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C++ Julia & Python /R  - 
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Are these still being actively developed? I use some of these packages, but others seem to be unmaintained now-- or maybe they are feature complete?
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A good post on what "Computing" is, and how it's much bigger than just programming.
It seems like everyone is trying to learn to code: has celebrities like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Chris Bosh telling you anyone can code; CoderDojo's are springing up all over the country; the UK has made it p...
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joel steele

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Glad to join. I'm a quantitative psychologist interested in advanced techniques for longitudinal data analysis. I enjoy many aspects of developmental and social psychology. Thanks for adding me.
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Welcome, Joel!  We look forward to seeing your contributions.  Ron
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Just found out about this one. My new favorite...
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one of my favorites as well
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