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June Reading List
June sparks the first month that I’m
completely free to read what I want. As university came to an end during the
middle of May I’m no longer bound by certain rules and can finally control my
own reading list. I love getting to this stage in the year
when I...

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Exploring the Bath Canal
I have lived in Bath for three years now
and I am still amazed at the places I find. My mum always makes the comment
that although I’ve lived here for this long I’ve not explored everywhere. I
think it’s the same with most cities that you visit: you cannot ...

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Gluten Free Mushroom Halloumi Burgers
You may know by now that I have a severe
gluten intolerance, and as such I’ve had to change my diet considerable over
the past year. It’s coming up to exactly a year ago when I got my ‘diagnosis’
and as such I thought it’d be a nice idea to start sharing so...

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An Overdue Charlotte Tilbury Haul
I have had the images for this haul for
months now but have not yet gotten around to writing the post. Some months ago,
my mum and I went on a little shopping spree in Bristol. Particularly at the Charlotte
Tilbury counter within John Lewis, as we were in d...

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Back to Blogging
I’ve thought long and hard about what I wanted this first blog post to be, I thought about doing the generic make up haul to kick start the summer months. But when I thought about it I came to the realisation that I wanted to give you all an explanation, on...

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Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose & Shea Butter Cream Review*
When I last
received some of the Dr Botanicals products to review I was thrilled and also
pleasantly impressed by the quality. They were lovely products that helped to
make my skin feel nourished and repaired. I love the rose scented items so when
I receive...

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The Book of Bera Review*
The Book
of Bera by Suzie Wilde I love
reading, there’s no hiding that. I’m the type of person who will continue to
buy novels even when I have a stack waiting at home. It’s just something I
cannot help, and not something I want to control. Therefore, when ...

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Valentines Date Night Look – The Make-Up
is most definitely a time to experiment with different types of make-up styles,
especially if you are going on a date night. For us, myself and my boyfriend, we
tend to spend valentines in cooking a meal together and watching a film cosied
in fro...

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Testing New Make-Up – The Lips
The final
part of my testing new make up leads me onto ‘The Lips.’ I think buying lip
products is always my favourite part of purchasing new make-up. Though, I buy ‘daring’
colours and rarely use them, but such is the life of a woman, right? I’ve got a

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Testing New Make-Up – The Eyes
As I
mentioned in my previous blog post I have picked up a fair few new pieces of
make-up over the past few months. The post before was my first views on a new foundation
and powder, which you can read here, from there I want to move onto the eyes. I
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