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Writer, Editor, Entrepreneur

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Google = Templars? I can't be the only one noticing this. Hacked this together to illustrate. #laughter #googledrive

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Podio featured me and +Metonymy Media on their blog today. I'm kind of a big deal in Denmark now...

The video quality absolutely sucked in my last hangout, but at least I was able to make my face look like a beagle. I'll always have that.

These Hangouts have to stop being so buggy or they'll never really catch on...

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+Jarred Juett writes about the #Social46 , the awesomeness of Indy, and how we can all get involved in spreading our love for this great city.

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What kind of content are you offering your customers?

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Now you can benefit from the wisdom of developer extraordinaire, +Christopher Miller. Get your JavaScript knowledge on.

I am just now beginning to appreciate Calendar invites and meeting requests. I feel like a child.

Oh, dudes, I have a meeting in like a half hour. Dudes.

Excited about iCloud, but disappointed with the "Docs & Data" aspect of it. From what I am beginning to understand, the only way you can store and access documents is through iWork or other "compatible" applications.

In other words, we won't see the kind of integration that even Dropbox offers with OS X. I was expecting a drive in my Finder window that I could save documents to, but that isn't what's happening here.

That one criticism aside, iTunes in the Cloud is cool, as is the Photo stream and all of the calendar and contact syncing. When iTunes Match hits, a quarter of most of my drives will be freed up. Good stuff.
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