G+niuses, there are tears in my eyes and joy in my heart. I crumpled to the floor - moved beyond words - when I saw this. Our gifts to my Save The Children sponsor-sister Katiene were safely delivered to her little village in Mali, Africa. Expand to read the story & click to see the photos.

Way back, last summer, after feeling the warm glow of getting to know and sing for people around the world in my first Hangout Concerts, my mama and I decided to start giving all that global love back in as many ways as we could.

So we visited +Save the Children USA's website and sponsored this beautiful little-sister-in-spirit, 5 year-old Katiene. This means that every month a little money goes to support her school, her family, her village and everyone who lives there - It's pocket-change in the US but it's life changing for them.

The amazing gift is that I get to correspond with Katiene, send her gifts, letters and love and let her know someone out there cares... That so many someones care! So I reached out to you guys, the global village of Google+ to help me decide what to send as my first package - just in time for her 6th birthday...

What could show someone across the world that they are loved and seen?

♥ Three remarkable Google+ Artists, +Cliff Roth +Samantha Villenave and +Mike Searle, created portraits of Katiene that show her bright and beautiful and beaming off the page! I had prints made and mounted in clear plastic to handle any weather or wear and tear and popped them into a box with a few other gifts...

♥ Two little stuffed animals - an elephant to represent her home in Africa and a squirrel to represent my home in Connecticut, USA...

♥ A tank top with my "Laughing In The Face of The Lion" logo on it - She thought this sounded like a very silly and dangerous thing to do and asked me to please not laugh at real lions!

♥ A CD of my songs I've heard back that there's no CD player in her village so that can be our next package! What do you guys think? A little CD player with batteries? A little iPod and speakers? Maybe some solar chargers?

♥ And a letter from me with comments and notes from you. :)

When I brought the package to the post office, the man behind the counter just looked at me and said, "I hope it gets there." Well get there it did!! I received a letter back from Katiene - dictated and translated by the Save The Children field workers there. Inside envelope were photos of Katiene with a gorgeous missing-tooth-grin holding her stuffed animals, posing with her portraits and wearing my tank top with global style! I wish we could hear her laugh. :)

Her letter spoke of such happiness! She was overjoyed! In my letter I had tried to explain the internet and Google+... how there was a family of people from all over the world who care about her. She wrote back that there is no computer in her village, but she hopes to see one someday.

Somewhere between translations from her native French and six-year-old wisdom we found common language... and I could just imagine, dream, of one day getting her in front of a Hangout screen to say hello to this world who now knows she exists and loves her from afar.

Your Love Touches The World,
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