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Well said
What if you learned you were going to die tomorrow?
A great Man of all time who lived in India. Proud of it.
One of the greatest men to walk the earth!
izz man
Gandhi is dead. who is posting this?
Truly said..learning is * a must to do * for survival
The world would go without many things of value if we all lived as if we were going to die tomorrow.
who is gonna die & who is gonna live is to be identified clearly & established. to get more clarity refer to Gandhi's inspirer Paramhansa Yogananda. cos in some ways we die everyday in our sleep we lose awareness of everything around but we are still alive. death is no different then being a never ending sleep but we might still be alive.
yup even i do, read his autobiography... ul find very interesting facts abt him!!
Hahahaha one of my friends said that if he were to die tomorrow, he'd go on a robbing spree and do as he pleases, any crime, since he's gonna die anyway so even a life sentence wouldn't matter and he wouldn't have to run or hide either.
Totally not my view.
friends tell many things, its left to us to take it or not!!!!
if gandhi was dead, we wouldnt have been discussing abt him even nw!! just think v discuss abt aperson after his death only for few years and max for 1 whole generation of his loved ones!! but if we are disscussing abt gandhi even nw, den he is still living in the hearts of many! pple forget abt the physical existence,every1s gonna die but der work will live long!!!!
i agree MKG is best but their principle of non violence is nt applicable for every time
it is easy to hear a advice but difficult to follow
ghandi i tink i hav a litle i dea abt dt man
Did you die for a nation ruling by basterd pollititians in ur sur name....
Ghandi adopted this saying from Imam Ali.
there is only one adoptable idea in world, no doubt its islaam
hes u said true but why someone wrote his name undr below
I love him for his tool "non violence"
but I think always that may not holds good
"live as if you were to die tomorrow.learn as if you were to live forever." is good advice!
live as if you were to die tomorrow---------then we shall be in a horrible life。
An awesome statement by a awesome person. Good day!
ha ha...... gandhi not awesome
Thats going 2 be my thought 4 the day, THANKS......
i follow his idol always, but, I'm nt support his work
that's to say: eat everything you can now and study 24 hours a day
Key to live is just -Sleep Sleep eat eat play play work work! There are some people worry about their work during playing game, during work think about the games and when sleep think about their work and life! at the end they just can enjoy the moment !
Definitely one to live will be tough though
Neha g
i do agree
with all the fasting his done...i'm much in agreement....LOL
most succesful man on d earth- who hv uncountbl fans
You are the BEST MAN in the world
if i think i am abt to die tomorrow how wld i learn thinking i wld live forever??????
LOVE IT :) GO GHANDI I spelled it wrong oops
Noa Fay
wow that was POW-ER-FUL!
Some times you want these photos to be wallpaper size! - OR LARGER!
thats a great wisdom from great Gandhi!
true now if only people would get that threw there head
Live as if you were to die tomorrow . Learn as if you were to live forever.
i hav never regreted any thing he has ever said......
If Google + is about real people then Gandhi post stuff is just not right.
been dead for 64 years now, but his thoughts lives on...
You guys know the iodine story behind the fast, right? Caused so many birth defects..
thank you Mohammad reza. no matter who said it, it is a great quote
if life was that easy . there were not problems between humans
Truly a great man of time!
okay now yall are weirder than me lol peace out
gandhi ji were great or better i call gandhi ji is great. his great ideas make him still live
Stressful tranquility¿ I'm allergic to can be fatal.
no one can hurt me without my permission
mahatma gandhi
Ghandi was a very good man indeed. He was all about love. However,...."And just as it is appointed for man to die once and after that comes judgement". From a letter to the Hebrews, 60-70 AD.
I understand that this still stands true.
That is true... Life is learning in each day:)
That is true ... Life is learning in each day
ghandi great human being
Dan May
Thats an awesome pic of him
I inspire Gandhi.?
Hmm ha ha ha ha .
gandhi has a big dick
people could interpret this the wrong way and then you'd have a crazy person on the loose. I'm talking about Gandhi's words.
Living this way it would much more fruitful and memorable life
Can't Mr.Gandhi just stay where ever he is,always finds a way to piss me in books,articles,views and now in blogs
Gandhi. You donot understand. He is an ikon of Non-Violence.
Martin Luther King to Mother Theresa
greatest man ever alive on the earth lol
A great hero of all time
Awesome Man! The most Christlike man to ever live. We all need to be more like him.
i do learn like i'll live forever, i keep putting it off til later..
Work for the hereafter as if you were to die tomorrow . Work for your life as if you were to live forever
Become as if you always were, know as if it is all known, and Be as if it will always be
I feel inspired by this :) the great Gandhi
If procrastination applies, we would never learn.
tuyet voi! boi nguoi da tro thanh vi thanh trong long cua moi nguoi yeu chuong hoa binh va long nhan ai.
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