Update 03/08/2013
EDIT on 03/14/2013: https://github.com/mrzzheng/GVExtensions

I would like to start with an update on GV Extensions. My apologies to my loyal users for not being able to deliver a timely compatibility update for iOS 6 -- a preliminary research showed it would take quite some effort in order to do so because of the underlying changes brought by Apple, and I unfortunately have never managed to invest such an amount of effort. This has been one of the motivations that eventually drive me to make the following decision: I will make GV Extensions open-source very soon, in a trouble-free manner, i.e. most likely under a BSD-like license, so that others can keep improving the project, and thus JB lovers can still enjoy a seamless experience of Google Voice on iOS ecosystem.

Other reasons for me to decide in making such move are fairly personal. First, I will be leaving the tech world for at least the near future and concentrating on another realm, and I really want to have myself totally focused on that new, challenging role, so the prospect that I can still invest much time and effort in improving the project myself is fairly low. Second, I have been feeling extremely grateful recently on many things that I experienced, though I am not going to elaborate too much on them here, I inherently consider it one of my obligations to return to the community, and  my decision could be thought of as one of the consequences based on that consideration.

Alright, more details will be disclosed in the next week, mainly on the license type, location of the code repository, and a document on how to compile and/or further develop. I will also write up the findings I have had on what have broken the extensions on iOS 6 and the potential solutions.

Finally, thank you as always for your constant support to my project.
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