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Marianne Sweeny
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search engine optimization, organic and enterprise, user experience design, information architect, SEO, SEM, PPC, enterprise search configuration
  • Portent Interactive
    Search Strategist, 2012 - present
  • Daedalus Information Systems
    Principal, 2006 - 2012
  • Ascentium
    Director of Search Services, 2006 - 2010
  • Microsoft
    Producer, 1999 - 2006
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Seattle - Los Angeles - San Francisco - Spokane
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Information architect and a search engine therapist for businesses that want optimal search results inside and outside the firewall.
I am a full on SEO heretic that loves all manner of search optimization, paid, organic and mostly enterprise. I believe in SUX,  a search user experience that is successful because it takes a strategic before tactical approach and integrates client expectations with customer information behavior. I've been preaching this gospel long before Google came on board with Panda and now Penguin. It is not about links or keywords (other than to get you tossed out of the results). It is about context, concept and quality...harder but not impossibly so.
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Associate Producer "Newsies"
  • University of Washington
    Information Science, 2002 - 2005
  • American Film Institute
    Producing, 1980 - 1981
  • University of San Francisco
    Economics, 1973 - 1977
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Marianne Sweeny

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Searching is an experience that precedes all others. The search experience influences all that come after. Moving forward, successful app internet, website design will incorporate both designing for the bots and for the humans. Cannot have one without the other.
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Marianne Sweeny

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Algorithms are determining quality content on the Web. Anyone else have a problem with that?
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Therein lies the problem, the presumption that there is so little to know about optimizing sites, structures, content models, for search engine discovery that it can be picked up by osmosis, in a single class or seminar or by trolling a few blogs or books. You've been on search analytics for a few years Lou. I've been almost fully dedicated to search for over 6 and still learn every day.

My issue is that we don't change the algorithm. It changes on us and we're left to catch up. Most SEOs that I know lack a fundamental understanding of the underlying technology and a lack of foresight on how computer systems work. So, the propellerheads, not the SEOs, are leading the charge. The direction is dictated by the system they are building, not necessarily human factors. Most of the SEOs that I encounter are still doing keyword optimization and link building. Buh Bye to the effectiveness of those strategies says the Panda update.

I'll continue to light candles in church that I'm wrong. What I see around me says that I'm not and I find our conversation oddly not-reassuring that anything will change.

Sigh. THanks guys, the conversation has been a pleasure nonetheless.
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Marianne Sweeny

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Facebook blocking the Google+ import tool. Hilarious!
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Google should remove all Facebook listings from their index...
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