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Watercolor and Mixed Media
Finished paintings from the paint retreat in May 2014. This painting was started last May at the retreat.  I took it with me to work on this year.  I decided to make it into a mixed media piece.  I really liked it at this point but when I went to frame it, ...

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Watercolors and mixed media projects
This is what I did at the Samish Island paint out.  Mostly started but not completed projects.   On Saturday morning we were given a challenge.  Starting at 9:30am until noon.  The instructions were to complete a painting, collage, or whatever, that include...

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Photos taken at Samish Island paint retreat
The moon at Samish Island camp.   Photos taken on my walk.  You see the most interesting things in communities like this.  (Out in the country).   This photo was taken from the window in the lodge.  I have a very good zoom on my camera, was able to bring it...

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Watercolor on Canvas
This fabulous photo was taken at Samish Island.  When I took the photo I knew that I wanted to use it as an example for a watercolor.  Not often do you find really cool looking trucks like this.  So I found the opportunity to paint the truck in a class taug...

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Cactus in watercolor
I finished this watercolor a few weeks ago.  I really like the way it turned out and wanted to share it with you.    

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Journal with Deli Paper
I love the look of deli paper collaged onto my journal pages.  The faces and some of the designs on these pages are from deli paper.  After gluing the paper to the page, it looks like it was painted on.    

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Lorraine Bell  has created the perfect carry along book which has all the characteristics of a calendar/planner, an art journal/sketchbook, and a diary, notebook or smashbook. Lorraine teaches a mini class showing you how to turn a 2014 moleskine planner in...

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Early Handmade Birthday Card
Love this beautiful handmade Birthday card.  Every year my sister-in-law, Ann Arrowsmith, makes me a birthday card.  I have kept every handmade card I have received over the years and greatly appreciate the time and thought put into the creating of them.

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