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Copywriter. Blogger. Entrepreneur.
Copywriter. Blogger. Entrepreneur.

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For my copywriter geek friends and my blogging friends who want to make more money with their website...

Copywriting legend +Ray Edwards deconstructs an old, forgotten sales letter that brought in $2 Billion. He then shows you how to apply this "treasure map" to your own online writing in 2017.

Here's where you'll find the free eBook:

Hollywood produces lots of remakes. So last night's Steve Harvey 2 is no surprise. 

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Coal Miner's Blogger

Somebody should write a country song or movie script about my friend +Wade Harman

His story sounds like something out of Hollywood. 

If I could pitch this film idea to a movie producer, here's what my logline would say:

"A third generation coal miner gets wounded on the job in a terrible accident that knocks him out of the coal industry. Forced to work from home with a family to feed and bills to pay, he claws and scrapes and builds his own successful solopreneur internet blogging business."

(If you're a movie producer, let's do lunch.) 

No spoilers in this post. This email is like a movie trailer...

"And now, from Build Your Own Blog studios, comes the story of one man, wounded deep inside the bowels of the earth, who crawled toward the distant glow of the internet, blogging his way up out of a deep financial hole." 

Grab your candy and popcorn and enjoy Wade's fantastic story of struggle and success: 

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How Can a New Blogger Master Content Marketing?

+Pamela Wilson understands content marketing better than most.

She's a former Executive VP of Educational Content for Rainmaker Digital, the company that owns +Copyblogger (one of the world's most popular online marketing blogs.)

She also owns +Big Brand System, a business that helps online companies big or small create memorable brands that get results.

On this episode of The Blog Chronicles, we focus on You the blogger and how content marketing can be implemented into your blogging routine so you can reach MORE people, grow a wider audience and ultimately boost your sales (if you are monetized.)

Here are some things you'll discover in this episode:

--What the term "content marketing" means to the new blogger
--How content marketing works
--The skills needed to succeed at content marketing
--Why you shouldn't dread doing it
--Why "I don't have time for content marketing" is a lame excuse
--A lazy approach to content marketing
--What is a "customer journey" and why a blogger should create content that fosters their journey
--7 Essential Elements to Successful Content

If you have any questions for Pamela, leave a comment here:

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Book Excerpt from +Pamela Wilson, author of Master Content Marketing: A Simple Strategy to Cure the Blank Page Blues and Attract a Profitable Audience


At the Tribe Conference, I got to meet Pamela, someone who I highly respect in the blogging and digital marketing community.

She oversees all the content produced on the wonderful Copyblogger website. I have been learning from Copyblogger for over 4 years.

She is also an Executive VP of Educational Content for Rainmaker Digital. (They own Copyblogger.)

This post gives you a free snippet of her fabulous book...

Let her know what you think in the comments:

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Have you ever wondered how successful, high-achievers accomplish so much during the year? Hint: It's actually about what they do at the beginning of the year. Get their secrets with this (free!) PDF.

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52 Online Entrepreneurs Share Their Best and Worst Monetization Techniques

+Mike Allton includes himself in this fabulous roundup.

One of the most interesting topics I've seen in a long time.

Who isn't interested in blog monetization? ;)

Thanks for including me in this, Mike!

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2 Scary Bigfoot Stories This Oregon Blogger Swears are True

On my latest podcast, +David Boozer takes us to the dark rain forests of Oregon where he has lived for 45 years...

Does Bigfoot really exist? David doesn't just think so, he knows there's something out there in the forest that is unlike anything else in the animal kingdom.

His TWO experiences made him a believer, and he's become a Sasquatch aficionado since his first encounter at age 13.

David's second encounter was years later when he and another family went camping together and were awakened by blood curdling screams...

I've also included on this episode some recorded audio of a reported Sasquatch that is quite freaky.

Enjoy! Let us know what you think after listening or we'd love to hear your Bigfoot stories in the comments.

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How to Generate Traffic to Your Blog [Ana Hoffman Interview]

We all know +Ana Hoffman knows her stuff when it comes to web traffic generation, digital marketing, and new technology.

But did you know that Ana grew up in the Soviet Union? Was a model for a couple of years? Has traveled much of the world?

On this episode, Ana shares more than just blogging tips...she shares her personal journey. Listen to the obstacles she overcame to start her own home based

Listen or Read Transcript:

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Did you know Pinterest is not a social media platform?

Once you see Pinterest as the Search Engine it is, things start to make more sense.

There are 9 other mythbusters from +Minuca Elena that are helpful for people who want to get more traffic from Pinterest.

Check it out:
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