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The major hindrance to a lot of difficulties in a common person's life, including education is MONEY. Not the Taliban. Not religion. All the best universities, schools and colleges in the world are saying wordlessly yet blatantly, that people who can't afford the best education don't DESERVE it. I repeat, as I have many times before- money isn't everything but it is one of the necessities in life. It's not my opinion. It's my observation. We can't deny that and today, I'll be talking about it especially in regard with education. If my words aren't controversial enough now, just wait and watch  ;)

We talk about equality. We talk about women's rights, we talk about children's rights and human rights but has anyone ever stopped to think that there should be equality of education? At least in third world countries, the government schools and universities including those in Pakistan have the worst teachers, worst syllabuses, unauthorised checking and certificates that will never be recognised or acknowledged even if the student works hard to get a grade or a degree. Where's justice here? I feel guilty for going to one of the best colleges. I feel guilty to be living among the elite class, with what others can't even dare to dream for.
There are desperate expressions I've seen and I can't forget. During those times, I've felt more helpless than them, and so, I've never forgotten those moments.

Getting an education is not just a problem for girls, but also for BOYS. I've known boys to sacrifice their desire to get an education to look after their families or pay for school for younger siblings. I've seen young boys selling vegetables not because people are forcing them, but fate is. They can't afford the luxury of education when they can barely afford food or the basic comforts of life. If they don't get educated, they can't prove to the world that they deserve a job and they stay that way, in that place forever. No backward mindset, no rule in religion and no cultural practise is against education and success in academic life because we all know, it'll lead to money and that will lead to comfort. Who doesn't want that?. The only thing mostly standing against education is the  ability to AFFORD it.
Forget about third world countries.  According to recent Pew Research Center polling, 75% of all Americans believe that college is too expensive for most Americans to afford and According to the Student Loan Debt Clock, total student loan debt  in the United States had surpassed the 1 trillion dollar mark in 2012 and there are some horror stories about how student debt has ruined students' lives. Is formal education these days just a giant money scam?

Why such cruelty for something that's our basic RIGHT?

So ranting about rights for education won't work. Making it accessible to all in a fair manner will. A book and a pen won't work.
Good tutoring and facilities and a legitimate certificate could. I'm helpless but not everyone is so if my plea is heard, please do help if you can.

Oh yes, scholarships are offered but to those who prove to be extraordinarily smart. So... if you're not extraordinarily smart, you don't deserve a good education. Right.

From the bottom of my heart, we should and I do appreciate the bounties of Allah and all the things I'm blessed with. It wouldn't be enough if I thanked him in every waking moment. Every breath I breathe, every choice I make, scent I smell, thing I hear, every touch or vibe of love I feel is due to His mercy and I'm grateful for that. Sometimes I feel I've been blessed more than others. But...I'm sick of this system. I'm disgusted by how things go on in this so called civilised society. We're predators. We're scavengers. We flock together, but we also change colours like a chameleon. It's all survival of the richest in this concrete jungle we have made for ourselves where hose who're not rich are dying bit, by bit, by bit figuratively and literally if they don't work incredibly hard to rise above the melee. I've seen both kinds of life first-hand. At this point, although it's hard even for myself to believe, I'm at a place where I'm desperate to break free from the system, reach for the sky and to the zenith of success but I don't know how.

We're being fed poison through genetically modified or commercially made, so called safe food.
We're being forced to live life by certain rules of the world or we die or become outcasts(that must be cultural and not money related)
We're being forced to see children dying of hunger while we waste money on frivolities, make the tallest buildings and throw away food.
We're being forced to believe the Western lifestyle is the best.
We're being forced to ignore all the chaos in the world as we live in our safe bubble of delusion.
We're being manipulated by the media.
We live in a world where pointing out the wrong is being judgemental and doing what's right is being narrow minded.
Believable lies are seen as the truth, and the truth is seen as conspiracy theories and superstition.

You or I may not be this way, and people like you must be keeping humanity intact in this crazy world but it's hard to ignore what's happening.

How do you break free?
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Indonesia East Java (Privacy and protected my Panoramio picture)
beautiful landscape @ Sukapura village
Click on the image to see the location
by, 蒂芙尼 林

#Indonesia #beautifulJava #EastJava #Photography 
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