im on a new ipt (5th gen), and currently all the gv apps dont work flawlessly and it would be great to use the default imessage app. Hopefully someone takes up this project becuase we all really want it. Hopefully theres some news in the future..
I wish i knew how to fix this problem , its taking so long to update it , every other tweak is working except this one ugh -.- 
Almost have Real ID working
From: Andrew Chilvers
6:21 PM (5 hours ago)
to me 
Forgive my ignorance, but what does it mean to almost have Real ID working?  Is this for the SMS GV extension?  Please say yes!  :)  Much appreciated!
Dr Zhi Zheng you are awesome just wanted to say that although you already probably know that you're awesome. Good luck on whatever you're working on the tech community will miss you! Hope the final version of the calling & sms comes out soon.
may you please give us an approximation of when the sms gv extension will come out? If not plz comment and say you aare not able to.
hey +Karim Zaher  MR +Zhi Zheng  is no longer working on the project, he released it to the public .... all we can do is HOPE that someone smart picks it up and works on the kinks ...i think Andrew Chilvers... is almost there.... 
Thanks for all your hard work!
im now giving up on this tweak.. almost a damn year and nothing.
The phone extension works fine for me on a 4S running 6.1.2.  Fingers crossed that the SMS extension will arrive soon.  Patience... :)
Applause to Andrew Chilvers for the effort on the calling . Now just waiting on the SMS (:
Anyone know what directory the files are in? I can't seem to find them on my iPhone 5!
Aww no one is working on the sms extension :(
someone please give me directions how to overwrite the file?
what i did now was get both the files over written but also deleted the other 2 that were the plist file and everything did i do it right?
ok nvm i did it over again and just overwrite the 2 files now it dosent work .. like whats up with that?
can you use the pphone gv extesnsion if you have bad ESN??
also i have a iphone 4 .. not a 4s so i was wondering if it works on iphone 4 also
Put the 2 files in Root -> Library -> MobileSustrate -> Dynamic Libraries
Completely understand, but too bad.   One of my favorite tweaks and don't see the gap getting filled any time soon.   Would love to see someone pick up the ball and run with it!
Does the phone gv extension work on iPhone 4!!!???
+James Finlay You're running the phone extension straight from Cydia without Anthony's modded files on 4S?  Can I ask what prefs you have enabled
@Paul Ahern.. What are the steps to overwriting the files? I downloaded them but don't know what to do exactly. And I've been waiting on sms gv extension for awhile now. 
@Paul Ahern.. What are the steps to overwriting the files? I downloaded them but don't know what to do exactly. And I've been waiting on sms gv extension for awhile now. 
I was able to successfully get Phone GV running on iPhone 4S 6.1.2 from Cydia but did the respring before replacing the two modded files.
I had to force it into safe mode using the volume up button trick and then overwrote the two files Anthony provided (Tx Anthony!) from Dropbox to Root -> Library -> MobileSustrate -> Dynamic Libraries (Tx Paul!)  with iFile and everything seems to work!  

The iPhone 5 was a snap to setup just remember not to respring/reboot before overwriting the two modded files.
Could someone please take up on the SMS GV Extension :( I really miss it dearly.
How did you overwrite the files? I can't seem to do it
GV Phone Extension working for me after installing the original tweak and overwriting the two dylib files posted above. iPhone 5, iOS 6.1.2
A couple more things to clean up the Phone extension, including handsfree Bluetooth (which is almost complete), then I'll take a look at the SMS module.
Please fix the sms module immediately. And how do you overwrite the files? 
BJ, if the SMS module is so important to you, download Xcode and have at it.
Instructions on how to overwrite have been explained above...
Please fix the sms module immediately. And how do you overwrite the files? 
Please fix the sms module immediately. And how do you overwrite the files? 
Thanks, Andrew. Sounds like you've got it sorted but let me know if you
need any help with BT. I have some Zik headphones I can test with 4s and 5
devices against your current/updated dylibs.
+Andrew Chilvers Thank you for work into the PHONE extension, but i will really LOVE you when the SMS extension is working again... i would download that XCODE, but i am illiterate with those codes... 
Thanks +Andrew Chilvers  . & BJ let's not rush Mr Chilvers we want him to take his time & do a great job (:
I still can't seem to overwrite the files : /. Idk what I'm doing wrong
Andrew -- thanks for updating the phone extension.  Please ignore all the entitled commenters.
I haven't re jailbreaked my iPhone yet since this was what I was waiting for (only reason I'm jailbreaking) and appreciate all the efforts and for Zhi allowing for it.  But I'm curious are we still required to pay for this since technically the cydia tweaks do not work, and ongoing support is not guaranteed.  I feel at this point the tweaks should be made free since so much other things have to be done to get the tweaks to work now.  +Zhi Zheng
+Brian Boncy hhmmm but by the same token, you could buy an APP from the "APP STORE" then all of a sudden they decide its "illegal" and they kick it out of the '"APP STORE" therefore the APP doesn't work anymore, but they don't give you a refund... CYDIA tweaks are awesome, and you can review the "OPEN SOURCE" codes and what it takes to make it work, i gladly pay for them.... since it makes the IPHONE that much better....   
good point +Sammy Paredes and I agree but it seems currently +Andrew Chilvers is the one who getting these tweaks to work and think it is fair to compensate him instead.  Zhi Zheng got paid in the past for these tweaks and that was fair because he originally created them and was supporting it but if he is passing the torch now so in essence why still buy after it is no longer being updated in cydia, it would be nice to reward those who are keeping it up to date as it provides incentive for those individuals to keep using their time to support it for the rest of us.
+Zhi Zheng threw it the files out to for the crowd to play with them, if i could I would play with them myself, but i cannot fully understand those CODES, at the moment there might be more people than +Andrew Chilvers that maybe got them working for themselves already, but our friend Andrew wants to share, and i'm sure, most of us will give him a little money so he can have a drink on us..... and i'm sure none of that money is going to ZHI. 
Yo, I tried putting GV phone extention on my iPod 4g but now facetime won't open. It just opens then closes. Did I screw up? If so, can I restore it (I know I'll lose jailbreak). If so, I don't think I will until a new JB comes out cause there's always skype :D Thanks!
+Andrew Chilvers Two bugs to report--1) As someone already stated, when you look at GV info during a call, the screen "blinks" until you sleep it and wake it again. 2) Infrequently, I will try to call, the phone app simply crashes, even if I turn GV calling off. If i go into the GV official app to try to connect, it returns an Error: NULL.

