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Umbrella-Less Bitch
"Oh" shaped lips and a wide-eyed stare, She cocks her hips and flips her hair. The boys rush over to carry her things, Just to get close to the girl of their dreams. She hands off her work at the end of each week With a hug and a smile and a kiss on the che...

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Recent Obsessions (Spring 2017)
Honestly, this blog is all over the place. But if it's meant to be a representation of me, then I suppose this works. Sometimes I want to write about emotional ambivalence, and other times I want to write about raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens. In...

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(NC-17, trigger warning)             She treats me like shit. I failed to
realize that at first. Call it naivete, but for some time my faith in her
seemed undying. I genuinely believed she wanted me to have the best, to be the
best. Fucking hate how I’m con...

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Look How Cute My Socks Are
I want to claw my arms off And scratch this evil itch. But I smile with my eyes And pretend that I am fine. I swear to you they hate me. They want me to disappear. But I smile with my eyes And pretend that I am fine. This entire thing is stupid. I'm just wa...

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Sketchbook Peekity Doo
I really only like the eyes in this drawing, so I didn't include the rest. This was the first time I tried cross-hatching, and I kind of overdid it. But I kind of got the vibe right, so I'm happy with it. I was having some Nick and Jess (from New Girl ) fee...

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Tea Party and an Update
dress: Free People; bag: Marshall's; socks: Kenneth Cole; shoes: LoveD Alright, well if you've been here for the past month, you'd notice that all I've been writing are one-shot drabbles. Drabbles because I get these random ideas for moments to write about,...

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Feel Anything (Drabble)
We'd stepped outside for a quick study break and found ourselves settling into the field nearby. All I could hear was wind gliding past the trees and the soft breathing of the moon. After three hours of being affronted by the constant buzz of the fluorescen...

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The Corner (Drabble)
hat: Daiso; bandana: Michael's; shirt: hand-me-down/DIY; dress: Free People Her head falls back to rest on the wall behind her. Hair sticks to her face as she trembles to the ground, sliding into the corner. Eyes sealed shut to block out the darkness that c...

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Cool Albums
I've done music posts before, but I'm trying something new. Here are some albums that I've enjoyed over the past year. (These are in alphabetical order by album title, not chronological order.) 1. Astoria  by Marianas Trench. Things aren't exactly going to ...

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Abandoning Normativity
dress: Nordstrom Rack; bomber: Zara; purse: BCBGeneration; socks: Kohl's; shoes: Topshop Weird has become mainstream over the last few years. Or at least saying  you're weird has become popular. Forgive me for being absolutely ridiculous, but I get mildly a...
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