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Get ready for a prosperous new year, don't spend money if you don't have any, give of your Self, a hand made card, some homemade cookies, volunteer to help others. Don't buy into the hype that you MUST shop til you drop. Conjure wealth, prosperity and abundance for you and your family by making the right financial decisions. People will understand, and if they don't? Unfortunate, but it can not be your concern. Take care of you, first, and don't apologize for it You will be so much happier for doing the right thing by you, so much pressure will be taken from you. Keep life simple. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, it brings us back to what truly matters at this time of year and in fact, at all times of the year, and that is connection to each other on an authentic level.

Here are some magickal ideas for supporting and creating wealth and abundance in your life with hoodoo, conjure and rootwork. Includes a damn good recipe for Hoppin' John for good luck, a prosperity ritual, a magic lamp for luck and success and other easy to implement tips for creating wealth and abundance through hoodoo, conjure and rootwork. Be the magic you seek, it's within you!

The conjure doctor: hoodoo at its best because its FREE!

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A conjure doctor is not just about commercial "products for Hoodoo condition oils, sachet powders, herb baths, and mojo bags for powerful and effective magical spells." A conjure doctor is the name given to a person who works roots for the purpose of healing or harming and manipulating people, places and things for a specific purpose. The conjure doctor holds near and dear the belief in conjuration and magic stemming from the ancestral knowledge of his or her forebears. Seemingly strange beliefs in the power of herbs, roots, bones, graveyard dirt and a variety of curios – both natural and human made – fill the conjure doctors’ trick bag.

Conjure doctors also go by the names hoodoo doctor, spiritual doctor, hoodoo root doctor, root worker, conjure worker, hoodoo practitioner and conjure man or conjure woman.

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Crossroads Conjure is a course offered by Crossroads University that examines many versions of the Crossroads legends and the magic that occurs there. Students are required to locate their own crossroads where they will do assignments for the course, including gathering dirts and learning how to summon the Spirit or spirits that reside there.

A deal with the Devil at the crossroads is a widespread cultural motif that sparks vivid images of greedy and desperate people selling their souls in exchange for diabolical favors of youth, wealth, knowledge and power. Walking to a dirt crossroads less traveled at midnight, those with enough courage (or desperation) wait for the black man to appear, and with a roll of the dice, a toss of some coins, or the exchange of one's soul - they are willing to pay any price in exchange for the ever-coveted fame, fortune and talent.

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