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Hothothothothothothothot You know what that link is? A heat alert for the Montreal Region. It has been between 80 and 90F (26 and 32 C). That may not sound like much, but the humidity is high and a...

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Research is Different
Person1: "To make your system go faster, you should use method Z, I believe person 2 has written an implementation of it" Person2: "I am working on an implementation of X, but it isn't finished yet. Person3 found a bug in method Y that I need to use, so you...

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I'm in Canada!
After many months of stressing about whether I was going to be allowed to work in Canada, I successfully got my work permit and started my internship at the beginning of this week. Yay! I'm doing computer science research in Montreal, which is pretty darn a...
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