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Games need more violence - notes from Videobrains
and insouciant games emerge as a counterpoint to common conceptions
about videogames and as a challenge to the accepted standards of
what a “videogame” is. Walking simulators, puzzle platformers,
games focusing largely on child protagonists,...

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I don't get Assassin's Creed
this, it's hard not to sound aloof, or like I'm trying to bolster for
myself a contrarian, iconoclastic reputation, but I am incredulous as
to the success of the Assassin's Creed games. I sincerely hope that
there's something wrong with me ,
that it'...

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Games You'd Enjoy
In no particular order - Alien Isolation - Wolfenstein: The New Order - Year Walk - Mount Your Friends - Broforce - Gone Home - Papers, Please - Bernband - Depression Quest - Actual Sunlight - This War of Mine - Dys4ia  - One Chance - Immortall - Sword and ...

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Lone Survivor, Guilt and Parents
James Sunderland returns to Silent Hill in the hoping of
reuniting with his wife, who died years earlier from a terminal
illness. Instead, he's confronted with the truth that he was the one
who murdered her, after she became too ill to have sex with him. Th...

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Michele Dachss: Part One
In a lot of games that boast, or are famous for, emergent narrative, the emergent narrative often constitutes raw action. I'm thinking of stories about a car chase in Grand Theft Auto, or a fight with a dragon in Skyrim. These things are specific to individ...

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Notes on Far Cry 2
A few things I've noticed while playing Far Cry 2, and what I think about them. The "Statistics" menu on the pause screen is pretty exhaustive - days passed in game, bullets fired, upgrades purchased. But it doesn't have a total of how many people you've ki...

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I didn't get to review Alien Isolation, so instead I want to dedicate the next week of this blog to several small posts about aspects I found interesting: minutia, aesthetics, a few key mechanics. I'm going to start by looking at how the game presents techn...

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Watch_Dogs writer's meeting: Feb 14th, 2011
The following is a transcript of a meeting that obviously never happened: Present at meeting: A Ubisoft writer [UA] Another Ubisoft writer [UB] Ed Smith, albeit in his imagination [ES] UA: Okay. Glad you could both make it. Hey, Ed, you're looking impeccabl...

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How to use a gun: Metro versus Modern Warfare
In his ongoing critical Let's Play of Modern Warfare , Brendan Keogh often describes how the games demonstrate, purposefully, the West's mastery of war through technology. The scenes involving night-vision goggles, laser sights, Predator drones and Javelin ...

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P.T. and How to Make Horror in Videogames
The best horror games require walkthroughs. By that I mean anything that's so straightforward you can blaze through it unimpeded isn't a horror game - it's an actioner. Horror is about confusion, disorientation, attrition. I'm thinking of Dallas crawling th...
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