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wise indeed!
Gandhi was a pacifist, so I think that means he would not physically push back against other's bad actions, but that by their doing their bad actions they harmed themselves. ????
yep....u is, was, and were great.alwayz..............
So, even if they fight you to your own death, do you still win? ... I just don't completely get it.
Winning is not a matter of death or has anything to do about staying alive, he died but not in vein. He won...
How to troll: The Gandhi Edition!
i guess mr. gandhi just wanted to say here that if people ignores you, laughs at you, and fight you...and you won't fight back, you won't mind them ignoring you, and you won't be affected by their actions against you...if you don't do anything bad at them....for sure you will win...because they knew they cannot put you down...NOBODY CAN PUT A GOOD MAN DOWN...that's why you win...its just your reaction to what bad they are doing...if you focus on doing NOTHING against them even if they only see dirt on your will succeed because you have fought a good fight in doing GOOD TO THEM.
Ashish joshi ji tameez se naam lo izzat k saath
are tere ko bura kish baat ka laga !
There is a lot to gain from this quote by Ghandi. It provides a sequential set of responses that you will have to deal with. Having an idea of the stages gives you a sense of what to expect as you grow, so that you are much better able to control how you handle the effects. If we don't keep this in mind, we might end up becoming unhelpfully angry at any of the stages, (the ignoring,the laughing the fighting, and the win) before the victory would set in. But I could be wrong...
all of you ! don't comment if this person enter in google + !
india is great but gandhi is mean
Gandhi ji was a true person. He always said don't fight,just ignore them, if someone behave rude with u.
Gandhi called Hitler "my friend". Let's not forget about the dark side of Gandhi
First read nathuram godsay last letter ! Free advise ! ha ha ha .....
yadi wah cahta to aarm ki jindgi ji leta lekin desh ke liye usne kurbani di
gandhi was not best becoz there were so many whom give their life for india
are kya huwa ! kaha gaya ! padhane !
Gandhi is a great man!! in the world, not only for India
They ignore they laugh they fight then you win if your still alive you can't beat having a bigger stick than them
Gandhi is great
but his thought r not great....i agree
Good quote, but Gandhi didn't say it.
thts wt we call father of the nation! SATYAGRAHA the gr8est way!
and after that they will selute u................
But Ghandi is dead, you impostor!
A true child of God comits actions and words from their living form that echo throughout eternity so long as their species LISTENED WELL ENOUGH TO SURVIVE. Or we could keep killing the great ones. God rest you, Ghandi-ji, blessed was the ground you walked on.
being steadfast in your thinking and ideology is the answer to our crude world.
abe aayush Gautam tu bol raha he k Gandhi bapu ne nation divide kiya par woh to soch agar bapu na hote to nation hi nahi hota....aur tu Gujarat ka hoke aisi baat kar raha he....kuch acha nahi bol sakta to kam se kam bura to mat bol...
seriously man arent u supposed to be dead in some grave
1. cover your mouth with your hand
2. whisper a wish into your hand this on three other comments
4. look and your hand
i love this quote it means alot to me
I'm proud to say that he is the father of our nation
Imagine all our world leaders were like minded.
kisi kuti maa k bachay Indians....muslims k paon ki joti b nae ho tum log
nice quote...way of fighting against the bad will be always true..
ali wo to 1999 me patta chala tha tum kitne chuti maa ke bachhee ho
jab hamare jawanone tume lahor tak bhaga bhaga ke mara tha
usi k bachhe tum bhi ho ...puch lena...
abe sale tumari ma hamari rakhel thi isliye pakistan tumhareko gift hamare khun se pyada huwa kutta tu hai.tumara pura pakistan hai.hum hindustan ke log ek bar su su kareto sale tumara pakistan ki map nahi dikega ganddi nale ki kide.
