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Sean Hafeez
Network Geek, but can dress well.
Network Geek, but can dress well.

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Thanks PGE!

Should be fixed at 5PM (updated at 6:26PM). Failed human or failed computer program? 2+ days of outage for a storm they knew was coming. Huge profit but my power has been out over 6 times in the last 2 months. Patch work of bubble gum holding lines up. No hate for the crews doing the work to fix it, just for the terrible management team. 

So I just received a note in the mail from AT&T U-verse that they are going to add data caps to my line. I pay $72 per month for a crappy 24mb connection that for the most part works, however most always at a slower rate then 24mb.

"Starting May 23, we are increasing the U–verse Internet data allowance for many customers. After a grace period, and as our agreement provides, there's a $10 charge for each 50GB of data you use over the allowance. Want unlimited data? You can:

• Bundle your U-verse Internet service with DIRECTV or U-verse TV. This gives you an unlimited Internet data allowance ($30 value) for no additional charge.

• Purchase an unlimited allowance for your Internet service for $30. This option doesn’t require a TV bundle.

After May 23, log in to your account at There, you’ll find helpful tools you can use to check your Internet data usage. Questions? Go to"

The link however takes you to a place where you can view a report on your billing (yes, I know that I have paid $72 per month for 2 years) but the bandwidth usage part the report is not there at all.

AT&T you are not going to kill those that choose to go without TV. You are just going to push us to other services. You are going to push us to complain to the FCC and congress and work on getting things changed. It will happen.

So AT&T you are telling me for an additional $30 per / month - so a total of $102 per / month I can keep my crappy 24mb link with no data caps? Comcast business line at 2x the speed with no data caps is only $100. I guess I know what I am doing.

Hey, Google how about Google fiber in your home area of NorCal, pretty please?

Dear Apple,

Please stop telling me that your own lighting cables are not a supported device when I plug them in.


Hey Google! Fix your 2-step verification. 

1. does not work for both numbers on my account.
2. people on Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and DoCoMo can all send SMS / Text (Not iMessage!) to both numbers with no issues. 
3. this was setup before the recovery key thing and I am NOT going to reset my account.

This service has always been buggy but now I am going to 2 days without being able to login to both my work and personal email on one of my devices. 

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Presenter Andrew Neil's message to the daesh scum. Well said. 

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Aujourd'hui nous sommes tous Français.


I love Reddit. From the funny, to the strange to the profound. However the new CEO is destroying it. Today I deleted my 4 year old account. You should do the same. looks like the new place to try.

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Of course there is money to start even more wars, but none to support those that did their duty. Veterans are committing suicide at a rate of 22 per day.

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70 years on the people of the village of Margraten in the Netherlands still tend the graves of The American WWII fallen.

Dear Adobe,

Could you give us just 1 month without having to update Flash please? 

Everyone on the Internet
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