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When The Next One Happens
I've long since become desensitized to mass shootings.  I didn't stop caring that innocent people keep getting murdered.  I'll never stop caring about that.  I've just stopped being interested in the story when it happens.  And I've stopped pretending we're...

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That Time My Baby Was Assaulted with $21
This morning, Omaha Atheists joined some others at our local Planned Parenthood clinic to counter their anti-choice protesters.   We knew we'd encounter some shitty behavior from them, but I still wasn't expecting my 16 week old baby to be assaulted. It was...

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Shambles of the Fourth Estate
Corporate media is a joke.  And I don't just mean Fox News, the Republican Party's main venue to spread propaganda, which has repeatedly been found to be blatantly dishonest .  CNN regularly fails to correct errors, instead choosing give "both sides" equal ...

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Life In The Bible Belt From A Tourist Perspective
Having to constantly have Jesus thrown in your face is a common theme I see from people all over the United States, but this is especially so in the Bible Belt.  As if to illustrate my point, just as I started writing this, my family in the other room start...

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Interviews, Anxiety, and Society
I'm sitting here waiting for a phone call from a reporter with the Omaha World Herald. This should not elevate my heart rate, and yet it does. I shouldn't be worried about saying something to hurt Omaha Atheists or Apostacon .  I've done this before.  And y...

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A Particular Ice Bucket Challenge
Last weekend, I was challenged to the Ice Bucket Challenge, and I responded with a donation.  So, I've decided to challenge 3 people. Susi Bocks, a wonderful person and organizer for Kansas Atheists. Micah Weiss, an organizer for one of my favorite conferen...

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I've Been Ice Bucket Challenged
I've been challenged in the recent trend of the Ice Bucket Challenge , for the ALS Association . Since I don't have the time within the 24 hours to film myself getting ice water dumped on me (and because I don't want really want to), I decided to do like th...

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Robin Williams Died From A Disease, NOT A Choice
Robin Williams suffered from Depression , a very real medical condition that threatens the lives of its victims . Feeling sad, or what we may call "depressed", happens to all of us. The sensation usually passes after a while. However, people with a depressi...

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There Is No Need To Straw Man Ray Comfort
A post about something awful Ray Comfort said has started to go around. If your first thought is that it must be fake, you're in the same boat I was.   Ray Comfort is an idiot and a habitual liar , but this seems way too much for even him. He's said so hims...

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The Family Bookshelf
My friend, Cara, is currently visiting family and dealing with the double standard of the atheist having to keep certain things to herself in order to keep the peace.  I suggested she write about the experience and the following is what she wrote. -------...
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