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Totally excited to try - first box is free and the mixes look delicious. (If you use my code NTHF3VX, then you get your first free too and I get a $1 off my next box.) They do ask for a credit card but you can cancel after the first if you like.

I have been away from social networks for a week and back to them for five hours. The only one I've checked so far is...Google+.

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Ian is so very right.

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Much like Twitter, I make no attempt to read back terribly far in G+. Unlike Facebook, I do actually attempt to read.

I'm tucking you all into my SEO circles so that I can more effectively ignore you come Friday.

[is adorable]

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Bruce's thoughts on G+. What'dya think?
I think that the opportunities for social and search and ad reach will be fantastic with G+... and I for one think Google brilliant for arranging a perfect storm. With Business Pages however, while great for small businesses, they will compete with our own websites for ranking, making G+ a hub and a top-ranking one at that... think Wikipedia for companies powered by social. You know what that means, right? SEO is top-3 organic or fail. Open for rebuttal...

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Making some big changes in my life. Come read about it.

Google+ is not playing nicely with Chrome. There's all these mysterious white spaces in my stream.

For people who only use Facebook, today's announcements are very exciting. Just like if you only shop at the grocery store, the "Asian foods" section is very exciting. If you shop elsewhere, this just looks also ran.

Obviously I'm making this observation here because I don't care about what the people on FB think.
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