Also, a feature request. Would it be possible to add a feature to the Dialing rules app that sets a rule based on type of number (Home, Mobile, Assistant, Pager, etc.). I use the "Assistant" label to store the GV system numbers for each contact. Until the SMS tweak is working, would it be possible to tell the phone to use the carrier line to call these numbers, as the call often fails when using GV to call these numbers?
+Andrew Chilvers will it be updated through cydia? and thanks for updating phone gv extension but take your time for the sms part (:
Updated phone files are available here:

Unzip and copy to /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries
REBOOT your phone, not just Respring to have the updates take effect.

Includes bug fixes and support for Bluetooth dialing. Note: For BT dialing, the car will often report 'Invalid phone number', but the call will go through via GV and the car display will update.

+Andrew Chilvers I don't use phoneGVextentions, (still waiting on Sms extension :)... but I think for the sake of the others who do use it, compiling your edited files with Zhi's and updating it in Cydia would be much more efficient, plus reach the larger fanbase who dont use G+. Maybe even changing around the entire extension and making it your own.

... and by the way, you are fantastic:)
Do I copy the whole unzipped file or the desperate files inside? 
Do I copy the whole unzipped file or the desperate files inside? 
I'm not looking for donations, this was just a fun project as I've never done any IOS development before.
The bluetooth dialing is for cars that have a HUD that can call directly to a bluetooth phone. Before the mod I made, my car would always bypass GV and dial direct. If you initiate a call from your phone over BT, it always worked.

As Zhi stated, the SMS module is a tricky one. I've taken a look but can't promise anything at this time.
Can someone that has gotten this working explain how to make it work. Here is my problems and assumptions:
-Number Begins With: I put my area code 480
-If I click 'Direct Dial', 'Call Back', or 'Offline Dial' with the 480 area code it returns "Error Returned NULL.
-If I click 'Ask Before Dialing' then Error in gVoice but I get choices to dial if I choose someone form the Address Book, the choices are; 'GV Direct Dial' which errors, 'GV Call Back' which errors, GV Offline Dial' which errors and 'Carrier' which ALLOWS the call.
-If I click 'Carrier' then Error when call placed from gVoice and will dial out from Address Book.

So after all options are tried I can ONLY make calls from carrier. Before I could at least make calls from gVoice.

So my assumptions are putting my area code in the 'Number Begins With:' box, is that correct?

Also, if I try to make multiple rules and start each rule with 480 it just changes the previous setting.

Why doesn't it work with callbar, hope you can fix it, thanks andrew 
It worked great for me for a few days and now today I keep getting error null and can't make any calls. I'm not sure why it worked fine for a few days and then now doesn't 
No i haven't changed anything on my google account. If I uninstall the
phone extension my google voice app works and calls work fine. As soon as I
install the extension again all the calls fail. From the phone dialed
itself and also from the google voice app.

I'm lost for what it could be since it worked fine for days
I don't have the 2 step authorization on my google account yet 
I was having an issue a long time ago where I couldn't make calls through the native iphone system with the GV extension. I would get stuck on "connecting to Google Voice". The issue was resolved by turning off logging in your GV extension settings.
Sherlock I was only trying to use the google voice app after the native
dialed kept failing. The native phone app doesn't give an error code it
just fails. Very strange. And if I attempt a call from the google voice
app it says error null. It only started happening this morning. So it's
something strange that's going on. Maybe on googles end
Since I put the new files in, Direct Dial and Call Back no longer work. Offline dial and Carrier work fine.
I've had been getting the "returned null" error all day today with the original Phone GV extension on an iPhone 4/IOS 5.1.1. I saw a recommendation online elsewhere to turn off private browsing and enable cookies in Safari and to then login to google voice in Safari. After doing that, Direct Dial w/Phone GV extension started working again. Seems like the problem described above by others may not be unique to the new update by Andrew Chilvers.
That same fix (logging in via safari) also fixed my dialing issues. 
The safari thing doesn't work for me either. I have tried twice removing
and reinstalling the extension and still doesn't work. I even tried just
overwriting the 2 files that Andrew posted first and it still didn't work.

I do want to thank Andrew for being so helpful and generous with releasing
this to us and not expecting anything in return. The world needs more
Google made some changes to the Voice api today which caused a lot of third party gv apps to stop working, not sure if these changes are also affecting the GV phone Extension from working properly.
Actually I didn't try reinstalling the google voice app. I guess that's
the next step to try then. It's weird though because I used it this morning
and then 20 minutes later it stopped working. So maybe google changing the
APIs had something to do with it
After hearing about the problems folks are having I tried to make a call via the extension and the Phone app would just crash. So I went to mobile Safari, logged out of the Google account, then logged back in. I am now able to make a call via the extension.
I've got the same model and version.
I have the same problem as you Sherlock after doing those steps. Logging in
and out did nothing for me. It must have something to do with the API
changing or something. I'm sure Andrew when he has time will be able to
figure it out for us
I assume you mean you logged out, then in. You have to be logged in. Also, if you have the extension asking how to dial and end up using the GV app to call, you would want to pick "Carrier". But my calls are now working via the stock phone app and Extension and choosing "GV Direct Dial".
Mine is definitely working. One thing I see that I think is different is the call recipient's name is missing from the screen when calling. Their photo shows but no name. Just says, "calling mobile" or whatever the number label for the person is. The recipient's name shows on the recent call list, however.
I only had to log in once. Save the cookie, and it will work fine, even after respring, for me.
The rumored API updated from Google yesterday has apparently broken the GV Extension on two phones in my household too. "Error Returned NULL" on every outbound call attempted with the extension. The Safari fix doesn't work, and neither did updating the updated files in the thread above. Running iOS 5.1.1 on 4S.
+1 Returned NULL

Will someone eventually release this through Cydia? That sounds so much easier than what I initially imagined. I rely on Google Voice, as I'm sure everyone here does, and with the recent dismemberment of Google Reader along with this GV issue I'm left feeling slightly miffed.

