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Website Management and Tech Strategies for Small Businesses
Website Management and Tech Strategies for Small Businesses

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The Value of Diversity in Tech: A Personal Lesson.

Technology adoption rates, especially the use of social media, are climbing among nearly every demographic, including race, gender and income level. Gone are the days when a project manager could anticipate their tech product being utilized only by one single demographic group.

Given my past experience working for a mostly white and all-male staffed software company, I argue that diversity in tech is critically important. Why? Because as tech users become more diverse, they will increasingly seek out relatable tech products. As I will explain, projects developed by creatives lacking a personal connection with its content and audience can be a recipe for failure.

Let’s go back in time to 2012. The company I worked for at the time had many Mohawk Native American clients. After building an iPhone app for a local, Native-owned promotions company, we were hired to develop a high-end marketing website for their Canadian parent company. My project managers pitched a website that included a series of Native American-themed interactive online games and tasked me with designing the games and their concept art.

However, I’m not a game developer. I’m also not Native American....

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Interesting in becoming a Lyft driver? Some drivers make more than $800 just driving Friday nights and weekends. New Lyft drivers in Buffalo can earn an extra $200 in bonuses, just by driving!

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Buffalo Tech Consulting now offers Website Management Subscriptions for Small Business to help business owners strategically update their websites and easily manage critical web applications.

These Website Management Subscriptions are scalable – focusing on honest pricing, professional documentation and technology training. Each subscription level blends website and web application management with custom technology resources tailored to your industry and the specific goals of your website.

The Classic Website Management Subscription is ideal for informational websites and small business e-commerce solutions.

The Enterprise Website or Web Application Subscription is perfect for niche web applications and websites requiring fresh, SEO friendly content.

The Premier Business Subscription is tailored to small businesses with websites or web applications requiring advanced content services along with in-house employee training.

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