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Integrity at any price
Integrity at any price

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Grab em
Huge collection of Awesome New Material Design walls! Many designed by the talented +J. Amourette​, +Jose Carlos Bejarano​, and +Josh Oleksyn​ using Josh's Minima Project Live Wallpaper! Fantastic creations!!! Thanks to everyone that has contributed and shared with us!!!

NOVA Launcher Prime
Wanam Xposed Framework
Timely Clock Widget
Combination of Icons
- Nova's Lollipop Icons
- Moonshine Icons
- Shapes and Shades Icons 
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Make it so.

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Well time to reactivate my account
We will be making a major change to EVE’s skill training system in the upcoming release by removing the 24-hour training queue limitation.

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You know you've done something when you've rustled this many feathers.  Guess I'll grab the popcorn.
Apple Pay may already be getting into some scraps with retailers wary of the Cupertino behemoth doing for mobile payments what it did with music downloads, but the system’s reach could increase exponentially according to new leaks regarding Apple’s…

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I'll always have a soft spot for Pandora
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