Update: Logged in to GV via Safari. Phone GV Extension now working.
Yes, google did something as I have the same issue now.
I wanted this beta testing before releasing to the wild, hence not doing this through Cydia initially. 
+Andrew Chilvers, just wanted to extend my gratitude to you for picking up the torch and continuing these awesome extensions.
I love that this is now open source...very useful JB apps.
I hope progress on the SMS is going well (:
Interesting. I am not sure who packaged it. I installed on my iPhone 5 with iOS 6.1.2, and it worked like a champ. 
S Cool
Guys, I tested this on iphone 5 V6.1.2, IT DOES NOT WORK. Let me clarify. DIRECT DIAL DOES NOT WORK. Other menu options work but it was always working in the past. DIRECT DIAL was broken due to an API change from google. GVMobile+ team have already fixed it. Would be great if we have the  changes to make direct dial work on the next version. Thanks +Andrew Chilvers for picking this up.
FYI the myrepospace install went smoothly on my iPhone 5 running iOS 6.1. I concur that direct dial does not work. Call back works fine. Awesome work regardless. Thanks Zhi and Andrew for the enormous effort! I look forward to any future progress. 
S Cool
Does any body have a sniffer setup on their network to trace traffic from iPhone Google Voice app and try doing direct dial to see what are the changes in the API. That might help +Andrews. I figured the GVDial.m has the code that does Directdial. When i tried enable logging there is a chunk of HTML code dumped in the log file. I don't have MAC to do further research. So hopeful that someone else can fix this. GV mobile guys fixed it so quickly so i am sure its not a big chance.
I've got a piece of advice here on working towards the new GV API. For +Andrew Chilvers and/or whoever is working on this, you don't have to use a sniffer; instead what I did in the past was using MobileSubstrate to hook the ctor(s) of HTTPRequest Obj-C class and see what parameters were passed by a particular app (here GV for our case). Also, for those recompiling the apps, don't forget to disable/undefine the _ENABLE_DRM_ macro to disable the original license checking code; however the current (open-source) license must be retained.
I'm pretty close actually. Not sure who created the repo though and whether it's just my updated extension bundled.
I didn't realize that the repo didn't come from +Andrew Chilvers.  One more observation on this version, however:  dialer rules crashes.
Just to be clear. I did successfully use direct dial on the version that came from the repo posted above. iPhone 5 v6.1.2. 
Mine crashed at first too. I finally realized that my password was not correct. The password had gone inactive after I removed it from my list of application specific password in my two step authentication setup.

On another unrelated note, the GV Phone extension password and settings from my iPhone 4S and all of my other jailbreak settings were somehow transferred to my iPhone 5. I had cleaned up all of my application specific passwords, but after jail breaking the 5, everything magically transferred over. I've been really racking my brain trying to understand how that happened. Also, my settings to show the battery percentage and the antenna strength as dBm were not only transferred, but also worked before jail breaking. Does anyone have an explanation?
Ha! I suppose I should provide my actual iOS version, rather than the one I made up in my head! I am using iOS 6.1

Here's a summary on the current version with workarounds:
1. The phone app will crash on an iPhone 5 if doing Call back or Direct Dial (when it fails). This is due to the popup indicating failure or the ability to cancel a callback somehow causing an exception to be thrown. This is a work in progress to resolve. Note callback still works as the call is initiated before the popup is displayed.
2. The API changes Google has made have broken the authentication. This is a complex analysis and a work in progress to resolve.
A workaround to get Direct Dial working is to login to Google Voice in Safari on the phone with the Stay signed in checked. You will then find that Direct dial works. I don't know how long this will last before you need to re-login to GV.

Direct Dials works with 6.1.2 on 4S using the files from Andrew's Dropbox. Thank you Andrew!
I think Andrew is going to take a look at the SMS after the calling. The calling isn't free of all bugs yet so he's working on that
Integrating G Voice was the reason I decided to jailbreak.  Thanks Andrew for all your effort.  It is much appreciated.
/sigh   no update    /cry   if its money you want, release the SMS GV EXTENSION, like a trial a 2 day trial, then if we want it, we will buy it... (( today is 04-23-2013 @ 01:00:43 )) 

i would pay gladly
and still pay again to +Zhi Zheng 
i'm sure from the sidelines
he is still helping

(( today is 04-23-2013 @ 03:26:16 )) 
I started the SMS module before the authentication broke for the phone. Thats priority one. Just note that the SMS module is close to a rewrite due to IOS architecture changes 
So, can you say it in English now, please.... ((( SMS module is close to a rewrite due to IOS architecture changes ))) is that a good thing or a bad thing ??? 
Phil R
It means he has to rewrite the code. Probably some way it functions too. Basically it's not as simple as changing a few lines that were throwing errors due to a wording change or something like that. Aka more work, bad thing :(
Thanks Phil, /sigh. Well since its going to be a re-write. It might. Be better than before when its done....

Keep it up Andrew ((( Wwritteee fffastaaa ))) :) 
It could also mean that since apple created the new messages app the code is completely different 
Phil R
Tested it out but I keep getting an error saying returned null =/ doesn't crash the whole app anymore though.
Ricky P
Works for me. Only thing that doesn't work is the DV Dial Rules. It crashed right away.
I'm with +Ricky P. Dial Rules crashes immediately on iPhone 5 ios 6.1. Any ideas? Are the Dial Rules working for others?
+Andrew Chilvers Thank you very much, Sir.  I just loaded the new files, and everything is working fine for me so far.  This includes the GV-Dial-Rules app.  iPhone5 running iOS 6.1.2.
Anyone having the null error for DD do the following.

Reboot the phone
In Settings under Safari tap Clear Cookies and Data.

Let me know if that fixes Direct Dialing. 
I'm with +Ricky P. Dial Rules crashes immediately on iPhone 5 ios 6.1. Any ideas? Are the Dial Rules working for others?
Is this available on 6.x after a jailbreak or still being worked on?  
Ricky P

Any idea why the GV Dial Rules app crashes ?
Where is the new download, in Cydia?  I haven't tried it since Zhi's initial 5.x version.   thanks 
+Shane McKenna You must download Zhi's Cydia version, then you must replace the appropriate files in /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/ with those provided by Andrew Chilvers (scroll up to find the link to the files in his Dropbox) 
Thank you, I will jailbreak again then and then get 2 apps in Cydia.  both work GV mobile and SMS extension?
I've never copied files over, sorry how is that done after I get the app after Jail break?
+Shane McKenna I use scp.  You have to install OpenSSH to use it.  If you're not familiar with command-line usage, then you may want to use a gui like iExplore (; however I'm not sure you'll have access to root.
i had the null error when trying to direct dial.  clearing cookies and data in safari like andrew suggested fixed this issue.  everything seems to be working great for me!  thank you!
Ricky P
Shane Lipskind, I managed to fix the crashing GV Rules app. Which repo did you install the app from. What I did was:
Remove version installed
Installed from official repo in cydia
Added files from Andrew,
Shutdown and restart
This seemed to fix the crashing issue.

