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A generic human being.
A generic human being.

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Probably gonna delete this google+. Too many 'look at how interesting I am' posters I feel. Doesn't seem to be picking up either. Got a long way to go before it rivals facebook and twitter imo. 

Is anyone out there on Twitter? Mines appears to have crashed. Anyone?

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Having a cheeky pint. 

Thoughts on what I can grow for Movember? A plain old moustache will make me look like a sex offender I fear!

Got a new start coming in at 9 and I'm doing her training. Please let her be easy to talk to and get on with! 

I'm currently phoning people to arrange interviews. I love hearing how happy they are just to get an interview, hard times indeed!

Nothing quite like turning up for work at half 6 then realising you're not meant to be in until half 2! Thats twice this year and I'm the one that does the rota, dipshit!

It's a shame you are all sleeping. Banter central here btw '-'

I'm being fairly sensible. I've been up since 5, drinking since 4. Time to go home now :)

They really need to re-introduce smoking to clubs again. BO is about 372.41% worse!
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