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*** OFFICIAL TRAILER TODAY! Stop The Bleeding! Season 6 Launches May 10th! ***

In the NEWEST season of Stop The Bleeding! the gang goes to camp! Come soak up the sun and practice self-care with us at Camp Adonwanableed when Season 6 Premieres on Tuesday, May 10th! We're excited to introduce brand new characters this season and even more excited to feature dozens of special community members!
We loved having so many community members on set with us, playing pretend summer camp, and we're pretty sure they enjoyed the experience too. Here are some of the things they had to say about ‪#‎STBhemo‬...

“Having this show has helped us realize that something this serious-you can take it kind of light and feel 'normal'.” - Melanie, Parent & Spouse

"I remember 3 years ago googling resources for information about hemophilia feeling scared, overwhelmed and even alone. Then I stumbled across this brilliant web series that used my favorite tool to create awareness and educate: Comedy. I can't say enough about the impact not only Stop The Bleeding! has had on our family, but also the people involved, who have become extended family. This is a true labor of love and is shedding light with laughter on a sometimes serious and scary situation." - Rebecca, Mom & Community Member

[Check out the trailer and other special content at]

And like every season, we made sure to sneak in valuable lessons between all the fun stuff. Here are some specific topics that we addressed this season:

- Learning how to self-infuse away from home.
- Facing fears in a new environment.
- Finding your own way to self-advocate.
- Challenge by choice, identifying & overcoming personal obstacles.
- Showing support by listening to someone in need.
- Enjoying traditions while also embracing change & progress.
- Recognizing that positive interactions are empowering.
- And of course, the magic of attending camp!

Over the years, Stop The Bleeding! has introduced some zany characters, survived a junk-food driven zombie outbreak and even traveled through time to learn about the history of bleeding disorders.
Click here to catch up on Seasons 1-5 before the big PREMIERE!
It's safe to say that we have been on some pretty fun adventures, and going to Camp Adowanableed is no exception!

A big shout out to this the director of all 8 Episodes of Season 6, our fearless leader, James Fagan Thank you for taking on the challenge by choice!

Thanks to our amazing cast & crew for bringing their A+ game this season. This of course includes: Ryan Gielen, Seth Kirschner, Kieran Valla, Brad Reeb, Katy Wright-Mead, Rob Bradford, Joshua Sterling Bragg, Evan Menak, David Beede, Erin Fitzgerald, Colbie Jae Crow, Laurel Reese, Andrew Gaul, Jessica Lauren Richmond, Avra Friedman, Kate Dalton, Dru Johnston, Melody Peng, Kurt Tocci, Bon Bon Centeno, Steve Dez, Liv Horinouchi, Maya Grace, Brian Williams, Patrick James Lynch, Edward Hyland, Laurel Reese, Anissa Borrego, and others!

And a very special thanks to the all the families and community members who traveled to Fresno, CA to participate in the filming of Stop The Bleeding! You brought the magic to Camp Adonwanableed! We're talking about you Mark Kenny, Amber Lynn, Karin P. Kenny, Joe Brown, Isaiah Solis, Patrick Torrey, Jacose Bell, Marcie Green Reynolds, Heather Mikels, Trevor Messerly Rebecca Berenson, Melanie Havert, and all your respective peoples! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

One more week!!! Enjoy the trailer! #STBhemo   #hemophilia   #bleedingdisorders   #webseries   #content  
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In the fourth video of World Federation of Hemophilia's #TreatmentForAll  series produced by Believe, we hear perspectives from numerous community members living in the developing world and gain insight on the sobering reality of trying to care for a child with a bleeding disorder in the developing world. Click below to watch, then visit to see other videos from this series. #hemophilia   #bleedingdisorders   #WFH  
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Check out Believe's Wrap Up video from +Hemophilia Federation of America HFA's 2016 Symposium, including footage from our #STBhemo  Premiere Event, #PoweringThroughNCHS  w/ Barry Haarde & Josh Gordy, and more! #hemophilia   #bleedingdisorders  
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Today on #‎WorldHemophiliaDay, the second video in the #‎TreatmentForAll series that Believe produced for the World Federation of Hemophilia has gone live. Hear about the conditions and realities of our #‎bleedingdisorders community in the developing world, as well as the ways we in the developed world can help. Watch now @ #WHD2016
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I'm like little-girl-on-the-day-of-her-recital excited that the World Federation of Hemophilia / Federación Mundial de Hemofilia's (WFH) Treatment For All series produced by Believe Limited has LAUNCHED!

The vast majority of people born with #bleedingdisorders  around the world have little-to-no access to care; half of all people with #hemophilia  in the developing world die before the age of 10. The challenges are immense, but WFH's Humanitarian Aid Program and their partners are doing amazing work to ensure our brothers and sisters born into less fortunate circumstances aren't left behind.

In the Fall, Believe Limited accompanied a delegation from WFH to Senegal, West Africa to film for the series, profiling the community members, leaders, and work being done in the developing world.

Today on, our first video in the 10-video series has launched. I implore you, on the anniversary of Adam's passing, to engage with this series and learn more about our community members who are most in need. #treatmentforall  

Watch now at
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Join us on Friday, April 1 at Hemophilia Federation of America's 2016 Symposium for the premiere of Season 6 Episode 1!

RSVP here:

Friday, April 1st, 8:15-9:30pm
JW Marriott, Las Vegas
Grand Ballroom A
The event will include:
- Live performance by cast members
- Exclusive behind-the-scenes video
- Screening of Season Six, Episode 1
- and more!

RSVP here:

See you Friday! Questions? Ask below or email‪

#STBhemo   #HFA2016   #hemophilia   #bleedingdisorders  
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Announcing Powering Through HFA w/ NFL player Josh Gordy and cross-country cyclist Barry Haarde! This event is free and open to all community members attending Hemophilia Federation of America's Annual Symposium next week in Las Vegas.  

Saturday April 2nd, 1:30pm
JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort - Castilla Rooms A&B 

For more information, visit

#hemophilia #bleedingdisorders #HFA2016
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* Exciting Announcement! *

Baxalta has once again partnered with Believe Limited to recognize the impactful actions of teens in our community at the 2016 Impact Meeting hosted during National Hemophilia Foundation's Annual Meeting. Watch this short announcement video to learn more, then nominate an inspiring teen at

#NHF2016  ‬ #bleedingdisorders   #hemophilia   #ImpactAwards2016  
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With Washington Days days about to kick off another year of organized advocacy for the bleeding disorders community, I put together this 3-minute video outlining the basics of what advocacy actually means and where community members should turn for more resources or information.

After watching, learn more and get involved by visiting either of the following resources sites:

1) National Hemophilia Foundation's Advocacy and Healthcare Coverage site:

2) Hemophilia Federation of America's Advocacy site:

Thank you to Reliance Factor of Southern California & Mark Kenny for supporting the production of this educational resource!

#hemophilia   #bleedingdisorder   #advocacy   #NHFWD
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