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Alexander V. Laskin
Professor and Consultant: Investor relations, Public relations, CSR, and International relations.
Professor and Consultant: Investor relations, Public relations, CSR, and International relations.

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Female Influence on the Public Relations Industry: Guest Post by Kristin Impallaria
As society continues
to progress, the PR industry becomes more well known. Public relations is a
profession that is refreshingly different from others, because of its female dominate
approach. Nearly 80 percent of the PR industry is comprised of women. This...

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The World of Automotive Public Relations: Guest Post by Christopher Davis
Have you ever
wondered why there are so many car advertisements on television? Or why car
manufacturers so readily put their name on everything they can, as well as at
least five times on their own products? There is no question that the
automotive industry...

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The Importance of Nonprofit Public Relations: Guest Post by Elizabeth Yacus
Nonprofit public
relations, or not-for-profit, make up a broad area of public relations. In the
United States, there are 1.8 million groups recognized by the Internal Revenue
Service (IRS), according to GuideStar, which is an organization that gathers

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Sports PR: Crisis Management: Guest Post by Molly Grosso
crisis is considered any situation that is threatening or could threaten to
harm people or property, seriously interrupt business, damage reputation and/or
negatively impact the bottom line . Crisis
management may be one of the most difficult areas of pub...

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Working in the Sports PR World: Guest Post by Lindsey Goodwin
Sports Public Relations is one of the highest growing fields
of public relations. Sports PR experts usually do any different things
including writing newspaper stories and press releases, booking appearances in
all forms, booking interviews, creating and im...

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Keeping Travelers Happy and Wanting More: Guest Post by Thomas Donovan
In today’s fast-paced and highly stressful
society, people are looking to escape from the pressures and extreme demands of
their everyday lives. If for just a few days or a week, a vacation is one way
in which people can relax and enjoy time off from their ...

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