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Hello my wonderful G+ friends whom I miss due to my own neglect! Please forgive me! 

I am having a flash sale of some old archival quality art prints this weekend over on my Facebook page and I can extend it to Google too if people would prefer to stay over here, where it is warm. 

Facebook page is at:

Some high quality art prints of some of my previous paintings have been located and I will be holding a flash sale this weekend at amazing prices. If you have had your eye on a Horus, an Isis, or even a chakra painting, this will be the time to get one of these archive quality prints.

More information and other exciting offers soon to come!
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Cathryn Orchard

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This is the last day I will be able to offer prints without shipping costs. Each set is currently £10 which I hope makes them accessible to most. There are 22 to choose from! 
Happy Third Day of the Writing of the Book of the Law! 

Today is the last day to order prints from the Tarot 22 Art Project with free shipping so head on over to to order today.
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Cathryn Orchard

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Its been an exciting first week at +Ouarda Arts. Thank you to everyone so far! 

The more prints sold now, the more there will be in the pot for bigger and better prints being made available of new art works to come. 
Happy Second Day of the Writing of the Book of the Law! 

Thank you to everyone who bought prints on the first day, the free postage offer continues today for the second feast day. 

The Star was by far the most popular yesterday, What about something very masculine today like The Emperor?
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Cathryn Orchard

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vraiment  un ange 
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Cathryn Orchard

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A very sweet short article about art therapy for couples:

"In traditional talk therapy, the goals of couples therapy are to improve communication, improve intimacy, and rebuild trust. Art therapy has all the same goals, but it works from a slightly different angle: It shows the couple their patterns through the process of making artwork together.

In my work with clients, I want to help them see that they’re both looking at the same relationship, but they have two different perspectives. Having a visual of your partner’s ideas creates a more concrete understanding of how you two view things separately. The understanding that is created through the art therapy process will allow an opportunity for the two of you to redefine and redesign your relationship.

Creating art might sound threatening or scary to you and/or your partner. You might be saying to yourself, “But my partner and I are not artists!” Stick figures are welcome, no art making experience needed! In art therapy, what the art looks like isn’t important. The point of it is the shared experience of creating images and building a language of understanding."

Read more at:
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Cathryn Orchard

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I am so thrilled to see how this image from the +Tarot 22 Art Project looks so beautifully framed and in its new home.
Finally got my +Cathryn Orchard +Tarot 22 Art Projectframed! I love it! Thanks Cathryn for your beautiful work. 
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Given the destruction of the other framed pictures I have, The Hermit is currently safely in my important documents folder, but it will eventually be framed and hung - just as soon as I can stop the kiddies killing them!
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Cathryn Orchard

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Prints of my latest painting are now available at a very limited First Edition price in an equally limited number. 

15 prints @£15 each! 

Visit my web page to order. They are selling fast! 
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Cathryn Orchard

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The main reasons I don't really use G+ any more is because it is associated with an email account that I don't really use any more. Every now and then I check to see if Google have made any way to move everything over to another email address but it still doesn't seem possible. 
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its not simple to move everything but its not massivly complex either

first off goto gmail>contacts and from there export your contacts to any format of file (this will keep everyone in the right circles)

on the other address login gmail>contacts import the same file
thus the 'other you' will import everyone into the same circles

then post in old g+ telling everyone to de-circle old-you and re-circle new-you

once happy all have done that turn off g+ on old-you account or add a comment to the profile like 'this is not the Catheryn Orchard your looking for instead go here >link to new profile<

i have done this in the past as i first started out with another google id (now retired)

picassa stuff (photos) can easily be moved once from one account to another, posts etc not so much but well frankly does that ever really matter?
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Cathryn Orchard

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Ahh G+, How I have missed you. Is anyone still out there? Please shout if you are. 

I have set up a new vessel for my artistic endeavours and renamed the old Tarot 22 Project page accordingly. I hope people will support me as much with this as you have all done to date. 
Ouarda Arts is the new name for all of my spiritual and occult art endeavours which will now include the Tarot 22 Art Project which you were all so very supportive of last year.

To reflect this, I have changed the name of this group and this is the logo for the new project. I hope there will be many more exciting art created under this new banner and I hope you will all continue to support my work. 

Thank you all so very much. 
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Hi there, so good to hear from people. I don't have the time any more to write the long art therapy posts I used to but I will try to cover more of my personal art making here. 
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Cathryn Orchard

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There is now a new +Tarot 22 Art Project page on my personal website so you can see the entire project all in one place.

I know people are still interested in prints of some of these images which I still have in mind to do as soon as I can.

I will, as ever, keep you posted! Thank you to everyone who supported this project during its progress and all those who continue to do so
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New Google-Plus Tarot community, Tarot Universe, might be of interest to you:
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Cathryn Orchard

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A paper crane with the heart of an Orchard.
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Hello Justin! I am doing well, got lots going on in my personal life (all pretty good) so I have been offline in general a lot lately. Hope you are well too in stormy Brighton.
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Cathryn Orchard

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This is my mum. She is cool.

If ony Sophie could know how her life, too brief, would lead to such a large campaign bringing together goths and other subcultures to support each other and reduce violence because of the way a person looks. Thank you Sophie and your amazing mum.

Here is to the mums of weirdos.
Sophie Lancaster died 5 years ago today and no matter how many times I hear or see this story, I cry.  Do what you can to let others know that being different is what we as humans are all about.  My beautiful daughter and wonderful son are both different in their own ways.  They give so much to me and to those around them, more than they will ever know.  Please make sure that you celebrate difference and recognise the value it brings to you and the rest of the world.
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"Art is a Guarantee of Sanity" - Louise Bourgeois.
On Google+ I write publicly about art, psychotherapy, the human mind, my own art work and published writing. 

I am a registered Art Psychotherapist, having qualified on the Masters Degree program with Sheffield NHS Trust. I also have a degree in Multi-Media Textile Design where I specialised in working in latex, and wrote my dissertation on Visionary and Outsider Art. I currently work at Bath Spa University in Student Services.

Prints of my paintings are available from Abrahadabra Press. The book 'Grimoire of Aleister Crowley', which I illustrated and wrote a section of, is also available from the website. I have previously had my writing on the role of the divine feminine published in an anthology and an article on baptism in the ancient world.

I also write less publicly about western esotericism, gaming (both computer based and European-style boards games), and geek fashion and costuming. If you add me and would like to read any of the above, please contact me and indicate which of the following circles you would like me to add you to, though I can usually make a good assessment from your posts.
Basic Information
Art Psychotherapist
  • Bath Spa University
    StudentServices, 2012 - present
  • Art Psychotherapist
  • Abrahadabra Press
    Creative Director, 2012
  • NHS
    Trainee Art Psychotherapist, 2011
  • Stroud College
    Lecturer in 2D Graphics for Computer Game Design
  • Mencap
    Support Worker