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Damn. Every time I come around to peek at this group, I see that it's void of activity and my heart sinks a little. I have so much love for Demon the Fallen, yet it so often doesn't get nearly as much love as it deserves.

I'll just leave this thread here in the hopes that maybe someone will stumble over it? If you do, hit me up. I'd love to chat about Demon. 

A while back, I tried my hand at making a character sheet for a Fate game inspired by Game of Thrones. I didn’t really know what to do with a small block of empty space, so I figured I’d use it for derived traits in a manner similar to Savage Worlds (e.g. Dodge, Parry, Pace, and so on.) I can upload the sheet to afford you some idea of what I mean, but I’m mostly interested in polling the board for suggestions and seeing if the idea has merit. Has anyone else considered utilizing derived traits as passive opposition to streamline conflict? For instance:

A dodge trait to describe passive opposition to ranged attacks, based on Athletics. Alternatively, in a genre where firearms are present and lethal, I might set it at +2 and allow player-characters to buy it up or down with stunts, compliment it with Athletics, or boost it with aspects relevant to cover and concealment.

A block, guard, or parry trait to describe passive opposition to melee attacks, based on Fight.

A resolve trait to describe resistance to psychological attacks, or attempts to create advantages which would otherwise be detrimental to a person’s state of mind.

A reputation or stature trait to describe the esteem with which the character is regarded, acting as passive opposition to attempts to create social advantages by attacking the character’s reputation when he isn’t present.

I could take or leave any number of these traits, depending on the genre of the game I wanted to play. I really want to run a Jadepunk game hashed with a bit of Tianxia, so in this game I might have a spot to record a character’s “pace,” or the number of zones she can move in any direction and still act within a single exchange. Similarly, a spot to record the character’s initiative might be useful. I’ve even toyed with a trait for intuition or perception—sometimes it’s just easier to roll in secret and say nothing if the character doesn’t notice, although this is arguably a subject all its own.

Anyway, the concept appeals to me because it could streamline play by reducing the number of rolls or afford the players with quick and easy references. But I’m struggling a bit with the implementation, and I’m beginning to suspect that maybe it’s just not worth the trouble? In a game based on Song of Ice and Fire, I feel like there is some utility in granting the characters some form of passive opposition and limiting the number of defend actions they can take per exchange—maybe create avenues for them to get more, the idea’s still pretty vague—to reflect the dangerous nature of the setting.

I just worry that doing so may cause the players to feel robbed of the sense of agency you get when you roll a stat for yourself, and this in turn causes me to fuss a little over the implementation.

Any thoughts?

Okay. So here goes nothing. 

Over the years I noticed I've GM'd less and less. I feel like I've lost a lot of confidence in my abilities, and so I've tinkered with rules as a way of avoiding running a game. I'm trying to put a stop to this, but most of my friends are scattered across the country--and maybe, just maybe, I ought to try gaming with new people? 

Between a group of patient people and the system already provided by Fate, I feel like I have a chance to break out of these old habits and recover some of my lost confidence. I'm interested in running Nova Praxis, Eagle Eyes, or Psychedemia. I'm equally interested in playing anything under the sun. But I need a bit of help finding a medium.

I've never messed with Roll20 or Inferno or any web-based program that wasn't text-based, and I'm a little overwhelmed. Failing a steady group of people who play together online, can anyone suggest a good place to start? Which clients have you had the most success with?

So, I'm dead-set on running a Fate game set in GRRM's World of Ice and Fire for some close friends, and I've essentially been working to this end for...I've lost count of the days. They bleed together.

I'm modeling the rules for this game after Strands of Fate, but I haven't been entirely constrained to it. Nova Praxis, Fate Core, the Fate System Toolkit, Dresden Files...I've used a lot of different bases of inspiration, and it's still very much a work in progress. My hope here is to create a workable hack, but I'm afraid it may be too crunchy for most. 

Anyway, I thought it would be nice if I shared what I'd made with the community...and I'm really proud of this character sheet. Granted, it's larger than I'd hoped, but a lot of that is for aesthetic reasons--most of it winds up blank. 

Songs of Summer (Game of Thrones Character Sheet):

Amended Core Cheat Sheet:

Tables, Charts, Spreadsheets:

I just finished reading the most of the Nova Praxis Game Guide, and after talking it over with a close friend, I figured it might be fun to run him through an introduction to the setting. 

Instead of having him play an Auxiliary, we came up with a virtuality gamer who's aspiring to join the Fray. His character is a game junkie whose older sister suffers from a highly aggressive disease -- something that can't be easily resolved at the default standard of living. Although his only real talents exist in the virtual world, I thought it might be interesting to have him use this as an avenue for rep.

Initially I figured we could use Software Engineering, Strategy and Cohesion for a lot of the character's interaction with the virtual world, but looking at the way SIM's are created, I get the impression that we're actually supposed to be using the player-character's skills -- firearms, melee, athletics, endurance and so on. 

I'm posting to this community for story ideas, suggestions and criticisms. How does one join a professional Fray Team? Are there "Mock Frays" held for the average gamer, like annual golf tournaments? Is there a fee to enter? Do you have to know people to get in? Does your rep in the Fray translate directly to real-life rep? 

How would you handle this sort of game? 
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