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Why source part of #furnitureproduction in #CentralEasternEurope and #SouthEasternEurope? Who are the main furniture manufacturers in the low cost countries in Eastern Europe? How to contact the players in the #FurnitureIndustry? How to reach the Decision Makers in the the companies manufacturing furniture in the #LCCs in Emerging Europe? Why to source in Eastern Europe instead of #China or #Asia?

What are the opportunities in the Furniture Manufacturing sector in CE and SE Europe?

Are you interested to outsource part of your #furnitureproduction and #furnitureassemby in Eastern Europe? Are you looking to reach the Decision Makers in the the companies manufacturing furniture in the LCCs in #EmergingEurope?

For tailor-made supplier qualification and B2B matchmaking with players in the furniture production and furniture assembly sector in the Emerging Markets in Europe feel free to contact FRD Center team at:

email: or tel: +4021 411 1459/60/61

#manufacturing #furniture #outsourcing #emergingmarkets #sourcing #lowcostcountrysourcing #EasternEurope #Italy #Denmark #ScandinavianDesign #Sweden #Netherlands #FinnishFurniture #DanishFurniture #Swedishfurniture #NorwegianFurniture #Norway #Italianfurniture
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Thanks for reaching out to us and for your request for Market Entry Support in European markets such as Romania.

We will be happy to assist you with the Market Entry process and B2B Matchmaking with local business partners / direct clients according to your specific criteria, making sure that you are successful in reaching the relevant local players, at decision maker level. This is one of our most requested services – please consult our Corporate Brochure at this link:

Practically based on the detailed description and profile of the target group(s) you are interested to reach, we can assist you with the following services:

- identification of the respective local target-firms of interest to you, selection according to your criteria,

- direct contact by phone with the company, identification / validation of the most relevant contact person in the local firm at decision-maker level

- direct contact by phone with the relevant manager / decision maker in the firm,

- introduction by phone + email of your products and solution - at general level - and your proposal to meet

- intensive pursuit of targets by phone in order to obtain their feedback

- assessment of their interest in learning more directly from you / receiving your offer / sales presentation during your visit etc.

- presenting you with a report of activity, feedback received, direct contact details of the interested parties

- if the case, setting up for you a business itinerary in the territory, arranging a 1-2-1 meetings agenda with the interested local targets

- assisting you with the logistic aspects

- follow up after the meetings to pursue the local contacts

This type of B2B matchmaking and Product Presentation services are provided on the combination of a quite reasonable set-up fee (professional fee paid up-front) plus sales commission / success fee.

In case this is alongside your market expansion strategy and hiring a consultant is of interest to you, we can provide more details about our fees, followed by a Formal Proposal and Financial Offer, including references and other details.

email: or tel: +4021 411 1459/60/61
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What is the potential of the #Romanian #Agriculture? How to reach the most relevant players such as Romanian #farms and #farmers associations, Romanian #importers and #dealers of #agriculturalequipment and #farmmachinery?

Are you looking for tailored market research on the agricultural sector? Perhaps we can assist you with the #MarketResearch, #GoToMarket, Market Entry and #B2BMatchmaking.

Irrigation and Fertilisers for the Emerging Europe Agriculture. If interested to receive our offer, feel free to contact the FRD Center team at:

email: or tel: +4021 411 1459/60/61

The #irrigation systems are a key element in the #Romanianagriculture. In 2018, the Romanian officials are putting forward programs to assist with the modernization of state-owned irrigation systems and also to encourage farmers to organize Water Users Federations and thus be able to access European funds to create their own irrigation systems. According to them, 1.3 million hectares will soon benefit from #irrigationsystems in #Romania.

The Romanian National Program for the rehabilitation of the main irrigation infrastructure 2017-2020 aims at an investment of over 1 bnEUR

More details in the FRD Center #MarketEntry #businessblog at

#fertirrigation #fertilisers #fertiliser #crops #biocultures #imports #exportopps
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How to reach local potential suppliers for your manufacturing in Central Eastern Europe? How to identify the most relevant providers and local partners for your complex production? Who are the most reliable Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers of manufacturing in Romania, Turkey, Poland or in Slovakia?
For tailor-made supplier qualification, B2B matchmaking with players in the Emerging Markets in Europe, for M&A assistance, target search and deal origination feel free to contact the FRD Center team at:
email: or tel: +4021 411 1459/60/61
More details in the FRD Center Market Entry businessblog posting at
#suppliers #automotive #manufacturing #Tier1 #Tier2 #Tier3 #outsourcemanufacturing #outsourceproduction
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How to reach the #Romanian importers of #medicaldevices, of #healthequipment, of #pharmaceutical products? Who are the most relevant Romanian #distributors of #surgicalequipment and of #orthopedic #implants?

The Private Medical Services market is one of the fastest developing sectors in Romania. The #Romanian #Medical Equipment market, currently estimated at some EUR 500 million, is 90% generated by imports and offers opportunities for foreign manufacturers to export to Romania. In the next 3-5 years, it is expected to grow by approx 5% y-o-y, mainly due to Romania's economic growth and increasing health expenditure both by the Government and private consumers.

The Romanian Private #Healthcare Services Market went up 12% in 2017, reaching EUR 1.7 billion. How to reach the Romanian operators of Private Medical Services?

