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Kim Kristakov
Compassionate heart, inquizitive mind, addicted to learning.
Compassionate heart, inquizitive mind, addicted to learning.

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Isn't doing macro work on butterflies in their house a 'bitch'?  It's like hanging out for hours in a Siberian banya fully dressed while you constantly wipe sweat out of your eyes and pretend to be having a good time! :)

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Is this by chance the same butterfly :)

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This is an incredible example of time-lapse stop-motion photography.  The final project came to 906.65 GB (that's right GB) in size and contained 83846 RAW frames.  Watch it full-screen in HD.

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PVC Pipe? Music? Heck Yes
This is an AWESOME!!! find +Warren Searle !! This dude totally made this instrument out of PVC pipe and just wails out some of the coolest songs! Lets see how many of them you can identify! (again, thanks Warren for picking this up).

Note: Only do one at a time. More than one gets your post deleted. :)

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Anyone out there that loves looking at pictures and some of the most incredible pictures posted here on G+, follow this link:

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Wanted to make a shout-out to +Tanya Rochat for making a PDF available describing her compositing workflow and share something back with her. The "king" of composites!! If you aren't familiar with the name Jean-François Rauzier check out the link. Since you know first-hand the effort involved in creating the images you make, I think you'll be amazed at these!

Thanks again!

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Ever noticed how altruistic ideas start with the intention of helping humanity and become perverted through the development of profits? Will we ever outgrow this obsession? If you decided to make time for “Paradise or Oblivion” then you are probably ready for more info on one person’s idea for structuring a society around “equal access”. Imagine a world where education and resources denied so many were available to all? How many other potential “bright ideas” could we harvest as a people if we turned our attention to acts of creativity rather than control?

How about a “Future by Design”? Wouldn’t that achieve a greater purpose then “control by war”?

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I wish G+ had a way to delineate threads into groups making it easier to follow subjective material as one continuous dialog. Kind of like creating “albums” for posts. Right now, everything runs together and over the next couple of days I plan to start posting a mix of info.

To start out, I’d like to introduce a futurist and social engineer named Jacque Fresco. I doubt many have heard of him, but I think his body of work deserves a voice with sympathetic souls and I’d like to make sure that those of you who aren’t familiar with him have a chance to think about the conversation he’s started. I’ll follow up in a later post with more info on who this man is. In the meantime, take the time to view the embed and let me know if it says something to you.

What follows is a 48 minute video called “Paradise or Oblivion”. It’s well worth your time…
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