Hope it helps
Phil R
My direct dial is still returning the error after rebooting and clearing safari data :( I've tried reinstalling but still nothin. One thing is that my gv dial rules app was never crashing like anyone else. I used ifile to copy the files over from Dropbox, IPhone 5, 6.1.2
Phil R
Thanks for the tip. They were all set to mobile however after changing them its still returning the error :( must be something else I'm missing. 
Phil R
Ah shoot I had missed that. I'm running late and will have to give it a try later, hopefully it works thanks
Phil R
Changed the permissions and still no luck qq. Any 1 else still having this problem?
Phil R
iPhone 5, 6.1.2
I have the same issue as Phil with iphone 5 6.1.2  .  Sherlock do you have the 2 step google verification on your account? I don't and I wonder if that is part of the problem. 
Phil R
Tried everything and still getting that error :( it must be some tweak I have on my phone messing with it. Gregory let me know if you have any luck with it. 
Thank you Sherlock and Phil I finally got it to work. What the problem was is that when I uninstalled the Phone GV extension after it stopped working it never deleted the files the I overwrote. So when I would reinstall it and add the files Andrew gave us it would create duplicate entries and cause it to give the error Null. 

So I used iFile and manually deleted all the gv related files in DynamicLibraries and rebooted. And then reinstalled the gv extension from Cydia. And then with iFile I copied Andrews dropbox files into the DynamicLibraries resprung and rebooted. And now Direct Dial works perfectly for me. 
Phil R
Woohoo! Finally got it working, thanks for all the help guys! Thanks for fixing it up Andrew, also cheering you on for the SMS extension!
+sherlock holmes I am not familiar with SSH sorry.  will this not be available like before just a download in Cydia as is or it is a 2 step install?
I have the Phone extension fully working as a separate .deb package. I am testing it on my iPhone 4s. All features have been working for over a week on 6.1.2. I don't have access to any other devices. Before I upload it to Cydia, I would like to get it tested by others. Are there any volunteers?

I am trying to fix the SMS extension also. No luck so far. SMS private API changed quite a bit. I need to find SMS send private API to intercept so that Google API can be used to send the SMS. Any one with any ideas, please get in touch.
Does any1 know who updated zhi tweak on cydia its called ( Call on GV) its available on cydia i would like to know who did it and if it works.
I'd like to get this working, is there a way to download the GV Phone and SMS extension from Cydia and not have to edit any files via SSH?
Thanks TAN and everyone who contributed.  
Will the SMS extension work with texting incoming calls?  Will priority be iMessage if to iOS and if not iOS then it uses Google Voice to text?
Can some one show how to get call on gv working cause im having problems :/

Sent from my iPhone
What are your issues, it worked for me right from cydia then went to settings in the phone to enable. 
Curious to know if this is using some of the extensions I've provided and whether RealID works in this distribution.
Is GV SMS extension being worked on currently, if so any ETA when it will be in Cydia?
+Gabriel Gadiel Martinez Be sure to put your account info in the Settings app, then you can use the Dial Rules app for exceptions.  
+Venu Reddy Thank you for updating the Call on GV App!  Can't wait for SMS on GV!
Working well, can not wait for SMS on GV.  :-)  
+Tan Pham you may need to be prompted when you make each call, not sure if GV rules will take *67 rules.

I had some trouble initially, even after installing the updated files provided by Andrew Chilvers in the library. It would constantly crash (null) on direct call. I am on an Iphone 5 version 6.1. 

So I deleted the Google voice app, restarted the phone..., and IT WORKED! Everything worked and was functional. I then re-installed the Google Voice app entering the same login and everything still works fine. I use the Google voice app to send initial texts, then I just text via Iphone Message when the response is forwarded to my phone. 

So for the people who are going to ask and are not tech saavy.....
-You have to download GV extension in Cydia and install.

-Download files uploaded by Andrew Chilvers:

-Use I file or IFunbox, connect to phone. Navigate to; /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/      
on your phone. Replace the files there with the ones provided in the download AFTER you UNZIP them. Restart the phone. Go to settings and enter your information. If it crashes try what I did in this post or look above for more answers.

Hope this helps some of you out. Thank you Andrew and Zhi for making this possible.  
No joy on iPhone 4 running iOS 6.1. But excited to see the progress. Let me know if I can help with log files or such. 
No joy on iPhone 4 running iOS 6.1. But excited to see the progress. Let me know if I can help with log files or such. 
+Andrew Chilvers  I was running your previous dylibs without a prob.  Just updated to your build on i5 running 6.1.2 with iFile and everything works.  4s is rebooting right now but I think it will work just fine.
Gv dial rules allows you to set a preference for a certain contact or phone number to use google voice number or phone carrier vs prompting you every time. 
I cant get call on gv to work am i doing something wrong or its not letting me?
I've just installed Call on GV from Venu Reddy via BigBoss repo, that claims to be Zhi's extension, upgraded for 6.1.x. I've been using it for a few days now and It seems to be working perfectly. I haven't tested ever feature entirely, but I am able to make calls via GV, and obviously recieve them with the proper caller ID.

I have notice that if you don't give the call rules app permission to your contacts it will subsequently crash and restart the springboard, but thats on your head.
Is the SMS GV extension being worked on currently?  
This may be a dumb question, so I'm reluctant to even ask, but for someone who is still using 5.1.1, with the original extension, how might they deal with the changed API? I've been logging in to GV via Safari and this seems to temporarily fix the "Returned NULL" problem for about a week. Then I repeat the process.

Ideally I would like to replace the original files dealing with the API with the newer files by Andrew, so that I wont need to log in via Safari. I'm not that savvy with the code, so I dont know if I'm trying to mix apples and oranges. Can I do this? Or will I need to upgrade to 6.x and then install the new extension files to get my fix for the new API. Thanks
+Gabriel Gadiel Martinez I simply installed it from the BigBoss Repo in cydia. Its been packaged with Venu's extension update. As of now I've tested every feature of Venu's Call to GV on iOS 6.1.1 iphone 4S and they're all operational, with or without being logged on in safari. 
do you need a active sim card for this to work??
and im using iphone 4
it says RETURN NULL help?
+Gabriel Gadiel Martinez sure. Go to the Cydia app. Hit Search. Type in "Call on GV". Hit the one thats sourced by BigBoss repo. And hit install :)
Then after you respring you're device, go to the Call on GV tab to set up the extension.
Anyone get signed out on their Google Voice app? I can't sign back in. Getting "An Error Has Occured"
How is the SMS extension coming?
+Andres P +Gabriel Gadiel Martinez  if you get the "Returned Null" message, it means that the extension couldn't log into the google voice account you supplied in the "Call on GV" settings pane. Make sure you've put your correct login information and try it again. Respring if necessary. 
My gmail acc is correct nd im still getting the error. I put my email nd my password correct
That would be the only issue I could think of, at least that we could resolve. Try logging in to that account on gmail in safari as others have advised. 
I take it my extensions are still working fine for everyone. 
Can someone please find a solution to the NULL problem? I tried everything and nothing seems to work 
Seems to work fine on my 4S. The only issue I have is when dialing out a phone number is displayed on my phone that is not who I am calling, or my GV number, or my Sprint number. Is there a way to get it to display the proper number?
Added * dialing rules ability in latest version, available here:

