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Fancy a genuine Moog synth for 69p ? Get it now !

(If you have an iOS device, that is)

via +Patrick DSP

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Privacy Online: Google UK in partnership with Citizens Advice Bureau launches Good To Know: a free resource to learn more about Staying safe online, your data on the web Your data on Google, and how to manage your data.

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Here it is! Zapoppin video I helped make - featuring Tom, Luke and Abi in "She's his (from heels to lips) Zapoppin' - She's his (from heels to lips) Official Video

Post has attachment Seems fairly certain that humans migrated out of Africa several times, each producing different variations of humans - at least us, Neanderthal and the new to me Deniosova - we then killed them all off.

Could this be a reason for our war-like nature and of the tales of goblins, giants and trolls? Is all creativity reflected from nature, so no original thought occurs, just variations on seeds that are physical?

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Slides here from Sean Carrol on time

Interesting ideas, and a hint of how scale free networks connect with complexity/entropy
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Very close to finishing Zapoppin's music video - "She's his from heels to lips" coming soon!

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Check out my mate's band video - they are using social media to raise money for their new album - going well so far!

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I wonder if my Google Account vanity URL will stay - from before G+ it used to be here but now goes through a few (302) redirects - any links to old profile not helping the new G+ ugly URL

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Well shit, the creator of my Rockmelt/Chrome plugin for G+ got his account banned - "As much as I hate to infringe on this valuable screen estate, I feel a need to bring attention to what I consider an important issue. My Google+ account, along with the accounts of many others, has been suspended on the grounds of merely using a pseudonym. If you can do anything about this, not only to rectify this one profile but to correct this ludicrous policy, I urge you to do so. Until then, I can no longer support the Surplus extension."

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