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Janice Hurlburt
Get back quality time to enjoy life!
Get back quality time to enjoy life!

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What is your role in Social Media?

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Hate marketing yourself? Gayle Nowak can show you how to Market With Ease (without feeling salesy or sleezy in the process). In her new training she’ll show you how to avoid the 3 Massive Marketing Mistakes #Entrepreneurs Make that repel clients & cash. It’s February 24. Don’t want to miss this interactive and dynamic FREE webinar.

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Tomorrow! tune in and listen to  Expretpreneur radio show guest Diane Currie Sam, a story-based marketing expert .  She will explain how most 'ExpertPreneurs' do their marketing entirely backwards, what costly mistakes you are making on your website, and how you can completely supercharge your brand with story-based marketing.  .  Expertpreneur® Radio airs every Thursday at 2pm CST.

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Hi Jaimie Skultety, Perfect timing on your post, I was not aware of the screen sharing feature with Skype! I have seen Jings in action, and is one more tool I plan to use to improve on productivity. Great Post. Thank you!

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A great article to refresh your productivity habits! So simple really! Wow, I feel good that I do about 50% of the productivity tips and the other 50% I want to work on for 2015. My goals are: Not to jump out of bed checking emails, taking care of myself, take frequent breaks, quit at 5pm, timing my to-do list, and and creating a weekly client deliverable calendar. How is your productivity habits?
How is your productivity habits?
#bizybizyva   #productivitytips  

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In a rut when it comes to knowing what to post on Facebook? You are not alone. I have seen many small businesses owners get hung up on posting the same types of content over and over again. It happens to all of us.

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Do you agree?

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It’s the first day of Christmas and Sheryl Wolowyk is giving away a FREE YEAR of Expertpreneur magazine. Grow your business, build your brand and succeed in the New Year!
Join in  and share her fabulous “12 days of Christmas” Gift Giveaway.

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Do you know where all your time goes?  

Below is a list of 10 Apps that will help manage your TIME effectively! 
1. Need to get something done, Get Focus Booster App!
2. Rescue time
3. Track time on projects 
4. Create focus on the tasks at hand
5. Manage your to-do lists effectively
6. Manage your passwords in one place
7. Synchronize and access your agenda from different devices
8. Remove distractions
9. Increase your attention span
10. How to work smarter
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