For all reporting issues, please be specific about which distribution you're referring to. My files on dropbox are to replace a default install from Cydia. My version should support RealID and not have the NULL dialing problem.
oh yeah, i forgot about that.  when i call out using direct dial, it doesn't display the name of the person i'm calling.  not that big of a deal to me, but thought i'd put that out there.
+Andrew Chilvers does it only work for 4s and 5?? because i have iphone 4 ... not 4S just the 4... and i get  a :ERROR NULL: when it loads to call
I am getting error null again. It started a few days ago and still won't work. I even tried Andrews newest files and I still get the error null. In the google voice app and the gv extension direct dial. I am not sure what the problem is. I wonder if it's because I haven't bought a license yet but I even tried call on GV and I still have the same error. Very strange
Try my previous tip to clear cookies and data in safari settings. 
I already tried that a few times. I've been working on it all day. I enabled 2 step verification on the account earlier because I thought that may have had something to do with it. But I am still having problems. How do I log in with 2 step verification?
Andres P I believe you said in a previous post you don't have a SIM card. To use this tweak, google relies on you having cell service. Someone correct me if I'm wrong. If I'm right, that would prob explain your null error
+Ricky P, I made the mistake of going for the repackaged app on cydia. I deleted it, installed the genuine app, and overwrote with Andrew's latest files using iFile, and everything is working great now. All dialing modes and the Dial Rules are fully functional. Thanks to you for the tip and to Andrew and Zhi for the brilliant work!
Anyone getting the null errors, make sure you're logged in to google voice in safari. If you get "network error" in safari, you have to sign out of your google account and sign back in.
Thanks to all the people that have worked on this, and provided trouble shooting advice.  It is really appreciated.
^ SMS GV Extension does not work with IOS 6. That's being worked on.
As long as it needs to for someone to pick it up and finish it. It's being worked for free so I'd just sit tight and wait. 
Is the GV ext free as well? Haven't looked into it really.
Where do I go to switch the dylib's? I cant find it.
Not sure Kristof, but I meant that someone is using their free time to work on it. As to wether or not it'll will be free when released is is something I can't tell you. 
S Cool
Try call on GV app. This is the Open Source modified version of phonegvextension. I tried it on I4 and I5 version 6.1.2 works great. Got this info from bigboss repo. search for call on gv in cydia big boss repo.all features including direct dial works.
Quan N
i just wet my pants a lil :D
Andrew you are an evil man. I've been glued to my screen for four hours now.

No rush though. I've waited seven months so I can do a few more hours. Or as long as it takes I suppose. :-P
Please let this at least be free 0.0 Thanks An-to-the-drew
+Kristof Ferenczi ....bad attitude.  It's great that Zhi has opened up the source code, and that Andrew has already provided for free the files which make the phone gv extension work in iOS 6; however, don't forget the hard work that went into making these things work.  We should never expect these things for free.
Packaging in Cydia format, just needs testing. Group messaging, iMessage etc. all work fine. :)
Basically a rewrite of Zhi's excellent original work but wouldn't have been done without him releasing the code.
Learnt an awful lot over these two projects particularly as I'm not an IOS developer.
Been fun.. and sooo glad to have native messaging back on my iphone!!!
+Andrew Chilvers I just installed your sms files.  The sms gv extension is now working perfectly.  Thank you very much, sir.  Specs:  iphone5, iOS 6.1.2
+Andrew Chilvers I would like to donate some funds to both you for updating the extensions and Zhi for making the originals open source.  Andrew and Zhi, please post your PayPal contact info. But there's really no need... I enjoyed the challenge. 
How do you do the files in iFile?
I use DiskAid, it's free. Lets you navigate your iphone and drag/drop files.
I use iFile.. But what are the exact steps to take the Dropbox file and install it?
It's a zip file which decompresses to the file structure on the files. Copy the files to the same directories on the phone.
I'm confused >_<.. When I installed zhi's package (I didn't respring or reboot) I went into iFile.. Copied the whole SMS go file.. Then pasted it into the directory and when I rebooted it went into the boot loop that's familiar with zhi's package.. 
You have to unzip on your computer. Then copy files to same folders on iPhone. Hold down the up volume button during reboot to disable extensions if you're stuck.
Yea I know how to boot in safe mode.. But I downloaded this onto my phone. I'm doing the same steps from the phone gv extension.. I'm not using a computer 
+Andrew Chilvers OMG the SMS tweak works perfectly! I appreciate all the time and effort you put into get these tweaks working again! If you accept donations, let me know!
Congrats & well done Andrew.  I'm still interested in discussing the development of this with you, if you have time - I was also looking at fixing the SMS extension, but you beat me to it, by a very wide margin ;-)  Will you be releasing your source on github?
+Jamie Mock Above Andrew posted the eddress which he uses for his PayPal account.  Also for donations to Zhi for making the extensions open source.... he uses This was in my PayPal history.
+ sherlock holmes what steps did you take to make the SMS work?
BJ. After installing the original from Cydia just copy all the SMS* files to /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLinraries.

Then reboot.
+BJ Honore I use OpenSSH to transfer the files over via scp.  This is all done via the command-line interface.  Do this as root.
If Im using diskaid and I go to the library folder in the iPod, I copy all the "Library" files that was in the zip?
Hey Sherlock... With IFILE.. Thentop folder is (( MACOSX )). Under that is (( LIBRARY )) with more folders and files under it.... Sooo i COPY all that ?? Into WHERE ??
Ignore the MACOSX, do you see a file called "Library" next to it? 
Good do they say "mobilesubstrate" and "preferenceloader" ?
Im using disk aid and I put the files according to their locations and replaced the originals with Andrew's. I did this after doing a fresh install of SMS extension and it says message not delivered. What could be possibly be wrong? I rebooted after altering the files in diskaid
Two more questions then i go do it .

