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Rumor? Google to launch a commenting platform

Currently if you want to comment across blogs, sites and other random services you generally need to set up an account at each site. Services like Disqus, Livefyre and more recently Facebook have made attempts at providing a single sign-on that works across all participating sites. This is a huge step forward for creating conversations and Google is looking to join the current mix of options.

This would be a win-win for Google as conversations could drive usage of Google+ as well as garnering great data for their core search offerings. Facebook may be the primary target but Disqus and Livefyre may be the casualties of this battle.

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I do think this would be a win.
I have an Disqus account, blogger account, numerous platforms connected via twitter credentials and refuse to sign back up for FB in order to comment on sites like Rolling Stone that chose to adopt a closed ecosystem, exclusive to FB members.
This seems like an obvious evolution in Google's strategy, albeit a bit late as FB integration has serious reach. If I am signed in to Google platform, depending on the nature of a forum or blog, I'd like to be able to comment, subscribe to replies without registering for a single post or thread.
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