Wannko ! わんこ!( Mission Day - Morioka )

Next day of furious faction battle  #persepolis  is #MissionDay . Agent visited one of seven cities in Tohoku region and enjoyed various missions, sightseeing and delicious local dishes ! I visited Morioka city, the capital of Iwate prefecture. You wanna know why ? "わんこそば=Wannko soba" is the reason why I visited Morioka. This is my first visit.

Wannko soba is Morioka's very famous local dish. "Wannko" means a small bowl. "Soba" means japanese noodle.  One waiter serves only for me. When I finish liitle amount of soba(1st picture), then a waiter serves next soba to wannko. I finish next soba, then a waiter servers next ones. Continuously I can eat soba served by a waiter.

By the way, what do you call agent-versus-agent deploy battle ? HongKong agent calls it dw (=deploy war). People in Japan call it Wannko ! While agent destroing resonaters, agent of other faction continuously deployes resonators.That looks like a waiter serves soba to wannko !

First ten to twenty wannkos are very delicious. But from thirty, little by little, it is getting harder for me to eat. After fifty, it seems wannko war itself ! A waiter looks like Resistant agent never stop deploying !!!! At last, I've eaten 73 wannkos ! (2nd, 3rd picture) I didn't think wannko war is dangerous fight than #persepolis  ...

Let's get back to the mission day story. Morioka hachiman-gu shrine was a start point of mission day (4th picture). About 200 agents took part in (5th picture). Agent can get a medal if she/he clear at least 5 special mission from 12 OR get at least 100 UPV. Morioka city has a long history, so there are over 1,000 portals in the city. For example, 6th picture is a scanner map at Iwate Park, which is ruins of old castle. So many portals and agents played wannko battle around there.

Finally, I got a medal of mission day (7th picture, third medal from left at the top row) with 6 mission cleared ! After leaving morioka hachi-mangu shrine. I visited Iwate Museum of Art (8th, 9th picture). The building itself looks like art, very beautiful and inspiring. At dinner, I enjoyed Morioka reimen (last picture), which is another local noodle of Morioka. 

I'was very glad to come Morioka. Actually, Morioka has three famous local noodles, and I've tried two of them. I must come back here in the future to finish last one ! 

ペルセポリスの翌日はミッションデイ。エージェント達は、東北の7つの町のうち1つを訪れ、そこの様々なミッション、観光やグルメを楽しみました。私が訪れたのは盛岡!岩手県の県庁所在地ですね。なぜ訪れたか知りたいですか?わんこそば目当てですw 盛岡は初訪問でした。


ところです、あなたの国ではデプロイ合戦のことを何と呼んでますか?香港では、dw (deploy war)と略されているそうです。日本では「わんこ」と呼ばれています!一方のエージェントがレゾを壊しまくる間に、相手のエージェントが次々とレゾをデプロイしていく様はまさにわんこそばですね!



そしてついに6つのミッションをクリアすることでミッションデイのメダルをゲット(7枚目の写真)。盛岡八幡宮を後にして、岩手県立美術館を訪問しました(8枚目、9枚目の写真)。ここは建物自体がとてもきれいで芸術的でした。夕食は盛岡冷麺!(10枚目の写真) もう一つの盛岡の有名な麺ですね。


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