One of my favorite quotes. Applicable to so many situations.
you are mother......... because you are ignore the indian sites
most idiotic thing about him is non violence
+Phillip Olsen It says "they fight you" not "they kill you". Lol. I'm so literal. But yeah, you can actually win by not fighting back...
ye thats what me and my old friend are but i won
when you win nothing else matters
great principals but.. not realstic now a days..
We all respect Bhagat Singh. But his way of fighting the EIC (in your words - "you mess with us and you're screwed") could never claim independence for India. Look up your Indian history; he is not why India is independent.
The people of India unanimously call Gandhi the Father of the Nation because he is the reason India is now a free country.
Had Mahatma Gandhi not left his career as an attorney and come back to India, and devised a peaceful way to kick British lordship out of the country, Indians would still be licking English boots today because the British would always find a way to dispel any kind of violent mutiny... so watch it, +Raja Sharma! You have access to the Net - use it to find out why this man is called the Father of the Nation!
it is Bhagat who told British Rule "we can die for INDIA."
He let INDIA to be in the captivity of British for decades...! India could be independent in 1920 instead 1947 if Gandhi wasnt der...! he pulled India back by 20-30 years...! + he was not d only person who died for INDIA...!!!
k0n gandhi? +Ayush Gautam
+Srishti Rai Yes we all know that violence is bad and lead to nowhere but if you are fighting for your nation you have to be selfless. If Gandhi wouldn't have recalled the non-cooperation movement then India would have been free in 1922 as at that time the movement was very strong and Britishers were counting their days in India. Just imagine what we would be now if we were free then. I am not saying that Gandhi did less for us but you should not believe everything you're told.
the USELESS freedom fighter of India... Subash Bose is a million times better
The only time I was a pacifist was in Deus Ex when I wanted that archievement :P
i hate you mr. gandhi.........
Do you even know why he recalled that movement? Even a speck of violence in his peaceful march could blow up the struggle. Rough storyboards don't tell you the whole plot. There is a whole lot more to Gandhi's struggle for freedom than meets the eye.
Oh, and I don't exactly rely on any source that I can get my hands on... I read some good books, and hey - there's the verified info on the Internet too, isn't there?
Amol - for real? as in: are you really whining about independence in 1947 vs may help you to read Stephen Hawkins 'A Brief History of Time' time is relative dude. No one said Gandhi was the only one to die for the sins of us all....<<tongue firmly in cheek>> Hate is bad for the soul....
i have now idea who this is!!!
What ever and when ever mr.Gandhi said something it is pure wisdom! Grasp it, it will not hurt your ego
I have removed my +1 seeing the way of commenting..
then u die....when they ignore u.......
today everyone ignore of yur path
+jacobe vast +Mary Powell Are you seriously saying you don't who Ghandi is? Put his name into Google and learn about one of history's greatest political leaders.
no no
He was the greatest freedom fighter

legend ......truly humbling and a great man we can all learn from his teachings and leadership wish i had his tenacity and strength
your father in disguise
Milind tumhare jese bapu be saram hote to tum Aaj bhi kisi eng ka letrin shaff karte hote
only one iron man in the world......
indian god father.................
he was right.. he is right.. he will be right
Mahatma Gandhi means donkey :P
negative things comes from enemy.... but + ev things comes from "Doing...and going in correct path and faith" as gandhi ji Did. ...He is good...but the guise,
who have -ev thought about him please go through History "Good Books may help them"and the situations of that time when he take action. and then think who is correct. I know , I am.
he died but his idealogies and views still exist,and thats how he won
What ever and when ever mr. Gandhi said something, it was pure wisdom! Grasp it, it will not hurt your ego
Ye Mann
Good belles-letters
He says everything , doesn't done anything. One of the worst leader I ever seen
“There is no doubt that it is around the family and the home that all the greatest virtues, the most dominating virtues of human society, are created, strengthened and maintained” ~ Winston Churchill
excellent to gandhi!!!!!!!!he is right
many have forgotten his true spiritual power.those who mock him must detest the dalai lama, or think that fighting settles everything.these types make our world a first class toilet!
