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Kislay Pandey
Advocate of Hon’ble Supreme Court
Advocate of Hon’ble Supreme Court

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Deloitte Study is an alarm to stabilize the weak tax regime in the country
In a recent study conducted by Deloitte, the international consulting
firm found that in terms of predictability of tax laws, India's performance is
very disappointing in the Asia-Pacific region. Among 800 tax executives in 20
countries 75 percent people we...

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Is Privacy An Ethical Or Fundamental Right?

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Job Creation Is As Important As Economic Growth
The economy is struggling to grow due to unemployment, which must be regarded as the national concern. While there are many socioeconomic issues, unemployment must be our top priority.  The government should focus on generating new employment opportunities,...

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Nurture the young minds with healthy thoughts not with sick pornography
Banning of
pornography material could be the most ideal step taken by the government. The
government has been tracking all internet service providers for them to act
upon the matter, to stop and to ban pornographic content. This act of
government has alread...

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Renewable Energy for Sustainable Growth
The consumption of electricity in India is much more than its production and its need has been increasing even more rapidly due to the rising population and industrial growth. India’s energy sector is struggling to meet the massive electricity demand.  Unre...

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A Great Loss to the Nation: The Missile Man, Dr. Abdul Kalam Passes Away
Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the nation’s 11th president, widely acclaimed as the people’s president, passed away, leaving a noticeable void that cannot be filled. It is hard to believe for each of us that we are now in a world without him. It is really a bleak ...

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Should India Ban Tobacco Products?
It is generally acknowledged that smoking is injurious to health. We also know that people have liberty to speak and eat of their choice in India. Therefore, stopping someone for something is not a right conduct. But the claim of a few ministers that not ev...

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Raise your voice for the tamed and speechless
Known for rich heritage and culture, India always had a special place and respect for animals. Even we can also see the significant role of animals like monkeys, swan, cow, crow etc, in our religious manuscripts. In early times there was no such need of ani...
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