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Hey all--I have a quick tech question. I'm hosting a live recording of my podcast infront of an audience. I'm told the venue has a "Yamaha Stage Pass 300 Model" system. Question: could I just plug my macbook into that system and record the audio via garageband? And if so, what kind of chord would I need? Thank you! 

Hi All-Quick tech question: I'm conducting a live taping of my podcast next week - on stage, in front of an audience. First time doing this and don't really know the best way to capture the audio. I figure I'll need three audio inputs: my mic, my guest's mic, and a floating mic to take audience questions. What is the best way to capture this audio as an MP3 so I can post it as a podcast? Thanks!

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Between food, fuel, medicine and commodity shortages, corruption and rampant crime, this one-time middle income country is falling apart.Good Podcast explainer of what's going on

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With more people displaced than at any time since Word War Two, the way in which the world deals with crises is broken. Can a UN Conference fix it?

The underlying assumption of my convo with Secy of Agriculture Tom Vilsack was as interesting as the conversation itself.

Wanted to pick the brain of this community: what are good examples of "freemium" models for podcasts? I'm trying to think through the implications of offering premium subscriptions to my podcast and would be curious to know of any success stories for this model.  

Kevin Rudd is the former prime minister of Australia. And he's on the podcast!

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I speak with the NYT's UN correspondent Somini Sengupta about her fascinating new book about India's youth bulge. She also tells some harrowing stories from her time covering conflict in West Africa. Good talk! 

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The longtime +The New York Times South East Asia bureau chief is on the line. He tells an intense story of rescuing a boat full of stranded Rohingya refugees 

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Ashish J. Thakkar was in middle school when he visited his parents in Kigali in April 1994. He barely escaped. Two years later, he started a business that would eventually become the hugely successfully Mara Group. An incredible story--> 
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