FRD Center can assist with #mergersacquisition #targetgeneration and direct contact with #decisionmakers in the #Private #MedicalSystem in #Romania.
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Suomen huonekalujen valmistaja
Suomen huonekalut

Miksi lähteä Itä-Euroopasta Kiinan ja Aasian sijaan? Kuinka päästä päteviin huonekalujen valmistajiin Itä-Euroopassa? Kuka ovat tärkeimmät huonekalujen valmistajat Itä-Euroopan edullisissa maissa? Kuinka ottaa yhteyttä huonekaluteollisuuden toimijoihin? Miten päästä päätöksentekijöille kehittävien yritysten yrityksissä LCC: ssä kehitysmaissa?

Mitkä ovat mahdollisuudet huonekaluteollisuudessa CE ja SE Europe skandinaavisten huonekalusuunnittelijoiden kannalta?

Oletko kiinnostunut ulkoistamaan osan huonekalu- ja huonekalummeista Itä-Euroopassa? Haluatko päästä päätöksentekijöihin kehittäjiin, jotka valmistavat huonekaluja LCC: ssä EmergingEuropea?

Räätälöityjen toimittajien pätevyys ja B2B-yhteensopivuus Euroopassa toimivien kehittyvien markkinoiden huonekalu- ja huonekalualalla toimivien toimijoiden kanssa ovat vapaita ottamaan yhteyttä FRD Center -tiimiin osoitteessa:
email: tai puh: +4021 411 1459/60/61
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How to find Beauty and Skin Care importer-distributors and buyers in Eastern Europe? How to address them directly at decision maker level and present new products in order to enter the Romanian market or the Hungarian, Serbian, Lithuanian or Bulgarian market or other markets in the region?
For example, the Romanian market of Cosmetic and Skin Care products has been growing with an average of 7% in the recent years.
In respect to cosmetics, personal care, perfumery and skin care products, the Romanian consumer is preferring more and more the natural products, with traditional ingredients and natural fragrances.
The Romanians are open to try new products and the number of drogueries and skin care shops or dedicated areas in pharma chains and supermarkets is growing, both is number and in size.
Are you a foreign cosmetics, skin care and beauty producer looking to export to the Emerging Markets in Europe? To present your products to the Romanian / Polish / Hungarian etc. buyers and importer-distributors?
Perhaps we can collaborate and assist you with B2B matchmaking and Business Partners Search and Selection, to help you introduce your products to the local buyers and assess their interest.
Feel free to contact the FRD Center team at: email: or tel: +4021 411 1459/60/61
FRD Center operates a solid specialised d-base of local players in the skin care, cosmetics, personal care and beauty products in CE and SE Europe.
More details in the FRD Center Market Entry businessblog at
#skincare #cosmetics #personalcare #beautyproducts #dermocosmetics #SkinSolutions #beautycenters #spa #beautysalon #MedicalSpas #AestheticClinics #beautytreatment #facial #Aesthetics #natural #naturalcosmetics #cosmeceuticals
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For #danske #producenter: Nye leverandører #kvalifikationstjenester i lavpris lande i Europa som #Rumænien tilbydes af FRD Center:

Praktisk taget baseret på den detaljerede beskrivelse og profilen til målvirksomheden, som du er interesseret i at nå, kan vi hjælpe dig med følgende leverandørkvalifikationer og B2B-tjenester, blandt andre:

- Identifikation af de respektive lokale #målvirksomheder af interesse for dig, udvælgelse efter dine kriterier, validering af den mest relevante kontaktperson i det lokale firma på beslutningstagerniveau

- profilering af virksomhederne baseret på desk-research

- præsentere en lang liste over lokale mål - til din vurdering og kortlægning af de mest relevante

- direkte kontakt med den relevante leder / #beslutningstager i hvert kortsluttede firma, direkte interview for at lære mere om deres teknologier, materialer, portefølje, kapaciteter mv.

- baggrunds- og omdømmecheck

- hvis sagen skal besøge deres lokaler, direkte møde med beslutningstagere

- Hvis det er hensigtsmæssigt til yderligere diskussioner, introducerer vi dem for Deres samarbejdsaftale, i det detaljeringsniveau, du vil indikere (nogle af vores kunder vælger anonymitet på nuværende tidspunkt)

- intensiv udøvelse af mål, vurdering af deres interesse i det foreslåede samarbejde eller i at lære mere direkte fra dig / modtage din anmodning / præsentation under dit besøg

- hvis sagen opretter en forretningsrejse i området, arrangerer en 1-2-1 møde dagsorden med de interesserede lokale mål, der hjælper dig med de logistiske aspekter

Til skræddersyet leverandørkvalifikation og B2B matchmaking med aktører inden for produktion og montage på Emerging Markets i Europa kan du kontakte FRD Center Team på: email: eller tel: +4021 411 1459/60/61
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How to reach the #Romanian #importers of #medicaldevices, of #healthequipment, of #pharmaceutical products? Who are the most relevant Romanian #distributors of #orthopaedic #implants?

FRD Center has direct contact with relevant local players in the #medical devices and #health equipment sector, both importer-distributors and direct #buyers. Should the developments and opportunities in the Romanian Market of Medical Devices and Equipment - Healthcare in Romania and in other #EmergingMarkets in Europe be of interest to you perhaps we can collaborate.

The FRD Center team can arrange for you a #Business Itinerary with 1-2-1 meetings and visits to relevant players, #decisionmakers such as #Purchasing Managers in #PrivateCare #Hospitals, #PrivateMedical #PrivateClinics Specialised Importer-Distributors etc. In case you want to attract relevant buyers to your #Medica2018 booth, we can assist you with #B2B presentations to decision makers in relevant companies and organisations.

For more details feel free to contact the FRD Center team at: or tel: +4021 411 1459/60/61
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