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Foster Roster
Back in February we started fostering puppies as part of the Central Oklahoma Humane Society's foster network.  We adopted Birdie from COHS shortly after moving to Oklahoma and have been involved with the organization ever since. Matt is currently on the bo...

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The Tile Styles
Our bathroom was gutted earlier this month!   I think it's about halfway done- maybe more...honestly I'm not really sure but there have been people here working almost every day since it started and it seems to be moving right along.  Completely gutting a s...

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My X's & O's
Happy February!   Since the calendar has turned I thought it was about time for a little Valentine's Day inspiration. The mother of all made up holidays, but I'm a good American so I'll buy in.   Before Christmas even came around the dollar section at Targe...

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You Were Always Jealous of that Lamp: Part II
Have you been on the edge of your seat waiting for this post ever since you read "You Were Always Jealous of that Lamp: Part 1" ?  I know I have and I live here.   Let's start with the dining room... There is an ornament garland between the two lamps on the...

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You Were Always Jealous of that Lamp: Part I
Merry Merry! While I don't have a leg lamp I do want to show off some Christmas decor in an effort to ignite feelings of envy.  That's what the season is all about.   Let's start with the entryway. Free was the goal for the planter- free tree clippings from...

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From Darkness to Light
Have you ever looked at a room and thought "this would be SO much better if only the walls were a dark semi-gloss with an even darker high-gloss trim that is completely inconsistent with the rest of the house"? Me neither.  But apparently someone did becaus...

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First Impressions
If our house was on Tinder I feel pretty confident that it would get a swipe right.  The entry was cute enough when we bought it, but we've done some things to help it along. The photo below is a good representation of our starting point. See this post for ...

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Oklahoma Dreamin'
If I were to buy a house again there are 2 things that would matter more to me than anything else-- foundation {see this post } and drainage.  Ok and I guess location, although if I were guaranteed a house in the cookie cutter burbs that had no foundation o...

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Solid Foundation
Once upon a time on a frigid winter day this little house was stabilized with 15 steel piers.  The End. Well, actually it's only the beginning of what will be an ongoing process in making our 1937 home feel like new.  Besides a small paint job  and the addi...

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Console Me
We're back in the dining room, haven't you missed this spot?  It's as cozy as ever and it is thiiiis close to being complete.   This is where we were when you last saw it, we had ou r glorious table in place, our comfy chairs, twinkling lamps...and a hand m...
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