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Our language translations for upcoming Textpattern v4.6 via Crowdin are coming along nicely - currently 14 of the 42 languages in the system are 100% translated ready for the release. Other languages still need work so if you can help, please get involved:

Also, if your language is not currently supported, and you want it to be, you can start a new translation fairly easily using the tools that Crowdin provide.

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Hoping to get the new look forum live in about a weeks time. In the meantime here's some screengrabs of the work-in-progress running on my local dev box:

This is phase one of a complete overhaul of the Textpattern brand websites, which will all follow a consistent look (yes, even the Textpattern Resources site too, eventually).

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Textpattern 4.5.5 has been released:

This interim release is primarily to provide support for PHP5.5 with Textpattern.

Don't worry, we are still beavering away on Textpattern 4.6 (and other Textpattern stuff) - which will "be released when it's ready", as usual.

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I'm gradually working through the RPC server and languages for Textpattern, making improvements, fixing bugs and generally tidying up.

Of the languages I've tidied, a number could do with some translations to bring them up-to-date. I'll list them here as I work through them.

For the moment the following languages are ready for improvement:

• Algerian Arabic (ar-DZ)
• Bosnian (bs-BA)
• Catalan (ca-ES)
• Danish (da-DK)
• Greek (el-GR)

So if you speak any of those and want to help out the Textpattern community, then please see here for instructions on how to get involved (or contact me):

It's just adding a few extra translations in each language, not hours of work, and every extra string you translate is helpful.

Of course if anyone wants to put some work in and translate into a completely new language we don't currently have, that'd be super awesome, as they say.


#translations #languages #internationalisation

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We are planning to change the way Textpattern handles languages. The first part of this work is moving language translations off the RPC server, and making them publicly available/editable on GitHub.

We invite you to fork and fill in any blanks in current language files. Of course you are welcome to add extra languages if a desired language file currently does not exist – that would be great.

More info:

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In you are interested in following along, we'll be redesigning TXPMag as a public project over the next few weeks, viewable via our Textpattern GitHub repository.

Hopefully this will become a valuable resource for learning Textpattern best practices and current build techniques, and make future collaborative updates to the site easier.

The same process will also be used when we rebuild the other Textpattern sites going forward. Please, no pull requests for now as we've only just started the build - once a lot of planned code is in place then future pull requests will be considered.

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T-shirt, as discussed in previous thread - I'll get a test done with Spreadshirt instead of Zazzle and see how that comes out. They seem to have better artwork control too and they take vector artwork (we can do this with flex printing of 3 spot colours instead of the lesser quality digital print that Zazzle offers).

<txp:author /> on the front probably needs to be bigger too.

OK, I've received the test Textpattern t-shirt from Zazzle and... it's crap.

The printing is just fairly acceptable (although obviously nowhere near as good as screen print) but the garment itself is horrendously bad quality, so thin you can almost see right through it. It was one of the upper-mid-range American Apparel ones too so it wasn't particularly cheap (£26 all in) - I guess I could try one of their most expensive shirts but the price would probably then be prohibitive. Seriously a £3 t-shirt from Asda is better quality.

Also, US medium is massive compared to UK medium it seems.

Just as a counterbalance, I've bought poster art through Zazzle before and that's been great quality, so disappointed with this outcome.

Need to go back to the drawing board and figure out another way to bring this to fruition.

I'm gonna throw this one out there, would there be a benefit in making Textpattern v4.6 actually v5 instead? We've got a lot of changes done and many more planned for the next release so what quantifies as a point release and what quantifies as a major release?

I'm trying to think of ways we make the project more visible. One of the quirks of Textpattern is that it's never really left the v1.x branch (it actually launched at v4.x). Many CMS reviewers tend to review at major releases only so our current method of releasing as minor point releases might actually be detrimental to us.

Since the whole Textpattern 5 rewrite plan was (rightly) scrapped in favour of incremental improvements to the current codebase, and there is a lot of nice new stuff in the current 4.6dev trunk, it could feasilbly be classed as a major release in my opinion.

This is nothing official, I just want see hear people's opinion on this.
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