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Core Python books
The *standard* introductory and intermediate texts for Python programming
The *standard* introductory and intermediate texts for Python programming

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I love giving back to the community, and teaching #Python locally is just one way I do that. Sooo... here's the final reminder about my 3-day course coming up in a few weeks (Jul 30-Aug 1) near the San Francisco airport. To recap, my audience isn't the absolute newbie to coding... it is geared towards the following audiences:

1. Those who already know how to code in another high-level language (C/C++, Java, PHP, Ruby) looking to get a strong introduction to Python

2. Those who already know Python syntax, i.e., either by tinkering on their own, via a study group, have taken courses from Udacity, Coursera, any other publicly offered beginner course, or have completed "Learn Python the Hard Way"... they want to know more and take their skills to the next level plus learn good Python practices along the way.

3. Those who know Python well and use it often but want to fill-in gaps in their knowledge or have run into hard-to-explain bugs with their code even if it appears to all be syntactically correct.

It's near SFO so free shuttle for those flying in. It's across the street from the San Bruno BART station (and up the road from CalTrain), and there's easy freeway access (101/380/280) along with free parking. The fee is $1495USD (covers all lectures, codelabs, course materials, textbook) -- bring a friend or colleague, and you'll both get a discount! (Contact me privately for details.) Here's the public ad:

Go to and click the "Training" link in the lower right-hand corner. There are links to the course and registration. You can also watch a 5-minute video to get an idea of my teaching style and classroom interaction. A 1-pager/flyer (PDF) can be downloaded at

I've got a few seats left, so hope to meet some of you soon!
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Just wanted to take a moment to thank all my readers out there. last month, the 2nd edition of my "Core Python Programming" book just hit its 8th printing!! To celebrate, has put it on sale for 43% (normally only 37% off) This is my main book which is meant for existing programmers new to #Python. More info at

If you already know Python but want to take your skills to the next level, "volume 2" is called "Core Python Applications Programming" (3rd ed). The good thing for beginners is that "volume 1" above has a free multi-chapter preview of volume 2. (In future editions, this will likely be reduced to one chapter of free preview.)
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Yay... another positive sentiment for my latest book which came out almost a year ago! I'm so glad folks find it useful to taking their #Python skills to the next level!
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RT @InformIT Perfect 10! @wescpy "Core #Python Applications Programming" reviewed by the The British Computer Society (BCS): "the book’s key strength is its interactive style, which encourages and supports deeper understanding of the subject matter"

Public service note: I have 2 books out there that are similarly named:

• "Core Python Applications Programming" (3rd ed, the reviewed book,, is for existing Python programmers looking to expand their skills while...

• "Core Python Programming" (2nd ed, is for programmers new to or learning Python... it also comes with a free 9-chapter preview of "Core Python Applications Programming"
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I'm starting to think about the 3rd ed of Part I of Core Python. In addition to fixing up the existing 14 chapters, I'll be adding Python 3 versions of the code next to the Python 2 ones (no I'm not removing those to make a pure Python 3 book... that's nuts!)

One of the new chapters I'll be adding is called "Best Practices." Post some of your best practices here, or to my personal G+ page ( I'll also ask readers of this on the Core Python blog as well (
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If you've been thinking about any of my books, FYI @Amazon starts collecting CA sales tax tomorrow! :-)
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Dear readers, if you haven't already noticed, a review of the newest book was posted to Slashdot yesterday, and wow, what an effect it has had. Glad you all are here joining me on this great ride!

Here's what I wrote about it in my normal G+ stream:

Important Note: I'm starting my research for the 3rd edition of Part I of the original Core Python book. It will be called "Core Python Language Fundamentals." Let me know privately (DM, email, etc.) if you have any comments or suggestions for the new book, or if you wish to be a tech reviewer!

The whole process will take a couple of years, so to keep the 2nd edition current, a couple of years ago, I added 2 new appendices on 2.6 (& 2.7) as well as 3.x... look for the red star on the cover (5th & newer printings).
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Greetings everyone! In case any of you are interested, I'm offering my next hardcore Python course coming up in a few weeks (Aug 1-3) near the San
Francisco airport. It follows and is based on my classic Core Python Programming book (say the first 13 or so chapters).

If you're somewhat new to Python or have tinkered but want to fill-in the holes, this course is for you. It's somewhat true you can learn Python online, watching videos, or reading books, but it still takes time and experience to master... I help accelerate this process. The course is made up of 3 full days complete with lectures and 3 hands-on coding labs per day.

Please pass on this message to your colleagues who also need to learn
Python. It's also a great excuse to coming to beautiful Northern California for a final summer vacation! More details in my ad at
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Staying in tune with the latest tools and giving best practices on the day-to-day are two things that I love to impart on the book's blog.

A few months ago, I described how the new book has gotten an infusion of Google technologies:

Two weeks ago, I challenged Python developers on tuples should (and should not) be used for:
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Please be sure to visit the books' website at Specifically for the new book (Core Python Applications Programming, 3rd edition), I've updated the Errata page significantly since the book was published. Yes, we didn't get all the kinks out in time for publication; there are many minor issues and some non-minor ones.

Some of the code needed fixing, so I've made a few updates to the downloadable source, both individual files as well as the archives ( & all.tgz) on 2012 Apr 3. Be sure to check whether you have the latest!

Also, I need your help! If you find any errors (regardless of how big or small), please post it here as a reply or email me at the address inside the book.
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