Hey G+niuses! A ton of you have been asking who shot my new profile photo - well today is his birthday so it's time for a shout out!

+Richard A. Heckler is a fun and intrepid soul, a guy who makes your sides hurt with giggles and who knows exactly what to say when you're down, he's a spiritual dude who's been to Tibet, India, Bhutan and back, he lives in Cali but comes home to the East Coast for the bagels and he's also my Uncle Richy. ;)

I've always loved performing, being on stage, singing my heart out... but feeling natural infront of a camera is a whooole other animal. Somehow my Unc makes the gaze of his lens feel like a friend. We captured this shot and my new profile pic in 10 mins with just a flash, a reflector and a laugh... and I had a cold! Lol!

You can see more of my Unc's work and read his thoughts here on G+ and at :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY +Richard A. Heckler!
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