1. Do i copy from Andrews files -> iphone
(( or from iphone files -> andrew files ))?

2. Where under the iphone files are SMS EXTENSION FILES ?? 
Yessir I have. Did I need to hit save in the diskaid program or should I restart with another program like ifile?
1.  Unzip Andrew's zip archive.
2.  Andrew's zip archive:
3.  iOS Directories:
4.  Notice how Andrew's directory tree mirrors iOS directory
5.  Rename files in iOS directories to Filename.bac or .orig
6.  Copy Andrew's files into their respective directories.
7.  Make sure that permissions and ownership are same as
     those for Zhi's original files.
8.  Tell me that this makes sense.
Im trying to do this with IFILE... I wont have access to PC til the moring.... Why do you need to rename the files in IOS DIR ?? Cant just copy ?? And when it asks there is a file already with that name to OVERWRITE ?? 
+Kristof Ferenczi You may have a permissions and/or ownership problem with the files.  Ownership should be User: root Group: wheel.  Permissions should be rwxr-xr-x for dylib files and rw-r-r- for plist files.
+edgar havier Andrew is working on packaging them into apps downloadable from Cydia.  Using his raw files requires one to have a rudimentary understanding of unix filesystems; however, if you follow my recent posts, you should be able to get the extensions working.
Andrew the extension works great except for the problem I am having with iMessage.  Most people won't have this problem. But in the setting of the messaging app I have send from my email instead of my verizon number because I travel internationally often and have other sim cards and phone numbers.  So if people try to imessage me using my USA number I will not get it. So I use my email. The problem is now when I send an imessage to someone it shows them my Verizon number instead of my email address which is a number I don't want anyone to have since it will always be changing.   Great work though so far 
I get the null error intermittently too, but only on GV Direct Dial. Also wish the Dial Back option popped up the phone list so I could select which phone to ring back, like the GV App does when in click to call. 
Same problem with the null error, only on the phone extension. SMS seems to be working great so far! iPhone 4, iOS 6.1
Okay, I wanna start fresh. I have very little experience but enough to follow orders. So which files would I need to delete to start fresh? I've already downloaded Andrew's .zip but I'm pretty sure I failed to install it correctly to the appropriate directories.  
Edgar do you have 2 step verification on your account??  If you do you will need to get a Application-specific password for google voice and log in with that.
+edgar havier if you don't have it enabled already then don't worry about it. It just complicates these things. 
I think i messed it up.
At reeboot
Now is not loading any tweaks
(( looks like SAFE MODE ))

But no SAFE MODE lettering at the TOP


I think i copied Andrews files to the wrong

any way to revert ??
And start again ??
Gregory, in the Messaging settings for IOS you can specify where you start a new iMessage from. It often defaults to the phone number. Make sure it is an email address and you won't have trouble swapping SIMs. Note you need to recheck this If you do swap SIMs.

For all others, I know this can be problematic if you're not familiar with file systems etc. You shouldn't need to mess with file permissions, copying using any if the methods should be fine. The key directory on the phone to move files to is the Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries. The preferences go elsewhere as already described and yes, you MUST set your login credentials for gmail for this to work in the preferences section.

I've personally been using my phone and SMS extensions for a while without any errors. . 
+Andrew Chilvers  Yes I am familiar with changing where the iMessage defaults from as I always have to change it after a SIM swap. It is still saying defaulting from my email but in reality it is defaulting from my number for some reason. 
Just a reminder..... the official google-voice app from google needs to be installed in order for these extensions to work.
Here pretty soon we're going to have to move this conversation elsewhere.  500 is the limit for G+-post replies.  Shall we set up a gv-extension community or shall we move it over to a google-voice community.  Maybe we can continue it under a public post from Andrew.  We could also move it over to the jailbreak community.  I've already linked to this conversation in that community.
when i reboot comes safe mode cant get the sms runing correctly
This is becoming frustrating. I've done everything correctly (or so I assume). And nothing. Could this be due to me being on an iPod touch?
This is becoming frustrating. I've done everything correctly (or so I assume). And nothing. Could this be due to me being on an iPod touch?
That double post...

Anyway. Running 6.0
Hmm not sure if it matters but when I'm in the GV Extendion settings tab it says at the very bottom, under "Enable Logging", "Version 2.0 (Copyright symbol) 2013"

Does this mean I did it correctly?
Hmm not sure if it matters but when I'm in the GV Extendion settings tab it says at the very bottom, under "Enable Logging", "Version 2.0 (Copyright symbol) 2013"

Does this mean I did it correctly?
Damnit. Stupid thing won't stop double posting. 
Yeah just confirmed that it said 2011 before updating the files. So i did install them correctly but for some odd reason it won't send. Still thinking it has something to do with me being on an iPod as aposed to an iPhone. 
I just face palmed so hard. Forgot to add the <SMS> true thingy -.-
Using a text editor such as the one built into iFile, edit System/Library/CoreServices/ and under capabilities type in:
<true />

Well you had to add that in before iOS 6 but it seems its /n18ap.plist isn't there anymore. So I'm back to square one. 
Yes only on iPods. You guys have it easy ;p
Quan N
i used iExplorer to drag and drop files. i can send sms but when receive it only show in gv app
I did not fix permissions and it worked for me.. I think everyone needs to just reboot and take there time :) thanks +Andrew Chilvers 
i tried everything did not work i have a ipod touch 4g runing 6.0
i know i did it and now it comes blue but when i send it, it say not delivered 
now that i turn it off it say imessage needs to be enable to send this message
Here's an easier method for now:
Download the DEB file from here:

Make sure you have PreferenceLoader installed from Cydia.
Copy the DEB to your iDevice using any of the previously described methods: iFile, DiskAid etc.
Make sure you have iFile installed on device.
Navigate to where you put the DEB file and tap on it.
Choose install.
Seriously? That's what the last couple of dozen posts have been about...
Thank you so much Andrew! I am so glad to have SMS GV Extension back!

Related: Does anyone know what happened to the GV Send toggle for SBSettings?
Thank you so much Andrew! I am so glad to have SMS GV Extension back!

