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The Corpse Bride Motif
(The following is based on the idea of the "Corpse
Bride" from my thesis, You Only Live Twice: The Representation of the Afterlife
in Film ) Title Examples: Liliom (1934 and Carousel 1956) A Guy Named
Joe (1943 and Always (1989) Miracle in the Rain (1956) J...

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(The following includes direct quotes from my thesis, You
Only Live Twice: The Representation of the Afterlife in Film , pages 8-15) There are eight distinct afterlife film formulas plus a
number of titles with original plots and conceptions. 1. Main charac...

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(The following is a summary and/or direct quote from various
sections of my thesis, You Only Live Twice: The Representation of the Afterlife in
Film ) For the purpose of understanding this blog’s particular
perspective on Afterlife Cinema, here are some ter...

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AFTERLIFE CINEMA is a term for all the visual content featuring a character that exists after clinical death, a character that has experienced a Near-Death Experience, and a character that moves between the spaces of the living and the dead. Though thousand...

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Death Wears Suits
When we think of the Angel of Death or the Grim Reaper, it's usually a skeleton dressed in a black cloak carrying a scythe. This is a terrifying creature that has plagued (religious) art and literature for centuries if not a few millenniums. This image and ...

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Life After Beth movie review
It's one thing to have sex with a zombie, when one partner knows the other is a zombie, but it's another matter when you've already seen the snake bite she died from. Apparently Zach Orfman (played by Dane DeHaan) is so excited to have his dead girlfriend B...

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I Origins and Reincarnation
Of all the afterlife concepts, reincarnation is one of the most mysterious and thus why cinema loves to explore its complexity. There is beauty in the philosophy that souls are connected for an eternity and not even death can separate loved ones. Yet, there...

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IndieWire Afterlife Video Essay Reaction
On November 4, 2014, The IndieWire Blog posted an article featuring an edited compilation of Afterlife Cinema clips showing Heaven and Hell. It can be viewed here:

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The Other World
The New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center in Manhattan featured a very interesting event: Professor Henry Jenkins of USC (and formerly of MIT) gave an introductory-level presentation on Transmedia. To best describe this academic discipline, it is like st...

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As Above So Below
Of the two black male characters, one survives. Usually there is only one in the cast and he's the first to go. That being said, there are other excellent qualities to As Above So Below that make this a unique horror Afterlife film. This isn't your typical ...
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