I m amased to see the comment who is abusing GANDHI, Mostly are HINDU . That means my Thinking about this WORST leaders is right
megga like hop hop, i'm a rabbit, follow me hopperty hop
I wish Indians really understand wise words from Gandhi, not just praise them. Once I landed in India, the people were fighting for my luggage. I was shouting to leave me alone while they started pulling my shirts and i almost fell to ground. And i later realised later that the problem is the same all over India. Very embarrassed. So please first learn to be well civilized then only post these wise words. No matter where I went, people there behaved like monkeys.

Dear mr+Gandhi,know what? I really love u
really I'm too.he had great thoughts....

Overall rating
a really great thought by great person....
Your enemy is your best friend.......#at the end of the day you win and he lose
very deep, very deep... ohhh conscience and its potential!!!
Great persons have great values......great thoughts.....great attitudes and great maturity levels......a great salute to one such person!!!!!
Yea,that's the policy of non violence,martin luther king jr. won after experiencing what Gandhi philosophy insinuate. 
Mahatma gandhi was a great man of world
These are heart touching lines
we need more heroes like Gandhi these days...specially in middle east!
Then you let your wife die because you don't believe in medical treatment, then you save yourself with medical treatment... because now YOU have a terminal illness.
Gandhiji........A GREAT MAN
INDIA...........A GREAT NATION..........

really proud to be a INDIAN........
I am SAD, as he belongs to India. He should stay in HELL forever.
Why would someone pretend to be Ghandi on the internet? Oh yeah... it's the internet.
It's a great quote but Actually - this is not a ghandi quote. It was misattributed to him. It was actually from a union meeting by the Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America in 1914: “First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you. And then they attack you and want to burn you. And then they build monuments to you.”
I read a book called no talking and this little boy Dave reads a book about u and saw that you did not talk so he thought if he did not talk he would get better at stuff
No disrespect, but I try not to follow uber-racists.
They fight me i lose Get back home get big brother we lose go to church get God Of Skyrim And we win :D Random Epic NESS
That is so absolutely true! I'm putting this on Facebook!
Such a great thought by great man. Unforunately only my fellow sick, looser saffron coloured indians exibits their true colour even here also. Only god can save my country.
Leo T
Gandhi is still alive?!! :O
so he had a passion for something like we do and we treated him like he was stupid . and we still make fun of him when hes dead ?
really he was the incarnation of god
Yes. I like and love gandhì more than me..he is the real god.hatts off ji
I agree with Mr Ranjan. People will comment exactly they behaves.
what a lovely quote!!! it is hert touching quote
I want to know the person, writing on behalf Gandhi
It was a dark day in history when Gandhi was shot. His benignity will not be forgotten, though.
Sounds like Jesus Christs' childhood.
It encompasses a feeling that a man experienced when he led his countrymen to freedom to live a freespirited life.
No Gandhi, i will not join your 'circle'.
First explain to me who 'they' are.
Depending on your answer, I might, or I might not.
I don't know how can it be possible
well he didnt die when they ignored him, on the contrary he became a legend that changed human history
Sometimes this does happen in MW3.
had not a suit of clothes,he had no home
and yet he influenced millions to follow him
thats power without money
gandhi said he would walk the cracks of the earth to get back to india by starting in india would you believe?
Ghandi says I win, now feed your brains to knowledge!
you: Ghandi (join my circle)
me: no!
gandhi is only one who walk in separate way
Ghandi used to be cool, but these days he is too commercialised. I mean, what kind of man gets a coca cola tattoo on his head?
BEST thing he did was the efforts he made for bringing religions together!
GHANDI JEE as we both nations win in 1947.
THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR +1: Naabi bains, Vijayakumar Balasubramian, Chuck Olsen
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then need used rule fite bacuse tray then daid
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