Related: Does anyone know what happened to the GV Send toggle for SBSettings?
You are the best Andrew Chilvers. My SMS GV is NOOOOOOOOW working. Good Job and Well Done.
Thank you very much for a great job, Andrew! Also, I see that the GV Send Toggle is actually built into SBSettings list of toggles now!
I just downloaded the  .deb files that Andrew just posted. then went to ifile then click installer then reboot. Kaboom.
Hi all, I've tried just about everything here and am at a loss. Used Andrew's files earlier (made sure permissions were all correct), tried the .deb files just now. And nothing at all seems to work, sending or receiving. I did find some old plist files in /var/mobile/Library/preferences/ (from my iOS 5 install) and deleted those as well.
Any ideas?
finally got it to work
although because i was im-patient

last night i had to re-jailbreak it
since i installed it in a wrong directory
then deleted the wrong files.

feels good to have SMS again.

thanks you +Andrew Chilvers  , +Zhi Zheng   +sherlock holmes and everyone else in this FORUM, that has helped us soo much
Thank you Andrew. SMSGVExtensions was the only reason I got an iphone. I had to reboot my phone to get it to work. Respring was not enough.
Its not working on my iphone 4 , ios 6.1.2 . I install deb file and reboot . I have sms gv in settings . Set up my mail account and the sms extention but i went to send a text and it failed -_- . Help ? Fix? 
Make sure your gmail user name is * and password is correct.. I rebooted after I setup GVExtensions.
I was able to install the SMS extension without an issue. Sending works fine; however, receiving messages is showing the sender's GV number and not converting it automatically to their real ID. Any one have any ideas what might be the cause of this? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. 
Ok im sending text now but not receiving it ? What do i do now ? 
Btw do you need to install the old Google SMS tweek 1st from cydia then install the Deb files? Or just install the Deb files?? 
Ok im sending text now but not receiving it ? What do i do now ? 
Got it working. A reboot instead of respring and voila!
Thank you, thank you, thank you +Andrew Chilvers!
Like I said, I've reinstalled SMS GV EXTENSION, installed DEB, but the extension doesn't show up under settings?
+Sammy Paredes Hey man, how did you rejailbreak to IOS 6.1.2? What software did you use? I don't want to lose my jailbreak by accidently being stuck on 6.1.3. Thanks!
hahah its funny but not funny I did everything and got stuck on the boot loop icon...:/ BTW i was trying to do this on my Ipad 3 on IOS 6.2...oh well guess I am SOL....
hey +Kristof Ferenczi 
i'm going to guess i got LUCKY.

last nite i was trying to do this thru IFILE
but i messed up and copied 
the files to the wrong library

so, i tried to delete them

and while doing that i must have deleted something
important, because CYDIA wasnt working properly
and no TWEAKS were loading

this morning at work
i just 

ran EVASI0N 
over the existing jailbreak

to re-write whatever files 
i erased.

it worked,

thats why i stayed on 6.1.2

then downloaded 

then with 

I copied the files over
one by one

(( deleting the existing one already in the folder )) 
can anyone give me step by step guide on how to get sms gv Extension to work  
+Jarrett Golebioski 

(( When finish DO NOT restart springboard ))
(( just exit )) 

► download the files to your computer
from ::

► you will get two folders
the one you interested in is LIBRARY

► inside there are two more folders 
== mobile substrate
== preference loader

(( the files inside those two folders ))
are the ones you need to copy over to the IPHONE

in the same directories 

► if you use 

you will see it as
you will find 


under library

== mobile substrate 
== preference loader

(( delete or rename the files sms gv that are in there )) 

► then copy the new ones and

Has anyone had any luck getting the sms extension to work on the ipod touch 4g? I added the sms key to my plist file under capabilities. I tried installing the extension from cydia without respringing and adding the files into the appropriate directories manually, but no success. I also tried installing the deb provided here after uninstalling the one from cydia and removing the files I put into the directories. Still nothing. I tried installing the one from cydia then installing the deb provided here, the installer didnt like that too much. iPod Touch 4g, iOS 6.1.2 if it matters. I put my google credidentials into the settings page, with and without the "" And i don't have two-step verification.
When will the package be ready for Cydia? I don't have a working computer
Quan N
everything works fine now maybe it was interfering with the talkatone app. i disabled receive in talkatone reboot and now i'm happy. thanks +Andrew Chilvers  and +Zhi Zheng  i love you guys but i'm married :( 
+Andrew Chilvers We're quickly approaching 500 responses to this post in which case this conversation will be closed.  If you have any more to add to this conversation in the future, will you be making public postings for your followers?  Also.... as I mentioned earlier, we could move this conversation over to the Jailbreak community (  I've already posted a link to this post over there.
Can't get it to work on the iPad 2. Maybe it works on the iPhone but not on iPods or iPads?
Cool.... I just deleted some of my older comments, and now the conversation can be added to.
+Andrew Chilvers  Ok so as stated before: I have an iTouch 4G with IOS 6.1.2 I have everything set up (The version is 2.0 and copyright 2013) and everything is signed in but it still says message failed. 
Im sure you mean well but why do people keep telling me that? The app is installed, I've check the username 100 times and the password. Anyone have it working on their iTouch yet???
im able to send but not receive how do i fix that ?  
When is there going to be a working cydia package for sms gv ios 6 
I am pretty new to the whole Jailbreak but after I started using the voice extension I knew I had to have the SMS.  I have gone thorough this a dozen times and I still can't get things to work.  Here is what I have done.  Installed the SMS through Cydia.  Downloaded Andrews files and using iFlie I pasted them into the respective directories.  Four files for Mobile Substrate and three for Preferences.  Rebooted.  No Dice.  I tried the direct install Andrew later posted but receive and it says "finished with error code:256"  

Double checked the username and password.  I have the official GV app.   

Any help would be appreciated.
All set to mobile/staff and r, w, ex.  Should ownership be root & wheel like the phone extension?
+Jason Fletcher ownership:  root wheel.  permissions for plist files:  rw-r-r-  for the dylib files:  rwxr-xr-x.
I am still having issues with the ID on the SMS (shows the Sender's GV number instead of their name). I have tried Sammy's advise and let it try to "catch up" but no dice. Any suggestions?
Can anyone make a working cydia package for this please. 
I have it set up on my iPhone 4 6.1, but can't get it to work on my moms iPod touch 4th gen. But I don't think it's the SMS program because that was done perfectly :D thanks to everyone that worked on it, I think the problem is springtomize. I may be wrong but I think there's a problem with the enable SMS capabilities because the option to send a text doesn't show up in the messages app. I'm still looking around for answers and I'll come back here if I can find the problem
I have it set up on my iPhone 4 6.1, but can't get it to work on my moms iPod touch 4th gen. But I don't think it's the SMS program because that was done perfectly :D thanks to everyone that worked on it, I think the problem is springtomize. I may be wrong but I think there's a problem with the enable SMS capabilities because the option to send a text doesn't show up in the messages app. I'm still looking around for answers and I'll come back here if I can find the problem
Thank you for all your hard work.  SMS is working great with one small problem.  Every time I respring, I get a whole bunch of messages from my mail account with strange headers. I have to manually delete them.  I played with receive settings, but it happens whenever I respring or reboot.  Anyone has insight?
Both extensions by and large working on my iPhone 5, 6.1. However, two issues:

1) Recently, about 80% of the time, when I start a call, whether through the dialer, contacts list, favorites list, or lockscreen favorites tweak, the dial method window pops up a second time after the call is initiated.

