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Knowledge trumps ignorance. Evidence trumps faith.
Knowledge trumps ignorance. Evidence trumps faith.

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An excellent essay on how the president reads the letters people send him.

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Some new math gets at how we innovate - try this thought experiment of picking marbles out of ‘Polya’s Urn’

Received an email from Yahoo that began with:

"We're committed to your account security..."

Yeah, Right!

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Somebody's beating everyone at go - and nobody knows who!

Except that now we do!  Read the article and click on the "update".

But it's fun to read about the original mystery before reading the solution.  For example:

The account is simply called "Master", and since the start of the new year it has made a habit out of trashing some of the world's best Go professionals. It's already beaten Ke Jie twice, who is currently the highest ranked Go player in the world.

A European professional Go player, Ali Jabarin, wrote on Facebook that Ke Jie was "a bit shocked ... just repeating it's too strong".

....there's been no official confirmation as to the mystery player wrecking online Go. The only thing anybody knows for sure is that the world's best Go players have been getting slapped around by something.

Thanks to +Alexander Kruel for pointing this out.

America, for shame!

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Swipe away 👻👻👻 in this #Halloween #GoogleDoodle Score: 26780

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I'm glad God took time off from his busy schedule of giving aids to babies to talk to Duterte about his vocabulary.

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Pardon? Pardon!?

Instead, the MPs should get down on their knees and apologize on behalf of the government.

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