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Delivering the write way for over 30 years
Delivering the write way for over 30 years

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B2B SEO is essential in order to stay relevant and competitive in the modern business environment, and here are three must-read reasons in case you still need convincing.

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Got a lovely new testimonial on our site from Anita at Recruit4Talent:

"I am very pleased with the quality of the pens provided and the speed of response to my request. I found the company and service excellent and great value for money based on other suppliers I researched. Pens unlimited demonstrated smaller numbers in order sizes and added my telephone number onto the pens at no extra charge. Excellent Service, I will be using them again."

Thanks Anita! 

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We've increased our selection of promotional pens from the Image Curvy range to include a selection of quality customised gifts that incorporate touch screen stylus' and enhanced digital printing displays.

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It's difficult to stay on top of the latest trends, but we thing any business with an online presence should make an effort to be keyed in on what is happening in the world of digital marketing. 

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Suppose now is as good a time as any to find out whether or not our 7 business predictions for 2015 came true.... 

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Pens Unlimited will be closed from 19th December to 4th January so that we can get a little bit of rest! We would like take this moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year; and please feel free to send us your orders and enquiries. We promise that they will be processed promptly Upon our return.

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As a business, Christmas should have been on our minds and haunting our dreams for several months now. No matter what business sector or industry you are in you will undoubtedly be affected by the festive season, especially if yours is a business that can realistically expect a high influx of customers, and relies on this surge to support itself though some of the quieter months of the year.

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Our branded pens have to meet a very stringent set of criteria for us to consider them a best selling promotional pen, so it is always exciting for us to announce when one of our pens make the grade. Recently however not one but two of our personalised pens have qualified to become listed amongst our best selling range of promotional pens; and both are from the Image Curvy range.

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Creating original content to put on your website is an essential part of modern online marketing, and writing thoughtful blog posts is a fantastic way of achieving this. The thing to remember is that your posts don't need to be ground-breaking research papers that will revolutionise your industry; they just need to contain information that others will want to read and can benefit from.  

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With the recent changes to Facebook’s algorithm, there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the do’s and don’ts of social media.
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