2) Texts sent while the phone is off don't show up in the Messages app when the phone is rebooted (getting notifications using Push from the GV app).

Edit: The problem in 2) is actually that only one of the messages sent while the phone was off shows up after the phone turns on. So, if four people text me (or one person sends four texts) only the last one received shows up in the messages app.
+sherlock holmes  Ok the problem with changing the permissions and stuff is that when I just did that, GV EXTENSION is gone from the settings, springtomize won't respring? What just happened? 
+Kristof Ferenczi I'm not sure what you're doing.  Setting the ownership and permissions to those which I've laid out above will not result in what you're seeing.  Just set the ownership and permissions to match those of Zhi's original files.
Couple of points. Installing from the DEB should not require any permission changes. It's also the cleanest way.
You also do not need to install the initial Cydia package when you do this.
Just make sure you have preference loader and mobile substrate installed.

To make this easier I'm posting under going forward so follow me on there. 
Can anyone make a YouTube video with all the steps on how to get sms gv ios 6 working 100%

someone help i using a ipod touch 5th gen running ios 6.1.2 and i install the .deb file it didn't work and my google voice notifications wont show up please help me
It has not been tested on anything other than an iPhone. If I get time, I'll look at it on iTouch/iPad.
please thank you i'll even consider donating a little cash for your work
I'm not a pro on moving things around in a file system. I know this might be asking a lot, but would it be possible for someone who has gotten gv sms extension to work to make maybe a youtube video explaining the process for those who are less technology savvy. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it in advance.
I'm not a pro on moving things around in a file system. I know this might be asking a lot, but would it be possible for someone who has gotten gv sms extension to work to make maybe a youtube video explaining the process for those who are less technology savvy. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it in advance.
It looks like its already been updated in cydia so just go there instead of moving files
Same as before. I was on there earlier and I saw it had changed from 1.3.6 to 2.0
Unless its a completely different file it looked like it was the same one to me
Unless its a completely different file it looked like it was the same one to me
THERE IS NO SOURCE FOR IOS 6! GODDAMN! stop being annoying. Andrew packaged it into a DEB file. Scroll up and look for it and install that via ifile instead of the original extemsion in cydia. Stop spamming.
To make it real simple:
Download DEB file from dropbox onto your computer
Download a file transfer program like diskaid onto your computer and move DEB file onto your iphone (Essentially in a place you can find it)
From here you just need your phone:
Download preference loader from cydia
download iFile from cydia
Open ifile and search for your DEB file that Andrew has provided that you transfered to your phone and copy and paste it to  Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/ on your iphone. 
Once you have moved it, click on the DEB file and install it
Turn off your phone and turn it back on
Once this is done, you have gv sms extension on your phone, now alll you have to do is forward the texts and add your accounts. 
Hope this helps.
I am on a iPod Touch (5th gen) on 6.1.2 and am getting the same "not delivered" error on sent messages as other ipt users have posted about.
I have downloaded and ran the .DEB file to install sms gv extension. Then put in my google voice credentials into settings.
I also changed the permissions to add "<key>sms</key>
</true>" However, I'm still getting the same error. I have also tried the custom calabilities option within Springtomize 2, but no luck as well. I feel Andrew Chilver still needs to work on iPod Touch support, as none of the things Ive tried have worked.
I did everthing right and when I try to send a message It only goes around 90% of the sending bar what am I missing to get sms gv ios 6 to work
Oh yeah I forgot to ask what are the plist files that you need to edit for sms gv ios 6 to work aswell
I forgot one more thing what plist file do you need to edit for iPod touch 5th gen to get sms gv ios 6 to work
You don't need to edit any plist files, just install the .DEB file linked above using iFile.
If you followed my instructions that I posted just a little while ago, those instructions work. Once you get gv sms extension installed on your device. There are a few things that you need to do within the settings that are different than in previous installs of it. I could post pictures if anyone would like.
All you do is install the DEB file, go to settings and fill out the gmail account info, then exit settings and hard reboot. Make sure notification popups for Google Voice App are enabled and it should work if you leave it signed into the App and settings are correct. Simple.
I know this has been said quite a bit, but it doesn't work on my iPod Touch 4G. I have everything installed but when I try to send a text through the Messages app or BiteSMS it give me the message that "iMessage needs to be enabled to send this message." But when I enable it, it doesnt send because I can't send iMessages to non iDevices obviously.

TLDR: Doesn't currently work on iPod Touch 4
Do you know if the Google Voice app works in Canada and also does it matter what Google vocie app you download from the App Store 
+Andrew Chilvers You're a rockstar! Thanks so much for updating both of these extensions. I highly recommend you put up a donation box - I'd love to flip you some bills for your hard work, and I think a lot of other people feel the same way.

Heck, do the license terms allow you to put your updates on Cydia and charge for them?
Hm...installed SMS and Phone GV, dropped in Andrew's changed files, rebooted, and then authenticated (Settings + logged in via Safari). Getting "Message Send Failure" when texting. iPhone 5, 6.1. Receive works fine.
When I try to send a message on my iPod touch 5th gen it say's not deliver how do you fix this problem please help!!!
Phil R
First off thank you sow much for all your hard work on getting these extensions working! So far everything is working amazing except I have one small bug with the SMS extension. For some reason when I use bite SMS to send from the lock screen everything will go through fine but if I unlock my phone after sending it will crash springboard. It's a weird bug in that it only happens of I don't let the screen turn off. If I "relock" the phone with the power button after sending and then go to unlock it it works fine. 
Phil R
^ never mind it's probably just a bite SMS bug or something else. Disabled the extension and it still happens
FYI please note continued discussion on my public post

Version 2.1 SMS has enhancements and supports iTouch/iPad :)
can't send messages. "not delivered" 
same thing happened for me :(  It still receives messages fine, but i cannot send, says error not sent and will give the little red !
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