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Ginger is on the Radio
Glory Eden (Ginger Rogers), America's "Purity Girl" has had it. She's been on the radio for a year. She's popular, she's making plenty of money, but she is banned from going ANYWHERE. She wants to go out and dance in Harlem, she wants to wear makeup and dat...

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Kay Sings?
Would-be actress Pamela Drake (Deanna Durbin) is eager to follow in the footsteps of her mother, noted actress and soprano Georgia Drake (Kay Francis). But when Pamela is offered a role in Karl Ober's (S. Z. Sakall) new play of St. Anne, complications ensue...

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Don Goes to the Devil
Heaven Can Wait (1943) tells in flashback the life of Henry Van Cleve (Don Ameche). After his death, Henry heads directly to Hell, where he meets with His Excellency (Laird Cregar). His Excellency is puzzled as to why Henry is there (he's a bit behind, due ...

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Bette's Love Nest
In our continuing search for interesting pre-code films, we found Ex-Lady (1933) starring Bette Davis.  Ex-Lady is a remake of Illicit (1931), starring Barbara Stanwyck, which we discussed last year.  That the two were related was a nice surprise (thanks, R...

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Dancing in the Stars
I'm going to spend a little of your time discussing a film from last year.  We just recently saw La La Land (2016) with a live orchestra providing the score, and this second viewing even further solidified my appreciation for the influence of classic cinema...

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Princess Olivia
This week, we watched Princess O'Rourke , a 1943 film
with Ms. De Havilland as the Princess Maria, a refugee from Europe
living quietly - much too quietly - in the United States.   When she
passes out (the result of too many sleeping pills) after her fli...

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William Has The Key
Paedar Conlan (Donald Crisp), a Sein Fein official, is on the run from the British military in 1920s Dublin. He's being sought by Captain Andrew Kerr (Colin Clive), an officer in the Secret Service. Andrew and his wife, Norah (Edna Best) have a good marriag...

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Barbara's in Jeopardy
The Stilwin family, Helen (Barbara Stanwyck), Doug (Barry Sullivan), and son Bobby (Lee Aaker) are in a deserted area of  Mexico to enjoy a long anticipated camping expedition. But when an accident places Doug in Jeopardy (1953), it's up to Helen to find as...

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Halloween and the Precode Era
To celebrate Halloween, we decided to watch the 1931 Dracula with Bela Lugosi in the title role.  What can we say about this iconic
film? To get a bit of perspective, we looked at a scene (the "I never" scene) from the 1931 Spanish-language v...
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