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40-Something Engineer, Mom and Space Freak
40-Something Engineer, Mom and Space Freak


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Running again!!!
what???   I’ve gone running twice this
week.   Well, trotting mostly.   And in short intervals.   Basically I’m starting over with the running,
but it’s all GOOD!!! I moved at faster than a walking speed!   Wearing running clothes! And running shoes! ...

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Bridges Freak Me Out. A little.
My morning commute over the St. Johns River via the Shands
Bridge was gorgeous this morning.  See
the photo below.  Yes, I took it while
driving, but I didn’t look at what I was snapping.  Basically, I held up the phone and just
clicked about 5 photos, hopi...

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A Crappy Last Few Weeks and Other Recent Goings On . . .
Yes, I haven’t blogged in a while. 
To be honest, the last several weeks have been fairly sucky and I just wasn't in the mood to put it out here for all the world to read (or at least the 20 people who stumble across my corner of the internet).  The week af...

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My Right (@#$%) Foot*
Last night
(Monday) I got home from work at about 6:15 pm. 
Cooked dinner for the posse (chili and tacos).  Then, feeling motivated and empowered,
decided to go for a run, since I hadn’t gone out since last week.  I ended up completing 3 miles, but I’m not

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Taylor Creek Reservoir
This is a "Work" post with a few interesting photos.  Well, I think they're interesting.  You might just yawn.  But in case anyone is interested in what I do, read on . . . Last Thursday I went on a site visit to Taylor Creek Reservoir, which is down in cen...

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Week of 11/1/2015 Running Update
Let me start
this out by saying that since re-starting my blog and writing about my running
(among other things), I've debated with myself about whether I should put my
running statistics out here on the internets verses just talking in
generalities. See, i...

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Monday Update - 11/2/2015
I’ve been
sick.  Not deathly ill.  Just a cold. 
But still annoying.  And I feel
cause & effect at work here.  For the
past three weeks-ish, I’ve been in a negative spiral.  Me, last week (recovering from the Great Birthday Party Camp-Out Extravaganza) I sh...

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The Great Birthday Party Camp-Out Extravaganza
Yesterday (October 27 th ), was my daughter
Cailyn’s 10 th Birthday.   I
generally try to throw some sort of shindig for my kids on their birthdays,
with mixed success over the years. 
Generally, my basic theme is “Fun but Cheap!”  Yes, I’m classy that way....

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Tree Hugger Tip of the Day
Ah, water.  How do I love thee? See this awesome glass bottle? I use these glass bottles instead of plastic water bottles. It's my little contribution to reduce-reuse-recycle.  These were once tea bottles (think Honest Tea, Snapple, etc.). I drink a TON of ...

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Tuesday Stuff
S’up?  It’s been a
week of busy family stuff for me, and not enough feet on the running trail!  Planning to hit the road tonight for the
first time in about a week.  Yes, I know –
way too long between runs.  And running
really does help the mental sanity th...
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